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Rubber fetishists and the latex diaphragm

A latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm in its case with an introducer

The Photo: One of my 80mm Reflexions latex flat spring contraceptive diaphragms I wear to introduce rubber fetishists to the delights of sex using a latex diaphragm. The diaphragm introducer was used as an insertion aid for new users, but introducers are no longer being made.

Rubber fetishists and latex cervical barriers: My current primary partner and therapist, Marvin or ‘Morning Wood’ as I teasingly call him for obvious reasons (if you saw him when he wakes up in the morning), was asked to give a talk about the psychology of fetishes to an elite group of male latex fetishists. Marvin and I had met most of them and their wives at Alexei’s. Returning readers will recall Alexei and his daughter, Veronika, who is a ballet dancer with a major London Company, are a neighbors of mine living two homes down in the same terrace on Eaton Square.

The men’s fetish group is actually a small club that meets at member’s homes in the west end of London. My fitting one of the member’s mistresses with a latex diaphragm at Marvin’s suggestion (she is his patient) as a way to increase pressure on her lover’s glans and the experience with it inserted was so positive for the member that Marvin was asked to give a talk to the members and their mistresses about the pleasures of penile-vaginal intercourse (PVI) and the psychology behind use of a latex diaphragm both for protection and the subconscious desire to impregnate the wearer. 

I was asked to accompany Marvin to demonstrate diaphragm preparation, insertion, removal and sterilization and even fit a few mistresses with Reflexions if they had suitable anatomies and weren’t allergic to latex. Or even take a few of the members for a ‘test drive’ myself to let them see for themselves how it feels from a male prospective.  Only one member, one of the younger ones, asked to have sex with me while I had a Reflexions inserted. All this past week I have been fertile – I ovulated yesterday (2/20) - so I ‘double bagged’ and wore an Oves cervical cap screwed down tight on my ripe cervix under the latex diaphragm.

It was quite an honor for Marvin as a psychiatrist and rubber fetishist to be asked to speak before the group as the important men and women in the group can open doors and increase the positive profile of the latex diaphragm not only as a latex fetishist’s toy, but as an effective contraceptive alternative for women with hormonal and copper/nickel allergies.    

The latex Reflexions diaphragms and the Prentif cavity rim cap are under appreciated devices that are useful for a rubbrist with a latex fetish. When hormonal birth control became generally available in the mid 60s use of latex cervical barriers began to decline so that now about 0.2% of women using birth control use a diaphragm or cervical cap.  So a young rubber fetishist today may have no knowledge that his or her grandmother probably wore a diaphragm (if she was in the U.S.) or a Prentif cervical cap (if she was in Europe) for contraception. A cervical barrier can be a thrill when clandestinely worn by a woman partner needing one for contraception or willing to wear a latex cervical barrier as a latex fetishist herself or for a fetishist boyfriend.

Pros and cons of latex barriers: On the cons side; the wearer and her partner should not be allergic to latex and the device must be correctly fitted for effective use. A diaphragm that is too large can pinch the urethra and contribute to a UTI while if wearing one too small her partner can hit the rim which is uncomfortable and could cause to him under-thrusting the rim and ejaculate in the dome which is a problem that can lead to pregnancy when it’s being used for birth control.  In addition a latex device has a shorter useful life as it is susceptible to accelerated deterioration from oily lubes and meds. Too, a latex diaphragm that has been continuously inserted for longer than twenty-four hours will develop a strong odor that many find unpleasant.

On the Pro side some few hard-core rubber fetishists find the strong odor of a latex diaphragm marinated in the wearer’s vaginal secretions for more than a day highly arousing and have their girlfriends insert them Thursday night so the scent will be ripe by Friday evening where the couple (well, perhaps only he) can enjoy the scent for the weekend. Additionally, the heat transfer and elastic properties of a latex Reflexions diaphragm are far superior to that of the silicone Milex. The elasticity of the latex membrane makes it possible for a man with a long penis to stretch the latex dome into his partner’s anterior fornix filling it and squeezing his glans while the stretched dome pushes the cervix upward and deeper into her abdomen..

The fetishist’s wives: The wives of the members are all in their forties or fifty’s and know about, and in some cases are friendly with, their husbands mistresses. Their children are grown and as long as there is no divorce all seem willing to accept their status as the wife of a rich and powerful man with a lovely home, a chauffeured car and credit cards with very high limits. Some have the occasional boy-toy, but many seem to be glad there is a mistress to sate their husband’s sex drive and are glad that the trouble getting into and out of  latex clothing and the mess of sexual intercourse is over except when they want it. 

Through my introduction at Alexei’s party the wives know I train ballet dancers and a few other hard bodied young women to perfect their ballet and pelvic skills. I thought for a while I might be looked on as being sympathetic to men wanting mistresses and ostracized as a trainer of escorts for their husbands. Instead they were fascinated with what I do and interested in toning up their own pelvic anatomies and getting recommendations on the pros and cons of Boy-toys and the precautions to take with them before and after menopause.

Circe’s Lair: I’m thinking about upgrading part of one of the newer wings of Blackthorn Castle to make a small getaway destination for vanilla women who want to improve their sexual skills and call it Circe’s Lair.

In mythology Circe was the powerful Witch/Goddess who would make men do her bidding or turn them into animals. From what I’ve seen of aristocratic young British women there should be quite a market for a course that teaches my seductive techniques and pelvic skills.

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