Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New blood; Bryony and Claire, the Swan Twins depart

University College London Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience Bedford Way building

The photo: The University College London building on the east side of the campus on Bedford Way, where Department of Psychology PhD candidate’s advisors have their offices.

New blood at Clever Cunts: We have two Doctorial students, who I’ll call ‘Bryony’ and ‘Claire’, from University College London’s (UCL) Department of Psychology working at our fetish location, the exclusive Costume Club off Holland Park Road known to it’s members as ‘Clever Cunts’, as part of their research into aspects of male fetishes and the industry that supports them for their Clinical Psychology PhD theses. Both are women in their late 20s, but look considerably younger, and danced with one of the premier ballet companies in the UK for almost fifteen years. They recently retired as soloists to work full time getting their PhD degrees in Psychology after getting their Masters degrees from UCL at night. They are also first cousins.  Bryony is the daughter of a Peer whose seat is in Kent and Claire is the daughter of his younger brother.

Both will be missed by the ballet company (though they had risen as high as they were likely to go) as the ballet rarely has aristocratic women dancing with the company. Both are independently wealthy and are heterosexual switches. I met them while coaching at the ROH and they asked if I would let them do their research using the clients and facilities of the Costume Club. One will be studying what motivates the club’s Hostesses while the other will be concentrating on the members fetishes and how they apply them when with different Hostesses.

Student Hostesses acceptance and kitting out: I’m relieved that Bryony and Claire have been accepted well into the hostess community at the club. New girls entering the group sometimes haven’t had an easy time of it. However, they both have lovely personalities and there is a large turnover of hostesses who marry, return to school or just disappear and that is especially true this fall so the addition of the UCL doctoral candidates to the hostess roll was well received even welcomed by the existing pool of girls and they have quickly made friends.

To help speed Bryony and Claire’s preparation for introduction to the membership I helped with their Pelvic exams, cervical barrier fittings, STI panel tests (They both have had the three shot regimen of Gardasil for HPV protection), fitting them with Gaynor Minden pointes and good quality leather ballet-boots as that is what they will typically be wearing when with a club member. Both had been wearing Freed pointes and on a shoe allowance while with the ballet company so were interested in getting shoes that were more comfortable and last much longer than do performance shoes like Freed Classics. Fortunately both could be correctly fitted in Gaynors and they continue their ballet training to keep fit so they should be able to quickly increase their continuous time en pointe and with one of our male trainers learn to safely handle thrust-drop during ballet-sex.  

They are having to learn to wear ballet-boots for extended intervals so we had four custom made pairs (because they get soaked with sweat and take a while to properly dry even in boot dryer) of good leather for each of them with integrated titanium box and shanks and replicable heels with standard laces as we expect them to be with us for at least eighteen months. The boots are a stripped down version (for a mere £1150 a pair) of Gepetto’s up-market lightly armored, clubbing boots with replaceable lace stripper-heels, and spider filament laces that I wear. The Hostess boots are w/o the titanium armor and with standard replicable titanium heels rather than the serrated lace-stripper heels that are standard in pair of clubbing boots where the wearer might get into a boot fight with another woman in ballet-boots. They are paying for the boots themselves as they are far more comfortable and last longer (though externally appear no different) than the ballet-boots worn by other hostesses. Bryony and Claire’s ankles and feet are very strong and flexible, but they are still building stamina in their calves as they were cramping, but a diet rich in magnesium and calcium has minimized that problem. No one ever said that properly kitting out a Club Hostess is an inexpensive undertaking, but the girls can now walk confidently and look ravishing in them and a girl never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Contraception: They both had mini (4 bead) frameless GyneFix copper IUDs placed several months ago at my suggestion by Chris, our Male Gyn, who moved to the UK when I did and now works at the Clinic. The mini-GyneFix is a lot less likely to cause heavy periods so the girls have adapted to it well and their cycles are regular. I recommended that they have the strings trimmed off so they can safely wear cervical barriers (which are a big fetish item with some club members) w/o the danger of pulling the IUD out while removing the cervical barrier. Women with stringless IUDs should have periodic sonograms to ensure the GyneFix is where it should be and those are given by my clinic at the club’s expense in the club’s Gyn exam room since a very high percentage of our hostess have stringless IUDs.

Neither Bryony nor Claire is allergic to latex so their cervical barriers are the ones that are most effective when playing with very well endowed club members some of whom have been known to make a game of sabotaging a Hostesses contraceptive method. As readers know the most effective cervical barrier is the latex flat spring rim diaphragm which has superior heat transfer properties a very stretchy dome that can be pushed into the deepest anterior fornix by a thrusting penis and a rim that is almost impossible to even intentionally under-thrust if is properly fitted and correctly placed.

University College London: UCL where the girls are taking their doctorates covers a huge area in central London north of the Thames. It is located just south of the A501 across from Euston station primarily between Tottenham Court Road on the West and Endsleigh Street/Bedford Way on the east and Russell Square on the South. So our doctorial student-Hostesses have about a 15 minute commute from their faculty tutors on Bedford Way on the East side of the campus to the Costume Club on the underground. From the Russell Square station on the Piccadilly line one stop south to Holborn then change to the Central line and go west to Holland Park. A map of the London tube system can be found HERE.

I take Bryony and Claire under my protection: The Swan Twins, Odette and Odile, after less than a month at Cambridge have decided to return to Las Vegas to continue in the grad school at UNLV and be with their boy friends the Gemini, Castor and Pollux. They will be leaving my protection. His Grace the Duke of M**** was kind enough to ensure that they would be accepted into grad school there though they were very late in applying. They will return to the care of Anya who is the partner of their father, Paul, who returning readers will recall has an adjoining estate to mine at Lost Cove on Virgin Gorda.

While much older than Odette and Odile Bryony and Claire though sexually experienced are familiar with only some aspects of the fetish life and so will need my protection at least while they are still taking instruction immersing themselves in all aspects of BDSM and are working on their theses at the Costume Club. I’m very pleased to say that they will be taking the Swan Twins place at the celebration of the Autumnal Equinox at Location Z on the 23rd of September.

The Dryads: Bryony and Claire will take their place in my extended family as a pair of wood nymphs, Dryads, since their early years were spent on their father’s forested estates just north west of Canterbury in Kent and will be known by that designation when written about together.    

The Dryads are also qualified SCUBA divers having learned at girl’s public school years ago and keep their certification current including with FFMs and the hard-hat Kirby Morgan helmet and are wet and drysuit trained as well which will serve them well when we are at Blackthorn Castle and using the new deep dive facility. All in all the Dryads are superior replacements for the Swan Twins as Odette and Odile really weren’t as fetish friendly as I’d hoped.

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