Friday, March 27, 2015

The reburial of Richard III

Richard III (1452 – 1485) last Plantagenet king of England

The photo: King Richard III, by Unknown artist, late 16th century - NPG 148 - © National Portrait Gallery, London.

The reburial of Richard III in Leicester cathedral March 26, 2015: I was fortunate to get any seat in Leicester cathedral for the reburial service much less a good one, but Alice, Duchess of M****, generously gave me her ticket. I am so grateful to Her Grace for letting me take her place (she has a new lover at her home on Virgin Gorda and preferred not to travel) as another opportunity to see an infamous King of England reburied after 530 years is not likely to occur again.

My status in the pecking order of nobility is far too modest to have merited a ticket on my own regardless of how ancient my title. I sat with His Grace and Jack, Viscount Sandbach. The Duke’s ancestors had fought for the House of York and Richard III while my Welch ancestors fought against him and for the House of Lancaster with Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond at the battle of Bosworth Field. It was the last of the significant battles’ of the War of the Roses and with the death of Richard Henry became the first Tudor king.

The Tudor dynasty or House of Tudor was a royal house of Welsh and English origin descended in the male line from the Tudors of Penmynydd, which ruled the Kingdom of England and its realms, including their ancestral Wales. Its first monarch was Henry VII, a descendant through his mother of a legitimized branch of the English royal House of Lancaster.

DNA questions: the House of York apparently could have put chastity belts to more efficient use somewhere along the line. DNA tests have uncovered evidence of a family secret. It emerged when researchers at Leicester University compared the Y chromosomes of Richard III and five anonymous male relatives of Henry Somerset (1744-1803), who claim descent from Edward III, the great great grandfather of Richard III. Since the Y chromosome is passed down from father to son, it should look the same in the descendants of Henry Somerset, the 5th Duke of Beaufort, and Richard III. But genetic tests found no sign of a match. Somewhere in the family between Richard III and the Somersets, at least one man had been cuckolded.

The Reburial Service: The service was conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury head of the Anglican Church though all who fought at Bosworth Field were Catholic, the Anglican split from Roman Catholicism not occurring until the reign of Henry VIII. Benedict Cumberbatch the Brit actor and heartthrob of most women in the UK these days read a poem and I thought eclipsed the minor royalty that attended, though there was no scrum of female fans around BC which I thought showed considerable restraint. However, there weren’t many young women there and he’s newly married now and she is very pregnant.  So we know their plumbing works.  Still many of us, including me, would like to see what it would be like to be mounted and inseminated by him.

Anya stayed with my wards and Marvin as well as Ashley, Jack’s fiancée, aboard The Dragon and watched the service on the telly. After the service His Grace and Jack came back to the Dragon for a celebratory burial feast and a ride down to London where they will be spending several days. His Grace’s family has thought for centuries that Richard has gotten a bad reputation from Shakespeare’s play when he wasn’t any more ruthless than others in his time. They are delighted that Richard, the last of the Plantagenet kings, has finally gotten a proper burial.

His Grace’s need: During the service the old bull had me sit next to him where he could grope me with his hand under my coat which was across my lap. I didn’t really mind as he is always gentle in these situations where we are having sex in public. I knew that he had been without female companionship for about a week and that since her engagement to Jack Ashley was off limits (and pregnant though still dancing) so he was in need of penetrative sex with a willing female. I knew I fit his criteria even though he didn’t want me marrying Jack, his heir, because of my age and the fear that I couldn’t produce healthy male grandchildren. I understand completely and I am in his debt since he bought me off marrying Jack by expediting my claim to the Barony which he was successful in obtaining for me in record time. 

So I knew with his gentle groping through the slit in the skirt of my black jersey Chanel skirt suit that he expected to inseminate me when we got back to the sleeping compartment of my private rail car.  In addition to the Chanel skirt suit I had worn a black broad brim hat and black leather Louboutin 4 inch heels with a one inch platform sole that were very comfy to walk in and everyone said how lovely I looked in black.

I was rather looking forward to having His Grace thrusting inside me again as I hadn’t had sex with him since the equinox on the 20th which was a week ago and I knew he would be a considerate lover though perhaps he’s a bit over eager at times. I planned to fuck his brains out with The Mare’s Trick, keeping him hard inside me after ejaculation while he recovers and then to milk the thick creamy semen from him again. The result of that much intense sex always puts him into a deep sleep so I thought he would sleep all the way to London which he did.

Mistress shopping: Ashley was to introduce him to a dancer friend as his former ballet dancer mistress has returned to Russia to recover from an abortion and to begin performing again with the Mariinsky. He is now interviewing sexually adventuresome ballet dancers Ashley’s age looking for a new intimate companion.

Homeward bound: The trip from Leicester to London was routine and we all slept aboard The Dragon. In the morning we had a full English breakfast cooked by my chef and staff aboard before detraining in London. His Grace, Jack and Ashley went to the Savoy.  Marvin, my wards, Anya and I returned to Blackstone House in Belgravia.




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