Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dating Gigi

Home alone - the perfect accessory for a night of solo passion

The photo: A Lelo Gigi 2 G-spot vibrator. This latest version offers eight modes of vibration. The two hour charge time offers up to four hours of pleasure from the rechargeable battery! I love how the tip of the Gigi stimulates my G spot and hooks into place behind my pubic bone a sign of excellent design and superb Swedish craftsmanship.

Unwinding after a busy day: When no man is available I love a good soak in a tub then read a few pages of a Nora Roberts romance on my Nook then slip between the sheets and have Gigi come to Mama. Just a drop or two of a water base intimate lube eases her entry if I’m not already aroused. With the different vibration patterns I can tease myself to where I’m right at the tipping point with tiny vaginal contractions. I could just float there forever, but I’ll finally tease myself to a massively intense gasping, moaning, mewing, screaming toe curling orgasm at the end of which the afterglow is so intense I sometimes immediately fall asleep with Gigi still inside me. When I get up I clean her and put her on charge again before putting her back in her bag to await our next intimate encounter.

Gigi and cervical barriers: When I’m fertile and need to be super safe I wear an Oves cap screwed down tight on my cervix. Neither Oves nor FemCap come in contact with Gigi when she is inserted. However, when wearing a traditional diaphragm; an All-Flex, Milex or Reflexions the head of the Gigi is in contact with the anterior rim of the diaphragm as well as a portion of the dome and you get a very different experience which will vary depending on the rim style. With the Milex Omniflex (coil spring rim) there is a shimmery feeling the full length of the vagina. With the stiffer All-Flex and Milex Arcing spring rims there is a more intense vibration through the entire rim all the way around the cervix; and because the Reflexions flat spring rim bends in only one plane it delivers the most intense full vaginal experience.

However, the Reflexions with its soft natural latex dome is far more likely than the silicone Milex or All-Flex to be damaged by the vibrator head from friction wearing a thin spot or hole in the dome which, if that occurs shortly after  intercourse with an unprotected man, could result in pregnancy. An additional future problem with the Reflexions FS diaphragm is that it was discontinued at the first of 2015 and so are no longer generally available. Fortunately our Clinic had received a routine stocking order of the Reflexions so we should be able to provide them to patients for the next few months. With luck we may be able to have latex FS diaphragms custom made, but at higher cost.

A toy to die for: There have been instances when the exertion from vibrator induced G-spot orgasms has been too much for the woman’s physical condition and one of those instances occurred last weekend at a house party I attended in Northamptonshire. She was an escort hired for the occasion by the eldest son of a neighboring titled family whose wife was pregnant and unable to attend. Her procuress should have been aware of her condition and not allowed her to work with clients who expected her to participate in extreme personal sexual pleasure encounters rather than providing it for her client himself. Rather than giving him vanilla sex what he expected was for her to be the party entertainment by continuously orgasming using a G-spot vibrator while the men and a few women watched her writhe, gasp, mew and moan in ecstasy until she became unconscious from the caress of the vibi she had inserted. When her client tried to wake her he found she was dead.

She and I had talked before her fatal performance and I had checked the placement of her 80mm Reflexions. She was one of my clinic’s escort patients I track who wear an 80mm diaphragm like me so I might be able to harvest her diaphragm if she died while having penetrative sex and wear it as a ‘death rubber’. She asked what I thought the most intense G-spot orgasms was and I mentioned having a latex flat spring diaphragm inserted so that not only the G-spot was stimulated but the stiff flat spring rim would transfer the strongest vibrations throughout the entire length of the vagina. Since she was SCUBA qualified and had her Reflexions with her to use as flood insurance in case she was asked for dive-sex she inserted it and apparently the experience with the vibrator-diaphragm combination was too intense for her. It was later found that she died from a blood clot probably caused by her hormonal birth control.

The hosts stored her body in their walk-in freezer and knowing my prowess as a Domme and exhibitionist asked if I would take the dead performers place as the men really wanted to see a woman totally consumed by a series of G-spot orgasms. I would have thought that watching a professional escort fucked to death by her vibrator would have been enough, but the host wanted at least another 45 minutes and some of the women didn’t think I would since I was CD2 and bleeding heavily and a vibrating diaphragm leaks like a sieve. When the hosts found I was menstrual they pleaded even more since watching a menstrual continuously orgasming woman is a rare and unbelievably messy opportunity so I took the request as a challenge as well as hoping for a good time.

I was willing to perform in her stead, but needed access to her body to get her Reflexions and the Gigi 2 G-spot vibrator that killed her because I didn’t want to chance ruining my own flat spring latex diaphragm and I wanted her Gigi 2 for myself as well.  Marvin (Morning Wood) my psychiatrist and current lover didn’t mind me performing by masturbating for the house party guests so I thought I’d show them how that sort of thing should be done. I quickly harvested her 80mm Reflexions while her body was still warm and took her Gigi 2 and its charger out of her tote before she was sent on her way to the freezer.

She hadn’t been menstrual so my bleeding was a bonus of sorts and I let the guests watch as I pulled out my Dive cup full of flow (one of the male guests drank it) and inserted the dead woman’s flat spring latex diaphragm. I could immediately feel her Chi coming off the latex dome and knew that I would be fine just lying back, inserting the Gigi and letting it take me where it would. The host wanted a 45 minute performance, but it lasted 65 minutes before I couldn’t take any more and my bones and brain were jelly at the end. I had a marvelous time, but was a little hoarse from screaming and moaning by the end. Afterward Marvin had to help me sit up and get into one of the host’s wife’s thick robes to absorb the blood and into a comfy chair and drink a sports drink to replenish lost electrolytes before I had strength to shower and rejoin the other guests. Marvin got the escort’s death and my performance having a vibi fuck my brains out on video so they should sell well on the porn market.

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