Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Visiting a Dryad’s parents

Canterbury West railway station

The Photo: Canterbury West train station in Kent operated by the London & South Eastern Railway Limited, known as Southeastern. Canterbury is served by London’s St Pancras International station. Canterbury East station is a few blocks away and serves the line from London to Dover.

The Dryads parents: The Dryads, Bryony and Claire, are first Cousins. Bryony is the daughter of Lord A**** head of the family while Claire is the daughter of his younger (by 6 minutes) twin brother.  While the family is very wealthy it is thought of by the ancient landed aristocracy as ‘new money’ gotten through manufacturing in the 19th century and by some Lords of much older families as somewhat disreputable for being in ‘trade’.

My interest in the wellbeing of the Dryads has not been not lost on their parents and Lord A**** has invited Nikolai and I down to the family seat which I’ll call Headlong Hall (as it’s right out of a T.L. Peacock novel) just north of Canterbury in Kent. Headlong Hall is a gothic revival monstrosity built in the fifteen hundreds and was a fortified Royalist home during the civil war. In the early 1640s it was captured but not destroyed by the Parliamentarians which some architectural scholars think was a lost opportunity. We will be guests there from this Wednesday, September 16th through Friday the 18th.

Lord A**** is in his early 50s and in excellent physical condition. He is an excellent shot, a SCUBA diver and a latex fetishist of the most extreme sort. He is a member of the Costume Club so I know he is very well hung, hates condoms and is free of STIs. He likes rough sex and to be whipped with a riding crop. His 4th wife, the present Countess, is 26 y/o and was a French ballerina and is younger than her step-daughters. She is extremely flexible and is a hypersexual masochist as am I. Lord A**** and his current wife like to swap partners with their house guests so I expect Nikolai will be sleeping unprotected with the Countess and I with Lord A****. I may be spotting as I should be menstrual on the 19th and I know from his activities at Clever Cunts that he enjoys menstrual cunilingus and sex and eats the bloody contents of his partner’s diaphragm afterward so perhaps I can give him a bit of that.

His wife, who is a latex flat spring diaphragm patient at my clinic (because her husband is a latex fetishist) has a standard (6 bead) copper frameless GyneFix IUD implanted with the strings trimmed off so she can safely wear a diaphragm w/o the worry of accidently pulling it out when she or her lord is removing her diaphragm. It’s my understanding that both Lord A**** and his wife have amazing sexual stamina and they both love Ballet-sex while they are both dressed in a latex catsuits.

I met the Countess socially at a ballet party at the ROH a few months ago shortly after I was appointed minder to Nikolai and she seems like a lovely person. She knew I was Nikolai’s social compass and asked me about him and I suppose she was taking my measure as well as a partner for her husband. My proclivity to fuck the company’s male dancers isn’t really a secret and she was almost salivating as I mentioned Nikolai’s and my social interaction. At that point I knew I would be hearing either from her or Lord A****.

Bryony had told me about her father and the current Countess, his 4th wife, while I was fitting her for a latex FS diaphragm; about them swapping partners at intimate parties at their home, him rotating through a series of favorite Hostesses at Clever Cunts, and both he and the Countess’s love for sex while in latex catsuits and she en pointe in Gaynor Minden shoes so I knew she must be quite experienced, but then most French ballerinas are which is why they are in such demand as mistresses.

Death in the dive well: Bryony also told me that she had witnessed her mother’s death when she was 16.  She was home, at Headlong Hall, from boarding school on Christmas vacation. She thought her parents were in London for the day and went to the indoor pool to swim and found her parents having underwater sex. They were in SCUBA gear at the bottom of the 12 ft. dive well and he was thrusting into her from the front with her mom’s legs on her father’s shoulders.  She stood frozen watching and said they both appeared to be enjoying their encounter while her father was fingering her mom’s clit and they seemed to climax together. Her mom’s back arched, she gave several strong pelvic thrusts while clawing at her husbands shoulders then shuddered expelled a large amount of air her head tilted back, her mouth gaped open and her reg floated free. Neither she nor her husband tried to put it back in her mouth. The autopsy found a venous Air embolism (an air bubble in her bloodstream) stopped her heart. She had forgotten to insert her latex FS diaphragm before entering the water. The coroner ruled it was death by misadventure.  

Amazingly Bryony doesn’t blame her father as she knew her mom loved living on the edge of catastrophe and feels her mom probably died the way she wanted. However, it has almost certainly caused Bryony to want to participate in very dangerous sexual activity as well as setting her on the path to becoming a psychologist in the hope of better understanding what made her mom and now her take such risks. I think she told me about her mom to let me know what I will be in for when Nikolai and I are guests at Headlong Hall.

Traveling to Canterbury and Inverness:  Nikolai and I will be taking The Dragon (my private rail car) to Canterbury to be with Lord A**** and his wife from 9/15 through 9/18 and then return to London to pick up my wards Bea, Willow and the Dryads and then proceed on to Inverness on Saturday the 19th to prepare for the Autumnal Equinox. As I mentioned in an earlier post we will be staying with the Duke of M**** at his castle, Crag Abbey, in the mountains to the west of Loch Ness Saturday evening September 19th. Then convoy to his Grace’s hunting lodge to the north east of Ullapool below the summit of Loc. Z on the 21st as a staging point for ascending to the celestial temple very early on the morning of the 23rd Afterward returning to Crag Abbey for a day or two of relaxation before Returning to London on Saturday the 26th.

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