Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rebreather bag encounters

A msa millennium with side mounted canister for Missionary position

Spring and fertility: Today I’m Cycle Day ten (CD10) and fertile. The first day of my fertile interval this cycle was on the 20th the first day of Spring. I think that’s so appropriate because both the Earth and I started our fertile intervals together this year! My sex drive peaks when I’m fertile so I’ve taken special care that my Oves is screwed down tight on my cervix because I‘m looking forward to a very sexually active day. On days like this when I reach my nitrogen loading limit during dive-sex and have to be content to slake my desire with surface-sex I love being encased in rubber and wearing a gas mask. I’m trying a new one a MSA Millennium [see the image above] which has a great field of view and an oral-nasal unit like the Mestel SGE 400 I’ve been using. I think the millennium is similar to the military 2-P gas mask where the canister or rebreather bag can be worn on the side so it doesn’t interfere as much with your close up field of view (for keyboarding) or with intercourse in the missionary position.

Rebreather bag encounters: I’ve written about this before, but we are having a lot of women dying from asphyxia or worse (ending up on ventilators brain dead) from wearing a gasmask fitted with a rubber rebreather bag and some of the deaths are occurring during videos being made for the porn market. The fatalities are continuing even though the word is out now in the rebreather fetish community about improper rebreather use and they are still occurring even though some are now using the larger 6 liter bags. That suggests to me that the incidents aren’t accidents but are intentional. Earlier in the year the deaths were usually of young inexperienced women whose masks were fitted with three liter rebreathers by their male partners. Now there are snuff videos being made in several West Coast locations that show teens preparing themselves for an encounter by emptying their bladders and inserting silicone gas guards as though they were going to have dive-sex. Then being helped into latex catsuits, high quality ballet boots, gloves and hoods. They have masks with rebreathers attached fitted over their smiling faces with the rebreather valve(s) open.

The BDSM rebreather the porn industry often uses has two valves one at the tip that controls the air into the bag and another in the connector where it attaches to the mask to deny access to the air in the bag giving the wearer or her partner, options as to how the rebreather can be used. There is a mike in her mask so the sound of her sucking air in and out of the rebreather from her mask is easily heard along with her gasps, moans and mewing as her partner arouses her. In the videos I’ve seen the rubber encased girl is led to a leather covered exam table similar to what a chiropractor uses and is laid back on the table with her legs on her partner’s shoulders. The crotch zipper of her suit is opened and her lover begins foreplay fingering the shaft of her clitoris and squeezing her erect nipples through the stretchy rubber of her suit. Her lover closes the valve at the tip of her rebreather and then twists one if her nipples or labia to get her to scream and empty her lungs several times to fill the bag with her carbon dioxide. Once the CO2 reaches a toxic level her breathing becomes more rapid, shallow and then erratic as she goes into respiratory distress.

Asphyxia: By then he has penetrated her and is caressing her sweet-spot with the tip of his shaft until she is quivering and moaning with delight and as he strokes her over the edge into a back-bowing orgasm he closes the valve on her mask cutting off the air in her rebreather and she gasps and gags from lack of air while her body is dumping her orgasm hormones, oxytocin, adrenaline and dopamine into her system to sustain her orgasm as he continues to thrust against her G-spot. It’s about then, that if her partner doesn’t open the valves on her rebreather and allow oxygen into her lungs that brain damage begins to occur. But it’s in the middle of her orgasm and at the start of his as he is on the way to finishing inside her and neither of them is in any condition to pay attention to the danger she is in. So as he pumps sperm into the chick’s hard flat belly he may be actually killing her by delaying oxygen to her brain. In the snuff videos, the man still with his erection buried in her belly pulls her mask off and the viewer sees the look of horror on her face and in her eyes as he puts a mirror to her nose to detect any sign of breathing. There is none. Then, just to show the video audience the girl isn’t faking he pulls off one of her rubber gloves and breaks several of her fingers to show there is no change in her facial expression. In the videos her partner as conqueror harvests any of the dead girls clothing or equipment he wants as a memento of their encounter. If he is into rubber the souvenir will usually be her gas guard. If he is into leather it will often be her ballet boots. That’s a pretty standard ritual in this maker’s snuff films and we are finding it’s now being copycatted locally when there are sexual assaults.

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