Friday, March 20, 2015

Pompoir, the Cleopatra grip and Mare’s Trick, Loc Z

Cleopatra beguiling a lover with her pelvic skills
The photo: Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra in the 1963 film with Richard Burton as Mark Antony and Rex Harrison as Julius Caesar. Taylor and Burton were one of the big Hollywood love stories at the time.

Bea as a courtesan: Bea is almost 18 and I was amazed at how mature and in control she has become since I last saw her two months ago. She has blossomed not only as a beauty, she is breathtakingly beautiful, but in confidence and her pelvic skills. Anya has been coaching her and she made a breakthrough to get past her giggly teen girl personality to a new mature but fun loving one that men just can’t get enough of. However, the area of her progress that pleases me the most is her mastert of the difficult to learn pelvic skills of a courtesan

Anya had her wearing her one inch solid surgical steel Ben Wa ball set  (each ball weighs 2.307 oz.) for a total of 4.614 oz. of steel, more than a quarter of a pound) which I call ‘McBalls’. The goal of training with this weight is to be able to hold a développé for at least 15 seconds en pointe with a set of McBalls inserted w/o dropping one or both. Without a pronounced post-pubic vault a woman stands very little chance of retaining 4 oz. of steel during a cough, sneeze or développé. Fortunately Bea has a lovely deep post-pubic vault.

Anya had her wear them to bed each night where before sleep she could work on learning to isolate the vaginal muscle groups so that she can move the balls up and down her vagina by squeezing her muscles in a certain order. It can take some time even for a determined woman to master isolating vaginal muscle groups and learning to control them, but once mastered that skill opens up an entirely different level of sex play with a man. She excelled in vaginal muscle mastery and her grip is strong enough that she can push the balls up her vagina until they hit her cervix while she is standing! She and I do five reps of that exercise every morning and again at night. And here is what she has learned to do with that vaginal grip while Anya has been working with her; Pompoir and the Mares Trick.

Pompoir: Also known as "playing the flute", and "the Singapore” or “Cleopatra grip”) is a sexual technique in which the woman uses her vaginal muscles to stimulate the man's penis. Both partners remain still, and the woman strokes the man's erection by rhythmic, rippling pulses of the pubococcygeus muscles, so this practice is best performed in a woman on top position. However, in my experience has been that if I’m penetrated while standing facing my partner the experience can be just as intense and leaves me in position to perform the Mares trick.

Performing Kegel or pelvic floor exercises can increase a woman's skill in pompoir by strengthening the relevant muscles, and allow her to identify, and isolate, individual muscles, to contract them in turn to provide the rippling sensation which is what I call “ripple gripping” a lover.

The Mare’s trick: The Mare’s trick is accomplished while remaining en pointe by just closing my legs and clenching my thighs a nd tightening my vaginal muscles to clamp him inside me so tightly that blood can not flow out of his penis so he remains hard during his refractory period. Using the Mares Trick – which works just as well if we are spooning on our sides so I can clamp my thighs together with him penetrating me from the rear – so that my lovers retain their erections while enjoying the relaxation of afterglow and when passed their refractory interval for orgasm they can have a second or third orgasm w/o losing their erection. 

Weather at location Z: Being on the west coast and subject to the moderating temperature of the North Atlantic there isn’t a lot of snow as there is in the central part of the highlands west of Aberdeen. However, the forecast is for rain and 15 mph winds from the West at sunrise which will occur at 6:24 GMT with temperatures in the mid 40s F. So it will be miserably wet and cold as usual. British Summer\ Time doesn’t start until Sunday March 29th.

We almost certainly won’t get to see the eclipse directly because of the heavy cloud cover, but we will still know when it occurs as it will make Location Z seem like it’s midnight for a few minutes as the moon passes in front of the sun and with the wind moaning through the surrounding ring of tone-hole stones that will be a really creepy few minutes.  All the dry peat has been positioned for the massive braziers and Jack sais all the new shearling robes are ready so it’s just meeting our sperm donors and warming ourselves Friday morning with His Grace’s Gorse brandy. 

The Loc Z Altars and spirits of the sacrificed:  Returning readers will recall that the North altar is close to the cliff edge, but Jack says the rock it’s on is quite solid so while it looks dangerous if the wind isn’t blowing from the South the celebrant and her partner on the North altar should be quite safe and the wind is forecast to be from the west. Willow always has first choice for these celebration since she is the granddaughter of His Grace as she has precedence and chose to offer herself on the Eastern altar because it’s closest to the rising sun. The other girls chose to celebrate on the altars they occupied for the Winter Solstice; Bea on the South, Odette on the Western altar and Odile on the Northern one. Odile is a risk taker and wanted the scary one because the sheer drop is just a few feet away and with the wind forecast from the west we will not insist she and her partner wear safety harnesses. However, if things change Odile and her inseminator will wear safety harnesses.

I was messaging with a great friend and he was asking about the history of Loc Z thinking it might have been initially established by the Romans. However, that’s not the case. Location Z was only repurposed by the Romans. In much earlier times Jack thinks it was built to offer sacrifices to Earth Gods to celebrate celestial events. Sacrifices included animals and some human enemies. I can feel the spirits of the humans who were slaughtered on the altar I'm on as a male is inseminating me while we are celebrating celestial events several thousand years after the first sacrifices were made. The spirits of the sacrificed humans, mostly male, seem much closer when His Grace is having his way with me as we conclude the fertility rites. Perhaps that’s because he is the ruling male in the area. It doesn’t bother me, but I know they are there.



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