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Celebrating the Vernal Equinox, British Summer Time

A Sessile Oak or Welsh or Irish Oak

The Photo: A small stand of sessile oaks similar in age to this one is in a field south east of the castle. It is under one of the oldest and eastern most trees in that woods that we celebrated the Vernal Equinox.

The 2016 Vernal Equinox: On March 20th sunrise was at 6:15 AM. It was 30° (F) and a 10 mph north east wind and heavy cloud cover at Blackthorn Castle. Actually the clouds were covering the mountain top so we were in fog when we held the celebration. That was much better than snow and gale force winds we had at the Winter Solstice. This time Bea and I and our partners were kept warm in shearling robes made from sheep from the Barony’s flocks by a local leather crafter in the village outside the castle and from a design by Emily, my dresser. Bea and I wore pink satin Gaynor Minden pointes and Victoria’s secret bikinis under our robes. 

The trees in this grove have been the site of Celtic celebrations for years moving from the oldest when it dies to the next oldest, which in a consecration ceremony then becomes the new Holy Oak. The celebrations have progressed that way through the grove. Edith, 22nd Baroness Blackthorn, my predecessor had kept up the family journal of Celtic celebrations that was begun in the 14th century that is one of the glories of the castles muniment rooms. The celebrations journal has now become my responsibility as only the title holder is supposed to make entries.

The Celtic crypt and sanctuary in the grotto below the foundation of the east tower of the castle was used in times of war when a safe location was required for religious celebrations long before the castle was built over it. That may go a long way to explaining why I’ve had such a struggle celebrating the celestial events in the crypt and on the fighting top of the east tower when there is no danger to the celebrants safety from marauding humans. The Celts loved to worship among forest groves and this celebration of the Vernal Equinox beneath the branches of the “Blackthorn Oak” went splendidly.      

The Sessile Oak (species: Quercus petraea) also goes by the common names Welsh Oak or Durmast Oak. The name "sessile" comes from the fact that the acorn is attached directly to the branch without a stem. The common name "Welsh Oak" is used in Wales where it is our national tree. While lone oaks will spread as the one in the photo accompanying this entry has in a grove the oaks grow thinner and much taller as has the current Blackthorn Oak under which we celebrated the Vernal equinox.

Sex under the “Blackthorn Oak”: Bea and I and our partners ‘Happy’ and ‘Bashful’ from the first cast of the Seven Dwarfs who were coming off two weeks of R&R to participate in the ninth and final week of the Pelvic Intensive, walked down the several hundred yards from the castle to the oak grove a little before 6:00 AM. While the wind at ground level was light it was gusting in the tops of the trees so that it made moaning sounds every bit as scary as the wind through the tone holes of the standing stones at Location Z. The first signs of spring with the temperature moderating are especially noticeable on the eastern side of the castle where the prevailing winds from the west are blocked to some extent and the southern sun can warm the mountainside. The oaks are just beginning to bud so the wind was blowing through branches totally free of leaves. Bea and I had walked the path at dawn with high-power torches the day before so we knew what to expect and while it was spooky (there were owls and Red Kites in nesting in the trees which made noises) we weren’t scared. It also helped that there is supposed to be a curse on the area that intruders disappear or go mad if they purposely come in to that area uninvited by the Baroness. That has kept incursions into that stand of oaks by the uninvited to a minimum.  

We got Happy and Bashful to the Holy Oak without incident though they seemed a bit skittish. At sunrise, at exactly 6:15 AM, we allowed our partners to enter us. The boys were well rested. Their erections were awesome, hard, wet and dripping pre-cum so Bea and I were penetrated quickly and forcefully while standing en pointe in a vertical missionary position backed against opposite sides of the tree and we gave them pompoir, using our well toned vaginal muscles to milk their erections causing them to ejaculate in us in less than five minutes after penetration. Since I was CD16 and had ovulated two days before just to be very safe I double bagged with an Oves cap screwed down tight on my cervix and wore one of my latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms over that with the anterior rim tucked snugly into my post-pubic vault.  Returning readers will recall that Bea has a frameless, stringless, GyneFix copper bead IUD so she took her celebratory partner w/o wearing a barrier which she only uses when she is having underwater sex to minimize the likelihood of having water forced into her uterus by the hydraulics of her partner’s thrusts. Her partner’s forget she is well protected from pregnancy as their sperm rushes through her cervical os only to be met by the copper ions of the dissolving copper beads which quickly immobilized the little swimmers before they can reach her tubes.

But it is in our partners’ power to delude themselves that they will conquer the odds and get us pregnant which keeps their minds focused on the possibility that they could have their babies growing in our bellies. It seems to be a fantasy universally enjoyed by men when inseminating a beautiful woman. Afterward as our partners escorted us back the few hundred yards to the castle we began to drain coital discharge into the thongs of our bikinis. Since it was consecrated discharge – fluids secreted during a holy ceremony – we were required to swap partners for cunnlingus so I took Bea’s man and she took mine and the men knelt between our legs and licked our labia and inserted their tongues in our vaginas while we Kegeled as much of their spend into their mouths. Then they sucked on the crotches of our thongs to get as much of our holy discharge out of the fabric as possible, which is supposed to being our partner’s good luck.

British Summer Time: On Sunday March 27th the UK along with countries in Western Europe will move our clocks ahead one hour to British Summer Time.

Hercule Poirot must certainly be crying: It seems Inspector Cluseau has moved from France to Belgium and has been put in charge of that countries search for terrorist operatives. From news reports the amount of intelligence about terrorist activities passed between jurisdictions and not acted on, and the amount of information about terrorist activities collected and not shared between the many jurisdictions within Belgium would make a blockbuster film comedy if it weren’t for the appalling fact that bombs are going off in Brussels, many innocent lives have been lost and the citizens are terrified because of what appears to have been yet another massive intelligence failure. And Brussels is the headquarters of NATO! Go figure!   

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