Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pointe shoe quiz and Blog access changes

Who is the maker of these shoes?
The photo: This should be an easy one for readers familiar with the fore-sole traction patterns of pointe-shoe makers.

To readers following my blog and other interested readers:

Blog access changes for my readers: Google is changing its terms of service (TOS). effective on Monday March 23 to ban “content that's sexually explicit or shows graphic nudity” even in Adult content blogs.

I had first thought that if it was only sexually explicit images I could delete them and continue as a public blog. However, there is so much other sexually explicit content that just deleting photos wouldn’t suffice.

Given the forthcoming TOS change I will be changing my reader access permission from Public to Private.  This means that anyone wanting to read, or continue to read, my blog will have to have given me a valid email address I can enter into a permitted readers list. The control permissions rules for private blogs are:

“For each address entered, the Google Account associated with that address will be given access to view your blog. If an address is not associated with an account, that person will be sent an invitation email with a link allowing them do one of three things:

Sign in to an existing account

Create a new account

View your blog as a guest (no account required)

In the first two cases, the reader will be given permission to view your blog whenever they are signed in to their Google Account. As a guest, they'll be able to continue viewing your blog through the link in the invitation email, but this will expire after 30 days. After that, they'll need a new invitation.”

Reader sign-up: Readers wishing to be included on the permissions list can send me the email address for which the permission should be granted. A free Google gmail account email address is preferred and will save both of us trouble once established.

Permissions are limited so I’ll be accepting friends I know first. If I don’t know you already you will need to tell me a bit about yourself in the email containing the address you want the permission for.  Email requesting access permission and the access email address may be sent to me at: Friends can use the email address we normally use.

I regret the necessity of these changes, but with Google going mainstream with a higher profile in the tangible internet infrastructure (think Google fiber) you can understand why they are changing the TOS.




  1. I waited a while to respond ...As for the picture of the grimy pointe shoe lets see ... 12 to 13 feathers ....doubled stitched at foreshank single nail in center of foreshank only one maker and only one model F.R. Duval LA Pointe NO5 by Sansha

  2. Hi Paul D, Thank you for participating in the quiz.

    Your answer is correct. I'm going to withhold publishing it for a few days to see if anyone else will test their knowledge of pointe-shoes.


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