Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Reservoir reservations, tip troubles, the vernal equinox

The Photo: A Durex XL latex condom in its packet. Its nominal Width is 2.24"/57mm and its length is 8.46"/ 215mm and it is used by most of the Seven Dwarfs+2 who are helping train the Flowers.

The Photo: a rolled latex condom showing the reservoir tip used to collect semen to reduce the chance of the condom breaking during ejaculation or the semen being forced back along the partner’s shaft causing him to slip out of the condom.

Tip troubles: The reservoir tip of a condom is generally thought to be a safety feature. However, it can be easily punctured intentionally by a fingernail of a mischievous male or a scheming female partner while ‘helping’ him to insert himself if s/he is intent on wanting a pregnancy to result from the encounter and the condom is the only protection being used. This is often the case in the unintended (by the woman) pregnancies we see coming to the clinic for a termination where the woman suspects the condom may have been intentionally sabotaged.

There is another way to minimize the protection of a condom by a woman with very well developed pelvic muscles and the right combination of pelvic anatomies of the couple, where he is able to thrust into her anterior or posterior fornix. When he bottoms out in her fornix the reservoir tip is mashed flat forcing the pre-ejaculate collecting in the tip to be squeezed down around his glans and around his shaft. A few thrusts will continue to empty the tip forcing more pre-ejaculate further into the condom until he slides out of the condom while still fully erect. This is a technique used by escorts who want to mind-fuck a partner.

The mind-fuck: Even if the woman is too deep for the man to reach the depths of her fornix while she is aroused and fertile she can push down, as though having a BM, which will force her uterus and therefore her cervix closer to the entrance of her vagina where he stands a better chance of bottoming out in her fornix and spreading the pre-ejac which will cause him to shed the condom and spew semen all over her ripe cervix. For this to work on a man knowledgeable about the menstrual cycle and signs of fertility she has to be secreting fertile cervical mucus (FCM) to show him she really is fertile and gobs of FCM mixed with his liquefied ejaculate can be Kegeled out for his benefit.  Escorts who pull this trick these days almost always (some few have had their tubes tied) have a frameless copper bead GyneFix IUD implanted with the strings trimmed off so they can continue cycling naturally and enjoying the benefits of the hormonal highs experienced while fertile and give every appearance of being unprotected except for her partner’s condom that she ruined or he slipped out of and inseminated her. That way she retains her ability to have children when her days of being an Escort, a career usually far shorter than being a dancer, are over.

Once they ‘discover’ her partner’s condom failure after he withdraws unsheathed and they have to fish for the condom that has typically been forced into a fornix, or discover the slit reservoir, the mind-fuck of the male partner begins. That can be financially very rewarding for the Escort especially if her partner has a wife and small children. She will ask for money for an abortion after emailing him a photo of someone else positive pregnancy test and follow that up with periodic requests for more money. That works particularly well on wealthy submissive men. 

A prolapsed uterus: If she is not careful a woman able to take and enjoy very large men into her fornices stands a chance of her partner’s thrusts tearing the tendons holding her uterus in place, especially if it occurs frequently.  Most young women don’t think it can happen to them, but should she miscalculate and her partner thrusts violently in either fornix and if this occurs repeatedly she is in danger of her ligaments tearing and her uterus beginning to descend into her vagina.  Being a masochist and enjoying the pain in this case can have serious long term consequences.

We need to take precautions to minimize the chance of tearing any of the two sets of uterine ligaments 1) The Pubocervical Ligaments are bilateral structures, which attach the cervix to the posterior surface of the pubic symphysis. They function to support the uterus within the pelvic cavity, and 2) The Uterosacral Ligaments that are also bilateral fibrous bands, which attach the cervix to the sacrum. They are also known as the recto-uterine ligaments or sacrocervical ligaments. These support the uterus and hold it in place. When we are to be with a very long man to prepare to take as much of him as we can we will usually masturbate by fondling the shafts of our clits or have him do it for us prior to any penetration by his penis to make sure we are fully arrousaed and well lubed so are able to take his entire length w/o risking torn ligaments from too forceful and deep thrusting. Girls who can’t safely take a partner’s entire length even when aroused are strongly encouraged to have him use a silicone cock ring as a buffer.

The agony and the ecstasy: For a woman with superior pelvic skills there can be great pleasure and satisfaction in being able to manipulate a partner out of his condom or just for the fun of being able to milk his unprotected glans by squeezing it to orgasm in one of her fornices. However, what we always should be mindful of is that in having a good time being fucked boneless we don’t lose sight of the possibility of being injured. Falling off pointe during a ballet-sex orgasm can lead to a broken or sometimes worse a badly sprained ankle. Or, rushing to get in a quickie and not being properly aroused and tented to take all of him comfortably resulting in extremely painful uterine ligament damage.  While I try always to be careful when with a very large and experienced man the ever present risk of injury as with the possibility of pregnancy is for me is one of the thrills of  having my brains fucked out in the arms of a wonderfully strong and handsome man.

Preparations for the Vernal Equinox: Since the ninth and final week of the PA candidates pelvic intensive will begin on Sunday March 20th, which is the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere, I thought I would include them in the Celtic worship ceremony. Being able to channel Rhiannon/Rigantona which my Goddess, Venus/Aphrodite tells me is the guise in which she was worshiped by the Celts, gives me the desire to use the PA candidates in my fertility ceremony. The origins of which until now have been lost in the mists of time. Then I will be CD16 and newly luteal and may take a partner totally unprotected if I have felt mittelschmerz, ovulation pain, two days before. The weather will almost certainly be problematic for an outdoor celebration, but I will know more as the date gets a bit closer.




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