Friday, March 18, 2016

To Bea or not to Bea

A stunning bikini by Agent Provocateur

The photo:  While in London for her STI panel and GyneFix ultrasound Bea visited the AP shop at 16 Pont St Knightsbridge and picked up several of these bikinis to tease men during dive-sex and for our planned trip to Virgin Gorda.  

Cunilingus and the cosseted cunt: The nutritional value of semen from a normal male ejaculation (about one teaspoon’s worth) contains between five and 25 calories and a minimal amount of protein. Semen is only one percent sperm; the rest is composed of over 200 separate proteins, as well as vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc. I like to say that swallowing semen is a ‘nutritional supplement’, but of course it’s really not and can be dangerous if the donor has an STI which is why my partners are tested so frequently.

I mention this because Bea and I have renewed our sexual relationship. While she is very young she is of the age of consent and we are not related so there is no problem with our relationship being illegal. She has asked me to mentor her in her quest to learn more about the pleasures of sex between women which has appealed to my love for teaching as well as the sexual pleasure it can bring us both. I thought about saying no, but agreed to her request because I want her to learn safely and if I don’t train her then she will seek help elsewhere with a less experienced teacher.

Since I can teach her a great deal about girl-girl sex and she is fun to be with I agreed to guide her in this aspect of her sexuality so we have been experimenting with something new. Well, new for us. In addition to enjoying my breast milk we are exploring her increased interest in oral girl-girl sex, at least with me, but that hasn’t reduced her interest in men at all. Even for a woman she is an exceptionally gentle and considerate lover and a gorgeous young woman so her looks absolutely stun men when she enters a room. I think her ballet training which has given her poise and confidence has allowed to bloom spectacularly at such a young age.  Returning readers will recall that Bea has a GyneFix copper IUD implanted so she can safely take an unprotected man without needing contraceptive barrier protection herself, unless needing a barrier as a gas guard or flood insurance during dive-sex. 

Cunilingus training: During her cunilingus training we meet very soon after we have orgasmed with unprotected men who have ejaculated in us, using the guys to inseminate us so Bea and I can suck out each other’s coital discharge. Since the men make a contribution to her training they wanted to watch one of our training sessions, but we are so into each other during a session that it is too private for an audience even by video.  However, since the sessions are being videoed they might be for sale later after our faces have been pixilated out.  She has a very long tongue as do I so she is an apt and talented pupil.  I’m teaching her tonguing techniques to caress the clitoris barrel and occasionally its head, though that should be used only when a partner asks for it since most women I know can’t stand any direct touching of the clit as it is so sensitive. Bea’s cycles are no longer in synchrony with mine as we have been apart for too long. Even so, I’m CD13 and fertile and she is CD15 and ovulated today which means I can not only suck out her lover’s semen I can also enjoy sucking out a some of her fertile cervical mucus which thickens her coital discharge and today was colored and flavored with a little blood from ovulation spotting when the follicle ruptured to release her egg.

A taste of latex: Speaking of flavor, to give me a taste of latex when she isn’t secreting FCM she will wear one of her latex flat spring diaphragms so her arousal lube and her partner’s semen will be flavored by the latex device marinating in their genital secretions. This gives me the opportunity to get an idea of what my coital discharge tastes like since I usually wear a latex diaphragm if I know a male partner is going to give me cunilingus after pumping me full of semen.

In my case I have been training with a latex flat spring diaphragm inserted so Bea can savor what my coital discharge tastes like when flavored by a well used latex diaphragm. I have also worn a silicone Milex arcing rim so she can taste and appreciate the significant difference in taste.     

The Vernal Equinox and the arrival of spring: Technically Spring will arrive here in Wales at 4:30AM GMT on Sunday, March 20th. However, Sunrise is at 6:15AM and the Celts celebrated at sunrise so that is what we will continue to do. I will have only one other pair concelebrating with me and that will be Bea and a partner yet to be named. I had hoped that Willow, Viscount Sandbach’s natural daughter, would be able to participate but her schedule with her ballet company in London will not permit her absence. The weather at Llanidloes which is the nearest forecast to Blackthorn Castle is to be in the mid 30s° (F) with heavy clouds and a light wind from the northeast. If that holds we will be lucky that it isn’t raining. But since the Castle is at least a thousand feet above Llanidloes it will almost certainly be below freezing.




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