Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The psychology of a pointe-shoe fetish

Trolling for penis en pointe in Bloch Alphas with my ribbons untied

The photo: Teasing Morning Wood; in sous-sus sans ribbons with my toes packed in the blocks of an old pair of Jenna 1’s 4 ½ xxx Bloch Alpha, SO104 pointes. Marvin gets so aroused watching me put on pointe shoes especially Jenna’s old ones. 

Marvin and “Goodbye sex”: Its good to get back to what passes for my ‘normal’ routine after being at Location Z to celebrate the Vernal Equinox on the day we had a nearly total eclipse of the sun and then six days later being in the congregation at the reburial of Richard III in Leicester cathedral. It isn’t every girl who gets groped to a clitoral orgasm while listening to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s remarks before Richard III was lowered into what one hopes is his final resting place after 530 years.

Our morning ritual is that he showers then comes to watch while I break in new Freeds pointes; sewing on the ribbons and elastics, rasping the soles and softening the blocks. Before we have breakfast I always put on a pair of Jenna’s Alphas for him. In size 4 ½ xxx they are a half size too small for me to perform in and tight enough that even w/o the ribbons tied they won’t slip off my heels if I’m not wearing tights. That way I can seduce him into a quick “Goodbyes-sex” encounter and he leaves for work sexually sated. I like to quickly insert a menstrual cup after he withdraws to collect his semen as it liquefies and drains into the cup while we are having breakfast. Then I carefully pull out the cup filled with our coital discharge and hand it to him. He always savors the scent before drinking the contents with the last of his coffee. He is always so appreciative of what I do for him!

Marvin and the significance of untied pointe ribbons: Because I’m dominant and refuse to let Marvin untie my pointe ribbons, even when I’m going to take my shoes off to ice my feet he is fixated on me walking around en pointe with the ribbons untied. I won’t let any man untie my ribbons because I think letting him do that would signify my giving myself to him spiritually which I’m not yet ready to do so Marvin bides his time and watches me carefully when I’m preparing new pointes for class and performances.

He thinks my walking around on my toes with the ribbons untied makes me extremely sexually desirable and vulnerable which he finds wildly erotic. He’s right, to the extent that with untied ribbons I can’t really run in them nor use them as weapons as they could be easily pulled off my feet by an attacker. He hates me walking around in the studio with untied ribbons when other men are present since he believes I’m giving off a subliminal message that I’m interested in a sexual encounter. But a little jealousy can add intensity to a lover’s performance so it’s not all bad. However, its standard practice for dancers to walk around in new shoes with the ribbons untied, but we do have to be careful not to trip ourselves on the ribbon ends. Men! It’s amazing what erotic fantasies the lovesick or jealous male mind can create with untied ribbons trailing from a dancer’s pointes as she prepares for her work day.

A psychological penis leash: After the first few days Marvin and I spent together (with me as Jenna) I quickly picked up on his erotic fascination with my untied pointe ribbons. As I mentioned before he thinks me walking around en pointe with the ribbons untied makes me incredibly sexually desirable so by doing that I’m inviting a sexual encounter.  Of course since I know his weakness for untied ribbons he’s right, especially during the week I am fertile and very sexually needy in the mornings. I always use the untied ribbons as foreplay to mind-fuck him into agreeing to something I want to do while he is distracted intent on getting into my panties. 

Relic and talisman conservation: I don’t wear Jenna’s original Alpha pointes to dance in as they are now talismans of the eroticism that nearly consumes Marvin when I wear them. They are almost holy relics to Marvin so I wear them carefully making sure only to wear them to arouse him to take me for special occasions which we celebrate with sex and for a “goodbye encounter” before we part for the day.  Some couples kiss before they part with us it’s a bit more intimate, but he can be very quick and an orgasm he gives me during goodbye sex is always unbelievably intense.

Used that way Jenna’s’ Blochs are a potent symbol of her - and now my - femininity “an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace” I can use to convince him to see things my way when we disagree.

Thrust therapy:  In Marvin’s psychiatric practice he specializes in performing artists with sexual problems. Things like a female ballet dancer’s fear of men after her rape or a male dancers fear of women, if you can imagine that, and there seem to be quite a few who if not scared of women are  very uncomfortable handling the female body. You can imagine what a problem that must be for a young gorgeous virile heterosexual man to have. Marvin says he thinks its caused in men from the sexual repression of upper class and some middle class males in all-male schools and Mothers of aristocrat and upper class daughters putting them on the pill rather than allowing them to experience the natural cycle of their hormones with a copper IUD.

Whatever the reason there seems to be a much greater need for sexual repression therapy here than in the U.S. and what works best over time is what I call “Thrust therapy” where the male is the thruster and the female (physical therapist) is the thrustee in repeated gentle acts of sexual intercourse. 

The need for Thrust therapy seems to be grater for men than women so Marvin has been able to accommodate his women patients needing it himself while referring his male patients to me, introducing me as his sexual therapist and dressed in ballet practice clothes – tights over a thong-back leo and pointe-shoes - so the patient can see and handle my body at the start of our session. I use a small soundproof therapy room at Marvin’s clinic with a bed and mirrored wall with a barre attached. With a receptive male patient just a few forty-five minute thrust therapy sessions is all it takes for me to ease a patient’s mind that even the most experienced women won’t hurt him physically though some of us who are ballet dancers, are amazingly tight and can verbally cut a man to shreds with our tongues if sufficiently provoked.

Someone like Us, SLU: Word gets around amazingly quickly what with social media and Marvin’s practice is getting calls from young aristocrat women who want to improve their pelvic skills. They don’t want Thrust therapy they want to work with a female pelvic trainer to learn the most effective ways to use Ben Wa balls and dildos to strengthen their pelvic muscles. In that case they have to go through the clinic and have STI panels run before they can book sessions with me. I know Ashley, Jack, Lord Sandbach’s fiancée, and Maya, the Russian ballerina and former mistress of Jack’s father, the Duke of M**** who’s abortion I arranged, as well as my good friend Tanaquil the French procuress and mistress to a French Prince, have been spreading the word about my expertise as a trainer and the go-to girl for guidance in increasing pelvic skills.  Nor does it hurt – because the aristocracy can stil be quite snobbish - to be known to have succeeded to an ancient hereditary title of my own not from marrying a man, something that most of them seem to envy me for which in their view makes me approachable on their social level as “she is someone like us”.   

British Summer Time: The clocks in the UK were all set forward an hour on Sunday (March 29, 2015) to the British version of Daylight Saving Time in the U.S. So now the UK is again 5 hours ahead of the U.S.

My wards return to Las Vegas: Bea, Willow and the Swan Twins will be returning to Vegas aboard Limnaea II with Anya on Thursday April 2nd as UNLV spring break ends on the 4th and classes resume on the 6th. They have had a wonderful time and all are safe, STI free and no pregnancies despite the number of unprotected sex partners they each had. Of course that’s what we expected as they all have stringless copper bead GyneFix IUDs implanted.  It’s a tribute to the efficacy of the GyneFix and the biocide in DiveGel+.



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  3. I think it's a matter of opinions: I noticed that I'm aroused by pointe shoes only when the ribbons are tied.
    The untied ribbons just bring me... "down" :P

    But now that I think about it, maybe it's just an "idea": I'm just a dreamer, I never had sex with a real ballerina (just with my S.O., asking her to say "I'm your sexy ballerina en pointe" or such... of course not en pointe at all, but in a comfortable bed... pathetic, isn't it???).
    But maybe, if you, Jill, danced for me en pointe, I think that my penis would easily forgive the ribbons being untied and would rise to the stratosphere ;)


    1. Hi Oh1on, welcome to my world! You are certainly correct that what turns on a lover is a matter of taste. Of course this one was fascinated by the loose ribbons as to him that meant I was sexually available.

      No, your fantasies with your GF are not pathetic in the least. We all work with what is available and the good news is that she agreed. Since she isn't a dancer it is far safer for her than trying to stand en pointe with no training.

      I'm sure that you would perform magnificently whether my ribbons were tied or not should we ever have an encounter. Best wishes,


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