Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Swim teams, safety and fertility

Eggwhite fertile cervical mucus (EWFCM)

The photo: Eggwhite fertile cervical mucus that is thick, clear and stretchy released a few days before ovulation to support the travel of sperm through the cervix and uterus to the fallopian tubes to await the release of an egg. FCM flows into the dome of a diaphragm to mix with the wearer’s natural arousal lubricant as well as the acidic spermicidal gel used to immobilize sperm that may leak into the dome. FCM has it’s own musky scent, slightly salty taste and is a favorite of men who enjoy consuming a woman’s reproductive secretions. Eight hours after sex with an unprotected male it’s always fun to pull out my latex Reflexions diaphragm and watch him lick the secretions out of the dome. My partners say there is such a strong scent of latex in the secretions that the liquefied lactic acid spermicide is completely masked and just provides a bit of additional body to the total.

Swim teams and our reproductive clinic: Since an unfortunate incident earlier in the year where a swim team member had an air embolism during underwater vaginal sex that left her in a vegetative state elite public (read private) women’s school swim teams have been coming to the clinic for cervical protection. Knowing that team members would be protected if the occasion for sex arose was high on their priority list and we are one of the few clinics that are prepared to provide it. Venous air embolisms (VAE) occurring during erotic situations are not unknown, but had been thought to be rare and so have not generally been protected against. However, it’s not clear that this method of introducing air into the bloodstream has been routinely considered when fatalities among healthy sexually active young women occur so incidences of this may be underreported.  For an instance in the literature see Pub Med: Fatal air embolism during female autoerotic practice: HERE. Additionally, an effective cervical barrier will protect against a far more common condition which can lead to infertility, Pelvic Inflammatory disease (PID), caused by having water forced into the uterus from the hydraulics of a partner’s thrusting during underwater sex.

Spotting, endometrium stripping, and VAE safety: Spotting from hormonal contraceptives break-through bleeding, endometrium stripping due to the movement of an IUD and menstruation are three possible sources of entry points for air into the bloodstream should it be forced into the woman’s uterus. Almost all the students in elite women’s schools that our clinic provide services for are using a stringless copper IUD of one sort or another as their leadership believes that experiencing the highs and lows of hormonal swings during the menstrual cycling is a part of becoming a woman and leads to the flowering of creativity during the students fertile days. Therefore, with the exception of the few on hormones for medical problems the students in a given school tend to be in menstrual synchrony.

The latex flat spring diaphragm: To protect against venous air embolisms due to air being forced into the uterus during sex while the woman is bleeding our clinic recommends the use of latex flat spring contraceptive diaphragms similar to the Reflexions which was discontinued at the first of 2015. Latex provides superior heat transfer, can be safely used with all kinds of silicone lubricants and with a flat spring rim it is nearly impossible for even a mischievous partner to under-thrust the rim. It is particularly important that a silicone lubricant be used for underwater vaginal sex as water base lubes are quickly washed away leaving the woman painfully and dangerously unlubricated. Our clinic now has its own supplier of latex flat spring diaphragms in sizes from 55mm to 95mm in 5mm increments which allows us to fit more young women just reaching menarche. We have retained a raised maker’s symbol and rim diameter in the center of the convex side of the dome as a glans stimulator; yet another plus for the latex flat spring diaphragm.

During a diaphragm fitting session our fitters not only fit the patient and answer questions, but demonstrate how to correctly deflate the dome after insertion by pushing down as though having a BM to move the cervix closer to the vaginal entrance making it easier to express the air from the dome with the fingers by pushing the latex membrane into the void of the anterior fornix expelling trapped residual air from the dome so the seal and vacuum are much stronger. Once demonstrated patients are given time to practice insertion, deflating the dome and removal so before leaving the clinic they are confident they know how to correctly insert and remove their diaphragms.

Gardasil: Our clinic also administers the HPV vaccine Gardasil in two or three injection regimens. Gardasil is safe for most girls to take except for those who are allergic to some contents of the vaccine. For girls 9 to 14 y/o the two shot regimen at 0 and 6 months is effective. For women 15 y/o and older Gardasil gives the best protection when given in 3 doses on time two months apart over 6 months.

Menarche, pelvic exams and pre-pompoir training: Unless there is a medical condition requiring a pelvic exam our clinic recommends a girl’s first pelvic be at menarche which can occur as young as 11 y/o, but mostly in dance schools girls in strenuous training where they are developing muscle mass and very little fat menarche may be delayed until about age14, which was when I had my first period. A pelvic gives us the opportunity to determine who might need hymenectomies and offer vaginal dilators to see if stretching the hymen will suffice. Shaped vaginal dilators equipped with a vibi tip are available for girls wanting to begin working on muscle isolation for Pompoir training and other shapes to use as dildos for masturbation. Having reached menarche it is never too early to begin pelvic muscle group isolation and stimulation since it is much easier to learn while young.

Mothers and consent:  In today’s permissive society it’s important that under age young women, especially those excelling in swimming, gymnastics and dance where their bodies are on display be familiar with their reproductive anatomy and learn to safely manipulate it for their own and eventually a partner’s pleasure. To that end, with her mother’s written permission, our clinic can provide a young patient at or above the age of consent with instruction on how to protect herself during solo and partnered sexual activity. This is a relatively new offering and has already become very popular and is currently oversubscribed so we plan on starting classes with me teaching Contemporary Sexual Techniques (for teens) with the same syllabus that I used at St Lucy’s in Vegas. It will be held in a property adjoining the clinic owned by the Barony which had been a health club with a dance studio and pool.

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