Monday, September 21, 2015

Catsuits and sex in the woods

Autumn in the Blean Woods National Nature Reserve

The Photo: Imagine if you can sex against this wall in the rain with the temperature in the low 50s (F) while dressed in a thick black 2 mm chlorinated latex catsuit, hood, gloves and a pair of Gepetto’s lightly armored leather ballet-boots fragrant with freshly applied Obenauf's Leather Oil Preservative. I thought it very erotic being intimately taken in woods so ancient.

Blean Woods: Lord A (I’ll call him Alistair) was anxious to show me the Blean Woods near his seat at Headlong Hall. The Blean is one of the largest areas of ancient woodland in England – over 11 square miles. The woods have been shaped by local people for over a thousand years. Today, Nature Reserve woodsmen and conservation teams continue to manage this unique landscape, rich in wildlife, which can still be enjoyed today. For more about Blean Woods click HERE.

Sex in public:  As soon as we got to Headlong Hall Alistair was keen to have us both dress for latex fetish sex in the woods to act out one of his latex sex fantasies of inseminating a Goddess. Somehow he had found out that I am the High Priestess of Aphrodite and he intended to make the most of my visit to his home. If he wanted me to invoke the Goddess I told him I needed a half peck (an eighth of a bushel) of pomegranates to use as an offering as the pomegranate is her holy fruit. So he sent a footman into Canterbury to fetch them. I didn’t tell him I had two pecks aboard The Dragon destined to be offerings to Aphrodite in her temple beneath the undercroft of Crag Abbey. My collar of office was in the safe and under guard aboard The Dragon as I would need it for the Equinox.

Still, an offering of pomegranates from me was enough to have her bless our sexual union and the planting of his seed. In a pouring rain we walked up a seldom cleared road to an ancient wall against which Alistair proposed to take me.  While the area is public the road hadn’t been maintained for a long time and is a bit difficult to get to so it was unlikely we would have company as he inseminated me. This was in the early afternoon of Tuesday the 15th and although the sun set about 6:50 there were intervals of heavy rain so in the woods it was quite dark, but with enough light to see clearly. I was CD25 and luteal with my menses due in three days so I wore no cervical barrier or other contraceptive protection so I could enjoy the thrill of having a new partner’s highly motile sperm in my tubes confident that it would die before I became fertile again in about twelve days.

However, he wanted me to wear a latex flat spring diaphragm so we could both have the thrill of him pulling it out and stuffing it in my mouth as sign of my submission while I whipped him with my riding crop urging him to thrust faster and deeper as he loves to be whipped by the woman he is inseminating. I rationalized my allowing him remove my diaphragm and gag me with it as an indication of my willingness to accept him as a sexual equal and the fact that there was no way he could impregnate me during this visit. I hope. He is quite well endowed as many petite women have found to their dismay, but I found him, like baby bear’s porridge, just right being able to fully penetrate the depth of my anterior fornix to stimulate my A-spot even when I was aroused.

He drove us in an estate Range Rover most of the way then we walked the last half mile up the leaf and debris strewn road to get to the spot on the wall completely covered with thick moss where his fantasy could be consummated with the likelihood no one but forest animals would be watching. He was wearing a back-zip catsuit, hood and wellingtons with a relief zipper allowing access to his erection while I was wearing a custom front-zip suit (from Labia Labs) with a double ended zipper so a partner could both milk me and simultaneously thrust into me which is what he did while I was backed against the soft thick moss to protect the back of my latex suit. And that’s where I was inseminated in a cold pouring rain which after we got used to the rain beating on our rubber suits the noise seemed to mask his grunts as he thrust into me and mu moans and mewing and eventually muted screams with my mouth full of my latex diaphragm as I orgasmed. Then my contractions tipped him over the edge and he came in six powerful thrusts filling me with his hot thick bioadhesive semen. After he finished he held me pinned to the wall by his erection while we waited for it to wilt, but when I gave him a bit of Pompoir to milk the last few drops of his elixir of life into me before he withdrew the rascal came again! For a man his age he has a very quick recovery interval! Go figure!

Lactation and the female figure: It turns out that he is fond of breast milk and asked me about the advisability of having his wife induce lactation w/o becoming preggers as neither of them wants children and his current wife doesn’t want to ruin her gorgeous hardbody figure. I suggested that he not force her into inducing lactation as without close monitoring that might cause her small, high, firm breasts that he loves to sag which he said she is already aware of and so doesn’t want to be induced.  I recommend he forget milking his wife - other than sucking on her nipples and getting a bit of fluid from time to time - as the service is provided at Clever Cunts. He didn’t care for my answer but he loves her breasts the way they are so reluctantly agreed not to force her to lactate.

Ballet-boots in mud: Walking up a muddy leaf strewn road (and back again) in ballet-boots is not an undertaking for a novice or in most fetish boot maker’s boots where the heels are too long and/or break off and there is little ankle support. Fortunately Gepettos boots with the titanium ankle and shaft armor provide excellent support making it unlikely to twist an ankle on uneven surfaces. So for me it was a matter of the mud beneath the leaves sucking on the toe boxes that made it difficult to pull the boot out of the mud for the next step. That certainly gave my thighs a workout!  While the sex was marvelous my thighs hadn’t had that sort of workout for ages. When we returned to Headlong Hall my dresser, Emily, cleaned, dried and oiled my boots while I took 800 mg of ibuprofen and had a long hot soak in a tub after which I felt much better and could still enjoy the pelvic relaxation and tingle of the orgasms Alistair had given me. Even after I Kegeled out most of his ejaculate his secretions were still draining out of me so to dinner in the great hall I wore convertible foot tights with a lovely thick cotton gusset to absorb the coital discharge.   


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