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Women pointe shoe fetishists

Capezio Glissé with platform edges darned

Pointe shoe fetish: In my entry for March 14, 2009 I discussed the obsession with pointe shoes from the male perspective. Not all pointe men of course, but the ones I’ve known who were willing to talk about the origins of their fixation as best they understood it. While they all said that they appreciate the beauty of the female body performing ballet and the skill and grace a woman needs to dance confidently on her toes almost to a man they admit there is a strong sexual component to a males interest in pointe shoes. And, since I am who I am I dealt primarily with the sexual and BDSM aspects of pointes for men while women did the work of actually wearing the shoes and sustaining the discomfort, if any. I intentionally left out the portion of the male pointe fetish community made up of men who want to wear pointes themselves because I think an untrained man in pointes can be a serious hazard to his own health. Not that men can’t confidently wear pointe shoes and dance en pointe, the members of Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo do and make a good living at it, but they train for the strength and exertion required.

However, some of the men I know who want to wear pointes themselves seem unwilling to put in the time and effort needed to strengthen their bodies to prevent serious injury while wearing pointes for anything other than posing in and a few even deny the need for any pointe training. Perhaps that is all their testosterone talking. Sigh! For these guys unless they start ballet training at a good dance school ballet boots would be a good and much safer first step in starting to self-train for wearing pointe shoes..

Women and pointe shoes: In this entry I will cover the pointe shoe fetish in women. A substantial percentage of girls are sent to ballet classes by their mothers to learn grace and develop strong lean bodies and for a very few with sufficient talent and desire perhaps to move on to the professional level in ballet. Some start as early as 4 y/o going to dance movement classes to develop young bodies and sort out the ones with natural talent so the teachers can concentrate on fast tracking the high achievers. By the age of 10 some few are approaching the age when their bones will be hard and strong enough to support their weight so that under a sports medicine doctor’s care they are allowed to begin training in pointe shoes. It’s impossible to exaggerate the thrill a girl feels being allowed to be fitted for her first pair of pointe shoes. No girl taking ballet has ever not wanted to wear pointe shoes and thought herself beautiful as a princess in the four Ts: Tiara, Tutu, Tights and Toe-shoes. It is a coming-of-age moment, a rite of passage she has waited for, for more than half her young life and even for the most blasé girl it is immensely thrilling! It is also the start of the most intense ballet training of her life and the point at which the poorly prepared or poorly motivated fall by the wayside, because pointe training is not for sissies. Some girls with the raw talent don’t have the motivation, the desperate personal need to dance beautifully on their toes that is so necessary to get a young dancer through the hours, days and weeks when her feet are so sore she wonders if she can go on. A few of us manage to channel the pain and some of those are able make the pain an important and eagerly anticipated part of our lives en pointe.

While pointe shoes are traditionally a very sophisticated woman’s specialty performance shoe and therefore worn almost exclusively by women very few women are fixated by their pointes except with regard to getting the best fitting, most supportive and most comfortable shoes for the roles they are performing. Other than professional dancers after their teens when they move into the workforce most women stop pointe training except on a periodic basis as a way to keep in shape and even dancers as their careers progress or stall eventually want to stop wearing pointes because of their discomfort, high maintenance and expense, because for most non-union work the dancer has to provide her own shoes.

Women pointe fetishists: There are however a few women who are not only very accomplished at pointework but enjoy the feel of wearing pointe shoes and they often gravitate to work where they can wear pointes as much as possible and occasionally as much as they would like w/o being considered kinky or weird. Even so, wearing traditionally made pointes of leather, paper, cloth and paste is expensive because they are made to cushion the dancer’s weight by softening so basically they self-destruct after only a few hours wear. That is why polymers and other nontraditional materials are finding their way into high-tech pointe designs like Gaynor Minden with it’s pre-arched polymer shanks and toe-boxes as well as internally and externally padded blocks for noise reduction and comfort while extending the life of a pair of shoes by two or three times that of shoes made of traditional materials. The two female pointe shoe fanatics I know both wear Gaynors as do a lot of the cabaret burlesque-ballet acts like Dita Von Teese because of their comfort, almost no break-in required and long life.

Pointe shoes as recreational footwear: What I love about wearing pointe shoes is their snug fit, my toes taped and packed into the toe-boxes with the elastics and ribbons binding my feet into the shoes. I love the feel of my 100 lbs pressing my toes into the thick pads and my toes eventually going numb so that if I’m into pain then I need to roll off pointe and walk around flat to get the circulation going in my toes again. Of course there are some of the same attractions for a woman pointe fetishist as there are for men because women want to be admired and appreciated by men and most of all to attract them. Things like the sexy shape of the fully arched foot sheathed in satin and leather. The bondage look of the snugly and expertly tied ribbons pulling the waist seam and quarter panel into the arch of the foot with the knots and ends hidden so that the ribbons appear to be seamless. The pointed foot extends the line of the leg and presents the woman’s insteps, arches, ankles and calves beautifully And the effect on the wearer’s pelvic muscles when she is balanced on her platforms is what so many girls love about pointes; causing the buns and pelvic muscles to clench and the bust to be thrust out enhancing the presentation of the woman’s figure considerably giving even small busted women a more feminine figure. And lastly there is the clenching of the muscles in the woman’s pelvic floor and vaginal barrel when she is en pointe so that when she is penetrated while on her toes and from behind she is as tight and deep as it is possible for her to be giving her partner the best experience she is capable of. Pointes as recreational footwear are a marvelous accessory to a dancer’s wardrobe that not only enhances her looks but her performance as well during an intimate encounter.

My pointes: In my case I wear special makeup Freed classics for performing, Capezio Glissés as bed-shoes and I wear Gaynor Mindens with a deeper vamp to take additional internal toe-box padding while having sex on my toes and for business meetings. It’s not that I mind the pain, but I’ll admit that when I’m enjoying the pain of being repeatedly dropped on my toes - when a stallion thrusts into me from the rear lifting me off my platforms only to be dropped back on my toes when he withdraws – then I can’t concentrate properly on what he is doing to my sweet-spot and miss some of the ecstasy in the run-up to orgasm a skilled lover always provides. In addition if I’m wearing pointes to a business meeting if I’m too much into and aroused by the pain then I can’t concentrate on some competitor trying to mind-fuck me into a bad business deal. So, yeah, men are such magnificent sex machines that I cheat a bit to get the most from the man I’m with. I can always change my shoes to have more pain when there is no man to fuck and I’m soloing.


  1. Hey Jill,

    I first noticed the picture at the top. You had originally used that on your old Yahoo 360 blog. Where'd you dig that up? I also always wondered if that's you, but probably not.

    Anyway, you might've answered this question before, but when did do you feel you had an affixation with pointes, and when did that turn into a fetish?

  2. Mmm… I’ve never considered my early psychological need to wear pointes as a fixation as it helped me deal positively with what was for some of my contemporaries in ballet school a very painful time in their lives. My psychiatrist says sexual fetishism in psychiatric medicine, can be considered a disorder of sexual preference or as an enhancing element to a relationship causing a better sexual bond between the partners. I believe that in my case the latter is true.

    I knew by the time I went to SAB that I had a major fetish that was actually a positive influence in my work and social life. I’ve always seen my love of pointes as being a very positive element in my sex life and my partners have always felt the same way, or so they have said. And, rather than impeding my career and social interaction embracing my love of pointes and incorporating them fully in my life has furthered my career in the entertainment industry and my acceptance in all levels of society.

    1. Dear Jill,

      I always love your various pointe articles. They're always fun and informative. It was high time that somebody wrote exactly what's the turn-on for women when it comes to have ing a fetish for pointe shoes. Thank You!

      I think there's a more primal urge as to what makes pointe shoes such a furn-on: Masters & Johnson observed that during intense sexual pleasure for both men and women the "toe-curl" or clinching of the toes. I think this carries over for the formation of a fetish for pointe shoes.

      In addition, many animals tend to have intercourse while standing on the tips of their toes or hooves.

      One thing that I haven't a clue to is why and what is the connection to those with the fetish and a love of aviation and/or horseback riding??? Both the men and the women who have a pointe fetish almost always also have an equestrian love and/or a love for aviation! Jill... What does your psychiatrist say about that?

      Anyway. Thanks for another great article.

    2. Hi Ben, thank you for your positive comments about my pointe articles. You were kind to share the link to this one with the members of the PFFL. I'll be interested to see what questions or comments I'll get either here or on FL from them... if any.


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