Sunday, September 13, 2015

Nikolai, the Odalisques and Gaynors

Odalisque painted by Jules Joseph Lefebvre (1874)

The photo: A lovely Victorian era depiction of an odalisque in a Turkish harem by the French figure painter Jules Joseph Lefebvre (14 March 1834 – 24 February 1912). This painting is now in the Art Institute of Chicago in the U.S.
Nikolai at Blackthorn Castle: Over the Bank holiday weekend on the spur of the moment I took Nikolai to see my ancestral home, Blackthorn Castle, in the Cambrian Mountains. I wanted to see the progress on the deep dive facility and to try out the new ballet studio. Returning readers will recall that Nikolai is a visiting dancer performing at the ROH where I’m a private coach and his social minder since he has managed to impregnate two corps girls in less than six months. Both were due to IUD failures which are quite rare and two in a row were just his bad luck, not to mention that of the women both of whom had terminations. We took our dancebags and a portable disk player and we did a barre and some pas de deux from Swan Lake and La Bayadère in the newly completed studio created out of a large drawing room on the western side of the castle with large mullioned windows with an amazing view looking out toward St. George’s Channel in the distance. On a clear day you can actually see the channel, but not that weekend as the castle was in the clouds. I had the studio created as a room within a room with mirrored walls, sprung floor and climate controlled so that none of the 16th century paneling and original flooring has been damaged. That way if I decide to give the place to the National Trust I won’t have ruined the original linenfold paneling and fittings.

It was marvelous being alone with and partnered by him in my new studio moving to the music of Tchaikovsky and Minkus! We were nearly unexpected (it keeps the servants on their toes), but I called well before we got to the Caersws station to have a range rover meet us and they took marvelous care of us from a standing start. The studio was cold so we were in woolens until we warmed up. What an amazing high! The weather was typical, low clouds and misting, which I thought fitting for Swan Lake. And we had my cook’s famous rack of spring lamb for supper. Fortunately the rail work stoppage on the southern coasts of England and Wales had no effect on the line serving Caersws so we went out and back to London more or less on time.

Blackthorn Castle staff: Since I have been in London or traveling I have kept an almost full staff at the castle, less my dresser and personal assistant, Emily, and two male bodyguard/footmen/chauffeurs (ex SAS men) who make up my travel staff.  My predecessor, Edith the 22nd Baroness, had Emily fitted with a GyneFix IUD so we shouldn’t have to worry about pregnancy when she finds a lover. The place is very maintenance intensive and just dusting, tending fireplaces in the main drawing room, dining room, bedrooms and my sitting room as well as polishing silver and brass and waxing wooden furniture that the Victoria and Albert Museum or Christies would love to have for display or sale takes weeks. I could close large portions of the castle and do with a lot less staff but the villagers are friendly, good workers and need the jobs and my predecessor while she kept the building fabric in good repair was beginning to let the furnishings go so there is a great deal of work to be done to getting the furnishings up to a point where I wouldn’t be ashamed to have the staff give tours and it would bring tourist dollars to the area to see a still fully functioning medieval castle that never fell to an enemy. I’m told that was probably because it was easier to bypass the castle than capture it because of its remote location and our provisions were such that an enemy didn’t want to waste men for a siege when they were needed elsewhere. Still, there are few medieval castles in the UK that the owners can claim were never captured.  

Nikolai and the Odalisques: Nikolai seems to have settled in to something of a routine taking only one of them a day, but multiple times if their schedules permit, then back to my place in Eaton Square where he tries to drain me of my sexual stamina, but only manages to fuck my brains out. Then after I recover and thoroughly drain him by giving him Pompoir we are through for the night, but resume before we get out of bed in the mornings. Most of the Odalisques themselves have come to realize they are merely place-holders to keep Nikolai sated during the day until he can get back to my care where I take him clubbing and they are enjoying their intimate relationship with this gorgeous and immensely virile male while they can. The girls have now switched to Gaynors for ballet-sex with Nikolai and there have been no more injuries from thrust-drop.

Nikolai as arm candy: When I had Marvin (Morning Wood) on my arm as a titled aristocrat I was the one getting attention. Now that I’m clubbing with Nikolai he is the one the tabloids are after, but they continually ask if I’m pregnant as his responsibility for the two pregnancies earlier in the year got a lot of publicity in the tabloids and they are looking for another ballet dancer sexual tryst of the same magnitude since male heterosexual ballet dancers seem to be rare - from the prospective of the yellow press. Nikolai and I (as a couple) aren’t anywhere near the same magnitude as Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn, but that hasn’t stopped the tabloids from comparing us as couples.

Of course Nureyev was Gay and Fonteyn had been sterilized after an unwanted pregnancy early in her career so that is a major difference and another is in the level of our talent as dancers. I was never a threat to a principal dancer’s career in any of the major companies, though Nikolai may still rise to the level of Baryshnikov or Nureyev if he is careful and doesn’t step on his own dick, socially speaking. It’s the likelihood of pregnancy where my relationship with Nikolai puts me at far grater risk than Fonteyn was with Nureyev, but that’s one of the huge thrills the frisson of terror for me in having him repeatedly inseminate me even though I know my cervix is well protected.

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