Friday, March 5, 2010

Night Fights and obsession

Her mouthpiece torn out during a night fight

An insemination project: Jacques was in Bavaria on a project for a week after the first of the year. He is in demand as a sire for much of the reproductive age European aristocracy who need an acceptable sperm donor. The mission he agreed to accept was to inseminate a 28 y/o German Countess, Katrina, whose husband was emasculated during a saber duel over her. Her husband’s doctors assured him there was nothing to worry about and that with micro-surgery everything would be just fine after an interval of recovery, but that’s not what happened. He could get an erection but his sperm count was extremely low so that for all practical purposes he shoots blanks. As often as he fucked her – several times a day while she was fertile - she didn’t conceive, so she decided on an approved donor and since she loves to swim decided to have his sperm deposited hard against her cervix the natural way, during dive-sex in the castle pool.

Stalked: Katrina was Jacques sixth European aristocratic client and she was a difficult one because she is headstrong and has always gotten her way. The Count is in Africa on safari and would be away for several months so she lacked the affection she badly needed. One common side effect of having such an intimate insemination is an emotional attachment between the woman and her donor and that’s what happened. She developed an emotional attachment to Jacques so strong that she began to stalk him while he was still in Europe on business. He thought he had managed to lose her, but she had followed him back to Vegas and unbeknownst to us - since I’m his primary lover - she had targeted me thinking if she could get rid of me she could have Jacques. That sort of thinking is pure fantasy I know, but I think that is how she saw her chance to possess Jacques. Jacques had no idea she was in Vegas and I didn’t know she existed when we accepted an invitation from another casino owner to a Night Fight party at his home in the hills. He is a rubber fetishist and diver and enjoys dive-sex and occasionally invited a few likeminded couples to a get-together for an orgy of partner swapping and dive-sex in his 40 foot deep pool with most of the lights turned off. Jacques and I had been to one of his Night Fights in December and enjoyed it so we thought another near-rape experience would be fun.

Envy, lust and adrenaline: None of the women knew one another, or so I thought, and we all wore very similar 2 mm neoprene SwimSkins with crotch zippers, hoods, gloves, booties and flippers so the men couldn’t tell us apart with our masks on and regulators in our mouths. While we were still in the ladies dressing room I asked if everyone was wearing a gas guard and they all said or nodded yes so we were all protected to that extent. The ‘Rules’ of a Night Fight are that there are no rules other than it’s considered cheating to drown an opponent. Women can fight women for a man. Men can fight each other for a woman. Men and women can fight to prevent one going with a different partner or being raped so there is an amazing amount of adrenaline fueled by envy, lust or fear released in a relatively small space. SCUBA gear for all is wetsuits, masks and regulators (no FFMs) so that it’s easier to flood an opponent’s or lover’s mask or pull his or her regulator from a mouth. All of the women wore twin-hose regs so we could see better w/o having to look through our bubbles and one wore a dive-knife which I thought was strange.

Survival: As soon as everyone was suited up the lights were turned off and the women went into the pool first. And when we were spread out then the men entered the water. I noticed right away that another woman, the chick with the dive knife, was in my space, far too close and behind me and so I swam to the bottom and backed against a wall so no one could get behind or below me and looked up. From the bottom it was easier to see the divers silhouetted against the dim surface lighting. I watched the shadows of the other players and a man started down toward me, but before he could get to me the woman invading my space was back and she grabbed my right hose and tried to yank my mouthpiece out. She might have been successful if I hadn’t had my spit-strap fastened. When that didn’t work she brought her right leg up and unsheathed her dive knife. I was trying to push her away when she grabbed my air hose – the right one that supplied fresh gas - again and tried to cut it. The titanium mesh in the corrugated hoses prevented her from puncturing much less severing it and gave me time to react. I jerked the mouthpiece out of her mouth just as she was inhaling and she swallowed a lot of water and was never able to recover. I broke the wrist of her knife hand and she dropped her knife and began to vomit which was a bad sign for her because there is no way to clear a submerged vomiting diver’s throat so she either inhales vomit or water when she tries to inflate her lungs. She suddenly stopped struggling and was unresponsive, not a good sign but it made it easier to get her to the surface

Wetsuit mascarriage: At that point I knew the fight was over and I found myself trying to prevent her drowning. I dropped both our weight belts and the buoyancy of our wetsuits floated us in an uncontrolled ascent to the surface. We hadn’t been down more than a few minutes so I took a chance that neither of us would get DCS and fortunately we didn’t. When I got her to the surface I pulled out my mouthpiece and yelled for the EMTs. The EMT crew that was on standby pulled her out of the pool and took over. Jacques had noticed a diver in trouble and come to help though not recognizing me in my equipment until I got to the surface and my face was no longer obscured by my mask and reg. As soon as the EMT pulled off the unresponsive diver’s mask and hood Jacques recognized her as the German Countess who had been stalking him and told the doctor in charge that she might be pregnant. Her heart had stopped but they managed to get it started again with a defibrillator Then they placed a tracheal intubation tube and tried to suction out some of the vomit and water and then placed her on oxygen in a portable ventilator.. Jacques said she nearly drowned. I think it’s more correct to say she drowned and they nearly brought her back to life. When the EMTs cut her wetsuit off they found blood and fetal tissue in her vagina where she had spontaneously aborted the baby Jacques had given her.

Clouded judgment: Neither Jacques nor I can explain why a diver with her experience would dive while pregnant or not have her spit-strap fastened if she intended to get into an underwater fight. Unless she was so obsessed with Jacques and therefore hated me so intensely that her determination to rid herself of the woman who she thought stood between her and Jacques clouded her judgment. I’m not sure that me pulling the reg out of her mouth so she inhaled all that water caused her to vomit or if it was because of the effects of water pressure on her pregnancy. No one will ever know for sure. When they got her back to the private hospital that the fetish community uses for this sort of accident they put her on a larger respirator which is breathing for her and her heart is circulating blood but the brain wave monitor they connected her to shows there is no brain wave activity so she is brain dead. The Dowager Countess is trying to find her son in Africa to tell him that his wife died during a swimming accident while vacationing in the U.S. The hospital will need the family’s permission to pull the plug on the ventilator. Meanwhile her lovely body is in a permanently vegetative state. The hospital orderlies look at a patient in her situation as being a freebie because they can mount her and finish inside her with no fear of pregnancy or anyone complaining. Afterward they just need to suction out the semen and change the sheets.


  1. It seems that the day-to-day life of Vegas' elite gets more and more interesting. Does the fighting make the sex more enjoyable?

  2. I’ve found Night Fights increase my adrenaline rush which makes them more enjoyable for me. I think you have to be pretty edgy to be invited to one in the first place so for that reason I suspect its fun for most of the women. We had a wife who was forced to attend the first one Jacques and I attended (in December) and she freaked out and nearly drowned when another woman came on to her, but I’m told that’s pretty rare - women freaking out I mean.

  3. "I’m told that’s pretty rare - women freaking out I mean."

    Well, that would be rare in your circle, because I suspect most of the women you chum with are escorts, sexually-active dancers or open-minded wives.


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