Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Equinox, eclipse and posterior fornix Pompoir

2015 vernal equinox solar eclipse in the UK

The Photo: Showing where the 2015 vernal equinox could be seen in the UK. The eclipse technically started at 07:41 UTC and ended at 11:50 UTC, but in the UK you were probably safe to get up and outside at about 8am being sure not to look directly at the sun. The eclipse peaked (at up to 90 per cent coverage in the UK) at around 9.30am and the sun was no longer masked much by the moon by 11am. At Location Z the sun was eclipsed 98%.

The Equinox and the eclipse: This vernal equinox celebration was very different primarily because of the eclipse. Given that sunrise was at 6:24 and the eclipse began at 7:41 we had an hour and 17 minutes to get the ceremony on the altars over with which was plenty of time. And physically the couples on the five altars performed well together and I finished up with the old bull himself taking me in missionary as the final act of penetrative sex on any of the altars which ended the official celebration.

The robing and consumption by all altar participants of several cups each of potent Gorse brandy and the consuming of Viagra by our inseminators so they would be far less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction because of the cold began at 7:00 am.  While it was in the mid 40s F at sea level at Ullapool it was below freezing at location Z and the peat fire pits were just enough to melt the ice on the five altars so it could be swept away relatively easily. The Goddess allowed a footwear dispensation in that she permitted the demi- Goddesses and me to wear Gaynors so our pointes wouldn’t melt and fall apart during the icy rain. The area surrounding the altars had been reworked with several inches of gravel over drainage channels so that the rain immediately drained through and ran off rather than pooling as it had in the past, but still our pointes were soaked on the short walk to the alters.

Then ten minutes before sunrise the five concelebrating couples were all led to the altars where the demi-goddesses and their inseminators were positioned first then my partner and I were led by Jack to the main altar which had been freshly swept free of ice.

Pompoir, woman astride and Tiny Tim: I took my crofter inseminator inside me on the primary altar exactly at sunrise (6:24 GMT) both of us covered in our shearling robes. His nickname is “Tiny Tim” and he is massive; at least ten inches long and easily two inches in diameter.  I was the only one of the Priestesses who could take a man that large w/o running a substantial risk of being injured. A 19 y/o, he is just learning what he can do for a girl with the equipment he has at his disposal. 

I straddled him and while facing away and wearing for protection only a tiny transparent silicone Oves cap screwed down tight on my ripe cervix guided his glans between my labia and slowly lowered myself on to his length. I wore only the Oves though I was very fertile and ovulated that day and felt quite safe as an Oves has never displaced in the more than ten years I’ve been wearing them. 

I had rotated my Oves cap to position the removal loop in my anterior fornix since I knew because of his size I needed all the depth I could get which is why I took him astride and facing away so he would naturally position into my posterior fornix for maximum depth and didn’t want any interaction between the removal loop and his glans.

Taking him astride was a lovely haunting experience with the wind moaning through the tone-holes of the standing stones that encircle the holy site. Even though it was lightly sleeting and the clouds covered the site so the large peat fire pits around the five altars – eighteen pits in all as we lost two on the Northern altar when the edge fell in to the valley ages ago - burnt off just enough of the fog so I could see each of my four wards on the other altars who were all in missionary with their partner’s covering them so they looked like piles of wet shearling robes. 

At the completion of the ceremony Jack came to guide away the demi-goddesses who had lain covered by their partners while His Grace had his way with me. Marvin came to escort me and the sexually sated Duke of M**** back to the robing tents so we girls could warm up and insert menstrual cups to collect our partners semen when it liquefied - which typically occurs between thirty minutes and an hour after ejaculation - to be consumed at a ceremony later in the day.

Unintended consequences: The sad thing about us having sex with His Grace’s Crofters is that we may have ruined them as far as sex is concerned with any other women they may meet since our pelvic grip and the ability to milk a partner’s penis with our vaginal muscles far surpasses even the initial grip of a scared virgin. So in all probability the ritual sex as an offering to Aphrodite on the occasion of the vernal equinox is the best penile/vaginal intercourse the boys will ever experience and all their other women will be compared against the pelvic skills of the goddesses who took them. I think that may be unfair to the men in some way, but then life is often unfair. 

The eclipse: With the heavy cloud cover it took a while after the start, at 7:41 AM, for it to begin to darken again. At about that time the wind died down and the birds went silent as they do at night. We had decided to stay at the Holy Site to experience tes eclipse as it was thought more dangerous to try to go down the mountain in the dark than to ascend it. From about 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM we enjoyed a full English breakfast from His Grace’s kitchen staff who had accompanied us. Physically other than it getting pitch black again before the sun came out from behind the moon it was pretty boring for which I was grateful. At about eleven o’clock we loaded up as by then it was quite light again and got down the mountain and to the hunting lodge w/o incident. There we had the ritual burning of the ceremonial robes and the priestess’s sodden Gaynors from which the smell of burning polymer was horrible and we all stood up-wind to avoid breathing the fumes which in quantity can be toxic. We all had more Gorse brandy and this is where the priestesses emptied our menstrual cups with our coitial discharge into our equinox sex partner’s goblets of gorse brandy and they drank it down.

The Druids and the eclipse: His Grace checked with the leader of the local Druid community and they seemed to have gotten through the eclipse safely and the sky didn’t fall as some had predicted. The Druid priest attributed their safe deliverance to having held their own ceremony in propitiation for the local community’s sins. I was pleased that their leadership had chosen to hold a total community ceremony so that even the more troublesome radicals among them were kept busy involved in ritual sacrifices and weren’t out causing mischief in the countryside.



  1. Is there a reason you didn't try to do the ritual during the eclipse? I would bet the energy from the corona might heighten the experience. But then again, I know not much on pagan rituals, some on Tantric rituals, though.

    1. Hi Eric, The Goddess was very specific about beginning penetration at sunrise. There was also the unknown of whit might occur during the eclipse and we wanted the inseminations completed before any possible interruption that might be triggered by the eclipse.

      Knowing the eclipse was about to begin added a good bit of tension for the women. We intentionally didn't tell the men ahead of time thinking it could inhibit their performance.


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