Thursday, March 17, 2016

Gusset girls

Tights with a cotton gusset

The photo: The lovely soft thick cotton gusset of a pair of my play tights that can effectively absorb my coital discharge after taking an unprotected man. I Kegel of course, if I have time, but one can never get all a lover’s spend especially if taken from behind during ballet-sex with a large man when he fills the posterior fornix.

Cotton gussets and feminine hygiene: With the women enrolled in my current Pelvic Intensive as sexually active as they are with multiple partners it very important that their tights have soft absorbent cotton gussets to wick away sweat and coitial discharge as there will always be a certain amount of drainage. And for me the gusset seams cradle my vulva and the wide central seam presses gently on the shaft of my clitoris keeping me aroused, wet and ready for my next opportunity to enjoy a lusty man penetrating me.

Absorbent gussets and condoms: Under some circumstances latex condoms can be such fun! I find them useful in some situations especially when I am out in public and my partner gets frisky. Then if he didn’t wear a condom I would drain a great deal more into my thong, tights or swimsuit which could be embarrassing. In the winter I always wear tights with cotton gussets. However, even if my vulva is cosseted by a cotton gusset a condom will make spontaneous sex much less messy and for fantasists condoms can add another level to sex play especially if the man has an impregnation fantasy.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts a surprising number of my lovers like to fantasize about impregnating me. Well probably any woman they are with but it thrills me that in their imaginations they are impregnating me, and if I’m not careful they could stand a good chance of doing just that. I tease them after they have ejaculated and safely pulled out by stripping off the condom, tying off the open end and biting through the tip to suck out the semen while it is still thick, warm and creamy. I think of swallowing it as a nutritional supplement. When it is sliding down my throat I always think that it could have had such a different effect on me had he released it deep in my vagina against my unprotected ripe cervix and I tease him about eating all his little wiggly baby-makers knowing that he would boast about impregnating me should it ever happen and he found out.

Should my barrier protection ever fail I’d take EllaOne (30 mg of ulipristal acetate) which blocks the progestin receptors for five days and hope it would delay ovulation long enough that his sperm in my tubes would be dead by the time I release the egg. While I love risk taking, my idea of fun is having him spew his seed against the stretchy latex dome of my favorite flat spring diaphragm with my egg white fertile cervical mucus filling the dome. I still have a few Reflexions ones that I use even though our clinic now has its own FS latex diaphragms to supply Escorts who are the primary users of FS latex diaphragms.

Bea is with me for Spring break: Trinity College Cambridge Spring break is from Friday March 11 through March 20th. Classes resume on Monday March 21st. Marvin (Morning Wood) is staying at Trinity in his lodgings to ‘work’, but I know he is playing with his current ‘bed-bunny’, Miss GyneFix née Nexplanon. Bea brought along a boyfriend in his early 20s from her ballet class and even though we have plenty of spare bedrooms they are sleeping together. Of course they are! They make a lovely couple and seem to like each other a lot although it may just be the sex as theirs is still a very new romance and passion if not pure lust is still obvious between them.

Seizure at ten fathoms: One of the Flowers, Heather, had some sort of seizure during a dive-sex encounter while tethered with an ankle leash to the bottom of the shallow (65 foot) deep well. Her partner released the Velcro ankle strap on the leash and hit the fill on her BC and they both surfaced w/o a decompression stop. Fortunately Carla my Divemaster had her boyfriend, a dive medicine doctor who works for a clinic in Aberdeen, visiting and they got Heather and her partner, Doc, on to amphibious gurneys and rolled them up the ramp of the access platform and into the multi-bed hypobaric chamber within minutes of Heather’s seizure. Fortunately she was wearing an OTS Guardian FFM and didn’t vomit so other than biting her tongue she could breathe though she lost consciousness.

They were breathing Enriched Air Nitrox with 32% oxygen (EAN32) and had been down long enough to require at least one deco stop. Doc will be fine. It’s unclear what caused Heather’s seizure and she was helo-lifted to private dive-medicine facility in Milford Haven for extensive testing. This was the first use of the MBHC with an actual patient. Carla, my Divemaster, and her dive medicine boyfriend worked like the professional team they are getting Heather stabilized and to the helicopter when it arrived. The massive freight elevator runs all the way from the mechanical room for the pumps and filtering system below the pools past the pool level where the MBHC is located to the surface in the lower bailey where there is room to unload heavy equipment and land a helicopter. 

In addition to the seizure at the very least she had a case of the Bends and no one knows yet what caused her seizure so it’s unclear what if any long term effects she may have other than probably never diving again. Doc was told to rest for several days so Bea and her boyfriend have filled in for Heather and Doc on the pelvic training schedule. Bea and especially her Cambridge stud-muffin didn’t seem to mind boarding the sexual merry-go-round with the Flowers and Elves so this could be a test of their affection for one another.

I had Bea and Stud-muffin stop by our London clinic before boarding The Dragon for the trip to Caersws and Blackthorn Castle to update their full STI panels and to test for the Zika virus. Bea also had an ultrasound to make sure her GyneFix was still in place. Zika seems unlikely but at Cambridge where there are a lot of men traveling back and forth from countries where Zika is running rampant one can never be too careful and the sale of condoms at Universities in the UK has spiked as women try to protect themselves from Zika since even though they may not be pregnant there is the chance of Guillen Barre and paralysis and no athlete/dancer wants to risk that.

Fortunately Bea brought her pointe-shoes and practice clothes with her and her dive gear is here so she is already kitted out and Stud-muffin can wear Marvin’s kit so he too is good to go.  Bea is somewhat used to a frequent change of sexual partners but Stud-muffin is in for sex with many more beautiful partners than he could have ever anticipated. It will be interesting to see how that affects his sexual stamina and his relationship with Bea.



  1. I'm wondering: When you wear tights, do you wear anything under them?

    1. Hi Eric,

      It depends what I have planned. I never wear panties as even the ones that supposedly won’t will cause panty lines. However, I always have a cervical barrier of some sort inserted and If I am going where there are a lot of men and stand a good chance of being groped I will wear a sports plug to prevent my clit being caressed.


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