Monday, March 8, 2010

Punctured diaphragms and Prince Albert piercings

A style of Prince Albert penis jewelry

Punctured diaphragms: Our clinic has seen one pregnancy and several dive-sex gas guard failures that resulted from punctured diaphragms. All have holes from the latex appearing to have been scratched repeatedly until small tears appear in the dome. Fortunately none of the women in escort training or students at St Lucy’s were involved. If a diaphragm is properly taken care of it should last 1 to2 years but with heavy usage with petroleum based lube a cervical barrier can deteriorate very quickly, especially ones made of latex. The oil makes the soft stretchy rubber dome harden and crack, but that’s not what seems to have happened in these cases. The newer Ortho and Milex diaphragms are now made of silicone which is less reactive to oils than latex but silicone diaphragms can still be destroyed, especially the Semina which has the thinnest dome.

Prince Albert piercings: The only thing common to the women with the punctured diaphragms is that they had had penetrative sex with an unprotected partner who had a Prince Albert piercing. There aren’t that many men in the area who have PAs and the ones who do wear condoms to protect themselves against a tightly contracting vagina pulling on the PA causing the man to tear himself during his thrusts so we think our PA bareback rider is probably new in town. Our clinic’s experience with men who have PAs is that they are prone to tear and get infections at the piercing site and UTIs and have urine leakage around the piercing. Recovery from piercing site infections require long recovery intervals and tears even longer when even light pressure and slight movement within a condom can aggravate the wound so abstinence is a large part of successful treatment.

The Shredder: Prince Albert piercings were popular with Doms in the BDSM community from the 1930s to the 1960s when latex diaphragms were the primary female contraceptive barrier in the U. S. and the style worn was called the Shredder. It was a 3 mm thick stainless steel PA ring with a bead closure, similar to the one shown at the top of this entry. Parts of the beads surface was textured so that there were rough edges – similar to the texture of a metal fingernail file - on the parts of the bead that face away from the penis when the closure was screwed down tight. It was used to puncture the diaphragm of a partner during a D/S sexual encounter. That type device is particularly destructive when the woman is penetrated from the rear where the ball comes in direct contact with the dome of her diaphragm. I’m told that during that time it was common for a woman who allowed herself to be penetrated doggie style during a casual encounter in a club to find that her diaphragm had been punctured. That was why it was doubly important back then that a good spermicide be used in the dome of a diaphragm. In those days abortion was illegal in the U.S. but could be obtained clandestinely from a few doctors who risked their practices to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

A cervical cap like the Prentif cavity rim cap was less likely to be punctured by a Shredder because the dome was much smaller and thicker than a diaphragm and was deeper in the vagina so was a more difficult target to hit but the cap while popular in Europe was worn by few women in the U.S. To avoid injuring himself most Shredder wearers were circumcised to prevent the possibility of abrading the inside of his foreskin. An additional caution for PA piercing wearers was and still is that they usually stay away from escorts and other professional women in the adult recreational field because professional girls pride themselves on the strength of their vaginal grip and a man with a PA can be badly torn or in some cases have his PA torn out - even when he is wearing a condom to minimize the possibility of injury - during an encounter with a girl who has a well developed vaginal vice. The fad for ‘Bad Boys’ to wear A Shredder dropped out of fashion after birth control pills came into general use in the mid 60s and all but a few women stopped using diaphragms for contraception.

A niche market: It appears that one or more men have begun wearing Shredders again and are active in this area, probably because of the popularity of dive-sex and the need for women to wear diaphragms as gas guards. To guard against abraded gas guard dome failures a woman’s first line of defense is not to play with men wearing a PA piercing. Next would be to closely examine the ball and even the bar of the piercing for any indication of rough surfaces that could damage the rubber and thereby lessen the reliability of the dome. A third precaution is to insist a partner with a PA wear a condom or use an FC2. For those women for whom none of those are a possibility and who therefore needs a reinforced gas guard Gepetto is developing a diaphragm with a scratch and puncture resistant nanofilament mesh outer surface on dome to protect against some direct and most abraded punctures. The nanofilament technology is another product of Jeff’s labs. The prototypes have domes no thicker than regular diaphragms but aren’t as stretchy as latex with about the same feel as a silicone dome. The project name for the armored gas guard is gg+. Gigi is wearing one at her new job as a volunteer Towel-Girl in a private pool club that just opened outside of town.

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  1. I would have to say I would never, I repeat NEVER, have anything puncture my manhood!


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