Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A strict disciplinarian

Leashed to the bottom and out of air

Abi’s incident rate: In the exclusive German girls academy where among other things she taught submerged bondage there was such a large number of near drownings or suffocations in her classes that even at a school noted for its strict discipline her methods were thought extreme. Abi is proud of being a strict disciplinarian and will tell you that strict discipline is quickest way to foster mental toughness and separate the sheep from the goats, but the final straw for the academy’s head mistress was a student’s suicide. Abi was asked to resign as the result of the suicide of a girl who had been sent back to Abi’s class after she was intentionally let run out of air as a breath control exercise while held underwater by an ankle leash. It wasn’t that she was forgotten. Abi just watched as the girl struggled trying to suck air out of an empty tank and fortunately just as she removed her reg the student stopped breathing. Drowning was never an issue, but the student didn’t know that. She was in only 10 feet of water in a one piece neoprene swimsuit so when Abi put her reg back in her mouth, turned on the air from the second tank in her training twin-set and hit purge on the student’s reg while holding it in her mouth filling her lungs she regained consciousness and when Abi released her ankle leash she immediately floated to the surface where she climbed out of the pool by herself, but was so terrified that she couldn’t speak. After weeks of recovery her parents insisted she finish school with an unblemished record so they forced her to return to Abi’s next class and her parents claim that her fear of Abi and the humiliation of being sent to train in a group of girls with less seniority was apparently more than she could stand and she jumped from a bridge on campus.

Qlaira and pregnancy: I think her suicide may have had as much or more to do with the fact that she was 10 weeks pregnant (they didn’t test for divers for pregnancy at that school) and her parents were very strict about her proper use of contraceptives. She was on Qlaira (estradiol valerate, and dienogest) and the effectiveness of her hormonal protection may have been compromised by the antidepressant meds she was on.

Blame: It seems to me that if anyone is to blame for her suicide it is the student’s parents for forcing her back into a situation she hated. Abi won’t go easy on a student just because she can’t take the discipline. Nor should she, as that would ruin her reputation as being strict but fair, something she is not willing to do. Teaching at Splash Abi will have more latitude with her training philosophy of pushing the envelope, which is that rather than ask permission it is better to ask for forgiveness later. That is especially true because Adolph is expecting some dropouts from her classes with whom he can ‘commune’ as he calls it. She said he hasn’t given her a quota but I’m sure he has a number in mind. Probably enough to keep his training facility occupied when he isn’t training Rubber-Femmes for their Doms.

NuvaRing, a reader’s question: A reader asked: Can you pull out a NuvaRing with a crochet needle? Yes you can, but there should be few instances where that sort of a removal aid is necessary when using NuvaRing. The ring usually positions itself by gravity low and against the back of the pubic bone where it can easily be hooked by a finger and pulled out at removal time. And, since the ring can be left in place for the 4th week and still be effective there is plenty of time to move your period so there should be no OMG! I’ve-got-to-get-it-out-now moment, unless you are hiding the fact that you are using it from your partner. If that’s the case there is a three hour max ring-out interval after which leaving it out longer decreases the hormone protection the ring provides and to be safe you need to insert and use another effective method of contraception for a minimum of 7 days while your hormonal protection is reestablished. There may be a few instances where the user wants to remove the ring immediately after intercourse where her partner has pushed it further toward the back of her vagina. If that’s the case then a crochet hook with a 10 mm hook can be used as a removal aid.

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