Sunday, February 15, 2015

Vamp extensions, ballet-sex, Valentines Day

Alexandra Ferri’s feet in customized Freed Classic pointes

The photo by Fabrizio Ferri: Ballerina Alessandra Ferri stretching and warming up for a performance. You can easily see the vamp extensions sewn into the throat on her Freed Classics. The extensions cover the lower part of her insteps allowing her to work safely far over the blocks w/o the danger of her toes ‘overflowing’ the vamps of her shoes. She is particularly known for doing that when dancing the title role in Manon.

Vamp extensions: Pointes made with traditional materials – hessian, leather, satin, cardboard and paste - worn for ballet-sex by women just learning about and unfamiliar with the lack of muscle control experienced during orgasm while en pointe (ballet-sex) should sew vamp extensions into their shoes.

During a major orgasm a girl’s bones feel as though they have turned to jelly and the only way she can remain en pointe is by locking her knees and keeping her feet pointed at which time she may well balance well over the front of the blocks on the top edge of the platform where she is more likely to overflow the vamp even if her shoes are a good fit. Most women with strong feet and a few months experience having frequent orgasms during ballet-sex learn to retain some control during strong orgasms so they will be able to remain fairly centered over the blocks. Even so, for younger escort/dancers and trainees vamp extensions are a recommended safety feature.

Women wearing Gaynor Minden hard shanked shoes for ballet-sex, even those who have high arches, like me, or who are tall, should not need vamp extensions as the hard shank or custom double hard shanks in a correctly fitted shoe should prevent the wearer going too far over the block.

Tanaquil offers me a job: My good friend Tanaquil who is based in Munich and runs an elite Escort service serving Western Europe has asked for my help. The ballet teacher who was doing the pelvic training for Escorts in her UK school in London was killed in a skiing accident last week in France and she asked if I was interested in taking her place.

Since I was still looking for something rewarding to do I accepted. Being able to train young women to experience the most toe curling sensations from their hard sculpted bodies while preparing themselves to be exquisite mistresses or marriage partners for adventuresome men is immensely rewarding for me.

As a Fetish Escort trainer: I will screen the girls for entry into the program so I can ensure I have young women with the looks, talent, and initiative and clean STI histories needed to be an elite level fetish escort. Tanaquil recruits from the colleges and universities in the London metropolitan area and the women must have strong ballet backgrounds as well as being good students academically. I can use the vacant ballet studio above the dance costume and shoe shop in the building owned by the Blackthorn Trust. That will save Tanaquil from having to find new premises as the lease on her present studio is up in April and the rent increase in the new lease is exorbitant.

I will take them for fittings of pointe shoes made of traditional materials aa well as being fitted with Gaynor Minden pointes. In addition I will take them to have stringless GyneFix frameless copper bead IUDs implanted and to be fitted for contraceptive diaphragms: the latex Reflexions, silicone Milex and the single size Caya arcing diaphragm – which fits women who take traditional diaphragm sizes from 65mm-80mm) and which requires a pronounced/deep post-pubic vault. The candidates are also fitted with sports plugs and menstrual cups. A fetish escort candidate must have regular menstrual cycles and periods that are not painful or that can be easily managed with 800 mg of Ibuprofen since sex during menstruation is a service offering of a fetish escort. 

The current escort trainee class is six women with six straight males with good sexual stamina needed for ballet-sex and two substitutes all drawn from local ballet companies as partners for classes needing dance or sexual partners. Tanaquil said the men have been a problem as they keep dropping out as ballet partners from injuries or performance schedule conflicts although the sex for them is marvelous. So new men are having to be continuously screened and introduced into the program, but not as often as the girls whose classes last about eight weeks. I screen the men as well so after the STI tests to ensure they are safe I’ll take each one to assess his sexual technique and coach him to hone his skills, a not unpleasant aspect of introducing new men to the program. Tanaquil assures me keeping enough screened men available is how I will get to know many of the rising young male ballet dancers in southern England.

Surprisingly there is no shortage of well qualified female applicants for fetish escort training. Candidates must be in the top third of their class academically; eighteen years old or older so there will be no problems associated with training underage girls and free of romantic attachments. And of course have normal pelvic anatomies, pass physical stress tests, not use narcotics and have negative full panel STI exams as well as pregnancy tests.

While I’m in London escaping the noise of construction at Blackthorn-on-Summit working as a ballet and pelvic coach for fetish escort trainees (a job I did while in Vegas) will be a great way for me to keep fit and get to meet a lot of the players in the London fetish Escort scene and Veronika should be able to take my classes with the trainees when she isn’t dancing.   

Valentines Day: Yesterday was St. Valentines Day and my psychiatrist and lover Marvin, fondly known as ‘Morning Wood’ because of his massive morning erections - which I have great fun helping him take care of before he gets out of bed – took me to see Fifty Shades of Grey and I rather liked it though it’s a bit mainstream. But then it is supposed to introduce the vanilla general public to BDSM.  So a bit of slap and tickle is about as rough as it got as they were trying not to have it rated any more risqué than an R in the U.S.

Then we went back to Blackthorn House and I let him watch me prepare to be taken. I changed from ballet-boots to Gaynor Minden hard shanked pointes, preparing my toes by taping them and pulling on ouch pouch toe-pads before pushing my toes into the blocks. Pulling thr backs over my heels I walked around on my toes to make sure they were comfy (ha, ha) before tying my feet in the shoes with the lovely pink ribbons. Then I washed my hands and prepared my latex Reflections diaphragm stretching the translucent membrane of the dome checking for cracks, thin spots and pin holes before adding an acidic spermicidal gel. Then I let him insert it for me, being sure to check afterward that it was properly positioned and my cervix was covered since I was CD8 and fertile and don’t want him to accidently get me preggers. I took him astride, then ‘Doggie Style’ entered from the rear with me on my hands and knees.

For our third encounter before going to bed to sleep we had ballet-sex with me holding on to the bedroom barre, trunk parallel to the floor, feet en pointe a la seconde with him penetrating me from the rear again. In that position most men would thrust into the posterior fornix, but with training and thrusting at a slightly downward angle a lover can force the soft stretchy dome of the Reflexions to surround his glans and penetrate my anterior fornix where the latex dome is stretched to the maximum forcing the cervix deeper and squeezing my lover’s glans the hardest. That is an extremely quick way to get even the most problem prone lover to orgasm.  He is such an amazing lover!

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