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Ben Wa Balls and lactating

Jade Ben Wa Balls

The Ripple Grip and Ben Wa Balls: A primary training aid for strengthening, tightening and building stamina in the rings of muscles that are in the vaginal walls is a set of Ben Wa balls. My ballet dancers, escort trainees and my advanced sexual techniques students, which include all the ballet students at St Lucy’s, use Ben Wa balls. Typically they all start by using a loose (not connected) two ball set of ¾ inch stainless steel balls weighing 29g (about 1oz) each. A new girl just starting vaginal tightening/strengthening might use a set of 1 inch or perhaps even 1 3/8 inch balls of silicone coated Pyrex weighing about ½ oz each until her grip begins to tighten. The tighter the grip the smaller the balls as she builds strength to move them up and down her vaginal canal.

Once the student is able to grip the balls so they don’t drop out (and most young women who haven’t given birth can easily grip them) I have her learn to move the balls around. It’s like learning to skate or ride a bike with a bit of struggle to master the technique at first and then it seems like the most natural thing. At that point it’s just a matter of practicing continuously as the more adept and confident a girl is the better sex partner she will become. After she becomes proficient in moving the balls up and down her vaginal canal we concentrate on tightening her grip by moving to a set of ½ inch balls and practicing continuously moving the balls for as long as possible starting with one minute and building up to fifteen or twenty minutes over time. That sort of stamina is needed to ripple grip a man.

Ripple gripping: As returning readers know ripple gripping is tightening and releasing the vaginal muscles that surround the head of a partner’s penis so you milk his head while he is buried as deep as he can go inside you. Usually when a woman is ripple gripping a man he is squeezing her in his arms while trying to push himself so deep that it feels as though he’s crushing her mons pubis while he’s sweating and gasping as she manipulate his head with no noticeable external thrusting or other movement except the rippling of her six-pack, until she tips him over the edge into orgasm spewing his sperm filled molten pearl against her cervix. The woman who gives a man his first ripple grip orgasm has made a friend for life.

Ben Wa balls and IUDs: I know this is a repeat but I’ve had several more questions on this subject. It’s important because using Ben Wa Balls can compromise the effectiveness of many IUDs so here it is again. A reader asks if its safe to use Ben Wa balls with an IUD. If the IUD is a GyneFix frameless IUD implant the answer is yes it is quite safe. However, if the IUD is one with a frame, such as a ParaGard or a Mirena which have strings that protrude from the cervix and the Ben Wa balls are connected together as they commonly are it is possible that the strings of the IUD could tangle in the material connecting the balls and pull the IUD out of the wearer’s uterus. Ben Wa balls that are not connected so there is no possibility of the IUD strings tangling with them can be used safely while wearing a framed IUD.

Underwater breast pump: Returning readers know that I’m lactating. When someone new finds I’m producing milk they ask if I’m pregnant or how my baby is, but I’ve never been pregnant, I had induced lactation. At first I was concerned that my milk might have been caused by a tumor on my pituitary gland but a CAT scan found that wasn’t the cause. It came from excessive breast manipulation when I had a boyfriend who was heavily into boobs, so even though as a dancer I have a Balanchine body and I’m small breasted he was always sucking on my nipples. Then during the off season of the ballet company I was dancing with I got a job as a model for a Canadian fetishwear company and the addition breast manipulation getting in and out of their latex catsuits was the final stimulation needed to bring in my milk. I found I really enjoy being milked so rather than suppress my milk I’ve used my milk to enhance the sexual encounters I have with my stallions.

There are some housekeeping issues when a rubber fetish woman is producing milk. Leaky nipples, the combined scent of warm milk and sweaty latex when a man is peeling me out of a latex body condom and the need for a thorough washing of rubber suits so they don’t smell of rancid milk, but these issues are offset by the fact that breast feeding releases oxytocin which arouses me very quickly so I’m open and drippy wet – though still very tight – when a breast feeding lover enters me. The eroticism of breast feeding is one of the reasons some women don’t want to give up feeding an infant. I hadn’t understood that until my milk came in so I could breast feed a lover before we have sex which enhances the encounter considerably for us both.

I’m working with Jeff’s labs and Gepetto’s latex shop to perfect a breast pump that I can use to express milk while I’m having dive-sex. I’ve found that because I pump twice or sometimes three times a day for about 45 minutes each I could be diving an additional 2+ hours if I could pump my breasts underwater. We are using mostly parts from existing pumps. The bits that need work for submerged pumping are the nipple shields that need to form a waterproof seal over the areola and nipples and the pump which Jeff is converting from electric to being powered by compressed gas, from a separate small tank in the pack that holds the pump. The hoses from the vacuum pump to the nipple shields and the nipple shields themselves tend to get in the way of a buoyancy compensator or wetsuit jacket so diving in warm water in just a bikini thong while pumping is the easiest wearing the pumping harness as something of a science-fiction looking bra with hoses coming off the nipples.

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  1. Having made it this far in life and just finding out that something such as "Ripple Grip" exists makes me feel awfully naïve. Your blog is an education ;-)


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