Friday, March 13, 2015

Menstrual ballet-sex

Spoiled and oiled, a dancer in a French-leg one-piece gropesuit

The photo: This olive nylon/spandex gropesuit providing easy access to the vagina from the front for removal of a menstrual cup can be worn for private pointe class when there is likely to be after class menstrual ballet-sex with a teacher who enjoys very bloody sex.

Suit design limits entry options: The crotch snugly grips the mons pubis and vulva and is stretchy enough to cover the head of a sports plug when inserted. I mention very bloody sex because with the modified back of this suit rear entry is not possible while it is being worn and rear entry menstrual sex would be far less messy for the man.

With front entry for ballet-sex the women is usually up against a wall or the mirrors in the studio - I like being backed against or held against a mirrored wall as it is far easier to clean the coital discharge off glass than a plaster or cement wall - or he has her with her legs around his waist, his hands clutching her butt cheeks and their pelvises pressed tightly together where she can continuously bleed on him as he thrusts into her. 

For partying I sometimes wear this style as it is form flattering and makes my legs look even longer while being relatively easy to breast feed in if a lover wants to milk me by just slipping out of the shoulder straps and peeling down the top. Missionary sex is fine when I’m not bleeding and I have a cervical barrier inserted for protection, but I don’t wear it for menstrual sex. However, it is ideal for having a lover use a vibi on my clit.

Fertility and the gropesuit: This topic came to mind as I’m CD7 and my menses for this cycle are over so I’m looking forward to the hormonal high of being fertile for a few days starting this weekend. During the fertile hormone surge many of us aren’t looking for Mr. right, we’re looking for Mr. right now! Women who are cycling naturally (like me) often choose provocative attire when we are fertile. I enjoy wearing salaciously cut gropesuits in swimwear, latex catsuits or in more vanilla surroundings push-up bras.

When fertile we are far more apt to be too adventuresome and initiate or agree to sexual encounters with dangerous men. Not criminally dangerous, but socially dangerous meaning those with a history of causing unintended impregnation of casual sex partners who think their contraceptive protection is adequate. But women on a hormonal high with a testosterone scented man in her arms often feels she is invincible and besides if she thinks her birth control might have failed there is always the emergency contraceptive ella or ellaOne, a 30mg tablet of ulipristal acetate, soon to be available in the UK w/o an Rx.  

Shoes for menstrual ballet-sex: I always wear a pair of old but survivable hard shanked Gaynor Minden pointes for menstrual ballet sex as there is almost no chance of keeping them free of splatters of menstrual discharge when no diaphragm is being worn for flow control. Afterward I let them dry, brush off the crusty blood splatters and coat the stained pink satin with flesh colored pink pancake makeup to cover the stains and studio/stage grime.

The menstrual cup during menstrual ballet-sex: For a woman wearing the gropesuit pictured at the top of this post a male partner who enjoys the taste of his partner’s menstrual discharge can pull the crotch covering fabric to one side and carefully insert two fingers to break the seal of her cup then carefully remove it and drink the contents clots and all before inserting the emptied cup in her cleavage for safekeeping where he can enjoy the scent of her flow rising from the still bloody cup, or he can place the cup in her mouth as a gag of sorts while he soothes her cramps with deep thrusting front entry penile stimulation of her g-spot to orgasm.

I don’t mind swallowing a partner’s semen, actually I rather enjoy thinking about digesting the hundreds of millions of live sperm that if placed in me through another body opening could cause me to become pregnant. However, I have tasted my own menstrual flow and I’d rather not do so as part of a menstrual sex encounter.  I prefer having the empty but still bloody cup pushed down my cleavage where he can smell the scent as he thrusts into me.

Max-headroom girls: There are a few of us small women, defined here as a height of 5’5” and below, who have vagina’s deep enough to take an 80mm or larger latex diaphragm. The escorts in this category are coming to be known as ‘Max-headroom’ girls – the nickname of their trainer - who is marvelously endowed. The Max headroom girls are in increasingly demand with rubber fetishists to the extent that there aren’t enough fully trained Max-headroom ballet escorts to cover the demand. 
Effectiveness tests for users of hormonal contraceptives: I urge women who I am training as escorts to have a copper IUD, preferably a stringless GyneFix, inserted – they are so much easier to get here in the UK - if they don’t mind the sometimes heavier flow during menses. That way they can experience the hormonal swings of their natural cycles such as the peak in libido felt while fertile and offer menstrual sex as an option for clients. However we do offer Lab tests to check the effectiveness of hormonal methods as well as standard pregnancy tests. The tests for progesterone and hCG levels are routinely given for the escorts safety.

An hCG urine test is given by the clinician to test for pregnancy and a PSGN progesterone saliva test is given to check for a clinical efficacy level of PSHN to assure that a woman on hormonal birth control is effectively protected by suppression of ovulation. We have found the occasionally a woman on HBC will be taking supplements or meds that decrease the effectiveness of the hormonal birth control she is using or that a mischievous partner has intentionally given her something that binds to her progestin receptors making her birth control ineffective.

Will, April and dive-sex: April called to let me know how SCUBA sex had gone with Willamina in her home pool in Chelsea. April hasn’t passed her open water SCUBA certification yet, but she says it’s a matter of scheduling around her ballet performances. However, she is diving with her Milex Arcing spring diaphragm inserted wearing an OTS Guardian FFM and soloing with a dildo while fastened to the bottom of the pool with a very short ankle leash; or taken from behind by Will wearing 2 inch diameter 10 inch long silicone strap-on. I’ve warned both Will and April that 10 inches is far too long to be safely used on April, but both say that spacer rings are being used and gradually removed as they try for maximum depth w/o harm to April. I hope they are careful as both want April to bear a child later in their relationship.

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