Monday, March 1, 2010

Anal sex and the FC2

The FC2 condom made of nitrile

The FC2 and anal sex: In my contemporary sexual health classes at St Lucy’s, I’m teaching the use of the new female condom (the FC2) made of nitrile as protection during anal sex. It hasn’t been fully tested for use as protection during anal sex and some testing organizations are reluctant to conduct clinical tests for safety during anal sex because of the moral implications for conservatives, but the Gay community is already using the FC2 very successfully and so there should be no reason the straight community can’t use it for heterosexual anal penetration for hygienic reasons as well as STI protection. I’m sure you have noticed as I have that number of celebrities who are dying of rectal cancers. Gardasil will protect against a lot but not all of that risk going forward, so the FC2 is a valuable tool in a woman’s protective arsenal if she or her partner are into anal sex.

Personally I don’t care for anal sex, but if I won’t do it myself I shouldn’t be teaching it which is why during my class I’ll personally demonstrate the use of an FC2 for anal sex by having one of the casino escorts join me for the class. He inserts the FC2 in me then penetrates me inside it. We show them how to remove the condom from its packet and insert a well-lubed dildo into it then check to see that the sheath is in good condition. Then either of the couple glove up (usually it’s the man, but it doesn’t have to be) then lube their fingers and insert one, then two then three fingers in the woman’s anus to stretch it a bit to make it easier to take the dildo with the FC2 on it. Once the woman’s sphincters are stretched the well-lubed sheath with the dildo inside will be slowly pushed in. Easing the smaller inner ring past the woman’s sphincters first is I think the least comfortable part. Then it becomes easier to get it further inside until the large ring of the open end is up against her perineum. Once the FC2 is in then the lubed dildo is carefully removed and the condom is ready to take her partners penis. I have my escort penetrate me doggie style because a man can get the deepest into me in that position and let him give me a G-spot orgasm before he takes his own pleasure leaving 7 to 10 ml of semen with hundreds of millions of sperm in the sheath. After he withdraws I gently pull the FC2 out of my ass and put it in a Ziploc bag for disposal. I never leave a used condom with freshly ejaculated semen in it where someone can pick it up. There is too much temptation for a prankster or someone with a more evil motive to do something with it that can cause the donor or an innocent woman a lot of trouble. I think an actual demonstration of an FC2 being used by an instructor and her partner is far more likely to be remembered than just having my students read about it.

I don’t understand the interest of straight men in having anal sex with a woman. A guy’s partner’s vagina could be much tighter than her ass if she was interested in toning it and routinely taking it up the ass is bad for a girl’s anal sphincters. Taking too large a man up her ass and she could find herself needing a diaper. I can understand a Gay couple enjoying it where the anus takes the place of a vagina. And (I’m told) having the prostate massaged with a penis can be awesome! Perhaps the initial anal penetration for a straight couple is because they were both curious about what a Captain Kirk moment – “To boldly go where no man has gone before” - would feel like, but a man frequently going up a woman’s ass is purely to dominate her. In my mind, he’s just doing it because he can. A man who wants his partner’s vagina tighter should tell her. There are exercises, Kegels and that sort of thing… that can tighten up the vagina amazingly, but it will take a few months of constant work like toning any other part of the body. Unless she enjoys having him up her ass, he should leave it alone. If she likes it then its ok, what ever turns her on.

The FC2 is not for dive-sex: Some women have tried wearing an FC2 as a gas guard during dive-sex. Used with dive-gel inside the sheath it will stay in place during a submerged penetrative encounter. However, our clinic strongly recommends against using a female condom as a gas guard because the inner ring doesn’t seal over the cervix as a fitted diaphragm or cervical cap will so it could still allow pool water and air bubbles to bypass the condom and be forced into her cervix by the hydraulics of her partner’s thrusting if the outside of the sheath started to move with his thrusts. As far as I know there haven’t been any instances of a woman using an FC as a gas guard during dive-sex getting PID or an embolism, but it is a very new usage so those of us who teach safe sexual techniques are trying to get ahead of the problem to prevent women from seriously injuring themselves by using a device that won’t protect them from the common dangers associated with dive-sex.


  1. I also don't know why guys go for the back door, as it were. All the bacteria up in that area is a definate turn-off for me, but the times I do see hard-core porn, every once in a while, there is some anal penetration. I saw one woman in the film "Porn Wars," a porn parody of "Star Wars," the actress' anus was really dialated prior to entry. I think that's from rehearsals.

  2. When I ask the answer I get the most is that his partner's anus is tighter than her vagina and he wants tight! Sigh! With some effort on her part she could learn to crush him with her vaginal muscles...

  3. I'd rather have that than go the wrong way in a one-way street, as it were.


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