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Entonox as a fetish gas

An Entonox cylinder with hose and mouthpiece

A friend on the West Coast has been asking about my experience with Entonox. Entonox is nitrous oxide mixed 50:50 with oxygen and is a commonly used method of obstetric analgesia with maintenance of consciousness. It may also be used in the setting of minor procedures in the trauma department where transient analgesia is required. It is most often administered via a demand valve for self administration. A safety feature is that the mother controls administration.

Entonox takes 30 seconds to act and continues for approximately 60 sec after inhalation has ceased. For optimum effect in obstetric patients inhalation should start when the contraction tightens to co-ordinate the maximal effect with the central painful part of the contraction. There are minimal cardiovascular, respiratory or neurological side effects. It should not be used in patients with a pneumothorax or by SCUBA divers within 24 hours of their last dive.

The Medical Gas Data Sheet for Entonox: The MGDS for Entonox cab be found at: some of its cautions are:

Entonox should not be used for more than a total of 24 hours, or more frequently than every 4 days, without close clinical supervision and hematological monitoring. Entonox is non flammable but strongly supports combustion and should not be used near sources of ignition. It will cause substances to burn vigorously, including some materials that do not normally burn in air due to the high concentration of oxygen within the mixture. It is highly dangerous in the presence of oils, greases, tarry substances and many plastics due to the risk of spontaneous combustion in the presence of oxygen in relatively high concentrations. Smoking should be prohibited when using Entonox.

Where moisturizing preparations are required for use with a facemask or in nasal passages, oil based creams should not be used. Check that hands are clean and free from any oils or grease. Where alcohol gels are used to control microbiological cross-contamination ensure that all alcohol has evaporated before handling Entonox cylinders or equipment.

Entonox and Lactation: There are no known adverse effects to using Entonox during the breast-feeding period, which I was glad to learn.

Entonox availability: Availability is tightly controlled because it is a potentially dangerous anesthetic gas. My supply comes from the large women’s clinic owned by the casino I work for which has a license primarily for obstetrical use and a small clinical trial ‘for the relief of cervical discomfort during intense intercourse with physically mismatched male partners’ using escort candidate trainees as the study population. The St Lucy’s supply is licensed for: ‘Physiology laboratory studies of intimate feminine pain during intercourse’, which is basically the same study, but with sexually active St Lucy’s girls. Nothing like telling it like it is! Even so, for personal use Entonox is difficult obtain so it’s a special treat to use when a cylinder of it becomes available.

A warning to the adventuresome: For safety reasons Entonox should NOT be used as a gas while SCUBA diving. That’s because the gas can collect in cavities in the diver’s body leading to decompression sickness (DCS) and below 60 feet there is a greatly increased risk of oxygen toxicity. However, for those who are willing to accept the risks of DCS to try Entonox while diving there are some equipment requirements. Always dive with a buddy who is not using Entonox so that if the Entonox user gets in trouble there will be someone to get him/her to the surface. Because of the high concentration of oxygen in Entonox the SCUBA FFMs used should be at least Nitrox 40 compatible so the effect on valves and seals of the second stage reg from the highly reactive oxygen will not be too rapid. Frequent maintenance of dive gear used with Entonox is highly recommended. Dosing requirements on Entonox can vary greatly depending on the weight and metabolism of the user so self administration is the best dosing regimen rather than supplying it directly through a SCUBA type regulator which may provide too little or in a few cases too much.

Entonox for fetish use: It’s not clear to me if it’s safe to use surplus rubber gasmasks with Entonox. My guess is that it’s not due to the reactive nature of the high oxygen content of the gas. New polycarbonate gasmasks like the Mestel SGE 400 and Nitrox capable SCUBA FFMs like the Ocean Reef Space Raptor used with Entonox must be cleaned of all oils and greases and all oily moisturizers and cosmetics should be removed from the faces of users before donning a mask to breathe Entonox to prevent the possibility of the mixture combining with the oils and spontaneously combusting inside the mask. Rubber enclosure suits should be tested for use with Entonox - before being worn for an Entonox encounter - to determine if the rubber material and latex cleaners and polishes can be used safely with high concentrations of oxygen even though the suit itself may not be pressurized by the gas.

Entonox at St Lucy’s: I don’t hold Entonox dive-labs for St Lucy’s girls because of the considerable danger involved, though some do get to experience the anesthetic effects of Entonox while wearing special medical grade silicone encasement suits for penetrative sex with extremely well endowed men – as covered under the school’s clinical trial protocol. That’s why they need self administered Entonox, to minimize the pain from having their cervixes rammed by a man who is a bit too large to be a safe partner for them.

In order to participate in the Entonox encasement suit sex-lab each student must be using an effective contraceptive method other than hormonal contraceptives and an Entonox lab participant must have a signed waver from her parents or guardian. The reason for excluding students using HCs is that women on HCs have difficulty becoming aroused and that means their vaginas don’t lengthen (tent) so they are at greater risk of having the ligaments holding the uterus in place torn by a large ramming penis (especially when using Entonox to mask the pain when that is occurring) Torn major support ligaments will cause it to drop and the cervix to be at the entrance to or protruding from the vagina. There is an operation that can reattach the uterus where it originally was, but it isn’t particularly successful as the ligaments that were originally torn don’t contract as much to cause the uterus to pull up and out of the way of a thrusting penis, which is similar to the hormonal contraceptive side effect that caused the original problem. Most students have GyneFix IUDs implanted or use cervical barriers so that doesn’t exclude too many students.

At St Lucy’s the students wear Ocean Reef Space Raptor FFMs that have been upgraded by the schools Divemaster for use with Entonox. The woman’s primary air is supplied from a standard SCUBA cylinder of Nitrox I – to ensure there are no reactive contaminants in the gas - on a trolley by the student’s lab-bed with the Entonox being supplied directly from a separate Entonox cylinder into the masks oral nasal unit through the drinking port by means of a standard self administered demand valve.

NuvaRing dive-sex and the diaphragm: We try to discourage use of NuvaRing by women, especially very young or petite women, wanting to learn dive-sex techniques. That’s because if worn in a gas-guard / diaphragm that is less than 70 mm in diameter the ring can interfere with the seal of the gas-guard. That’s because NuvaRing has an outer diameter of 54 mm and a cross-sectional diameter of 4 mm and it has to fit inside the dome with the cervix and if the ring is caught in the anterior fornix it could be pushed under the anterior rim of the diaphragm breaking the seal and causing it to leak and making it more likely that the diaphragm can be under-thrust. The ring can be removed for up to three hours w/o decreasing the woman’s contraceptive protection, but encounters can go on longer than that or the woman forgets to reinsert and then when she reinserts she has to wait 7 days for her hormonal protection to be reestablished.

Watching Aimée get drilled: It’s always a treat watching Doug pole a small woman and seeing him penetrate Aimée was no exception! Especially since it was her first time being taken by him and she was wondering to me - before their encounter - if she could take a man with a root that thick. She’s used dildos the same size or thicker, but with those she had total control of the depth and angle of thrust so she was a bit apprehensive. I told her she would be fine as long as she could take 6 inches w/o being uncomfortable and she assured me that recently she had been able to comfortably take 6 ½ so I told her she should be fine, and she was.

I told the girls I would stay out of their way, and I did. I didn’t say I wouldn’t watch which I did on the HD ‘security’ cams positioned so they make awesome porn videos of couples in the guest suites. Would I do that? Absolutely! The videos are not for sale, just kept on file in case a participant becomes a problem and I need leverage. I loved how Doug put several hard pillows under her buns to lift her pelvis because she is tiny like me and how Aimée adjusted her hips as she spread her labia to let Doug insert two fingers to check her lube. This was the day before she got her GyneFix and was still on Cerazette and she was dry. He inserted a 10 ml prefilled applicator of DiveGel to lube her then positioned the tip of his root to penetrate her. He held her hips and with a single long thrust all 6 inches of his shaft disappeared into her hard flat belly as she arched her back, threw her head back gasped and moaned. Doug is really good with G-spot orgasms and my labia were engorged and parted, my nipples and clit became erect and my natural lube wet my thong from watching Doug take her to a shuddering, gasping then screaming climax. I jilled-off caressing my left nipple with my right hand and the shaft of my clit with my left and came as he shot his wad filling her with his seed. This week Aimée has really enjoyed being away from academic subjects and being able to concentrate on perfecting her sexual techniques.

When she took other, longer, men – the girls swapped partners occasionally during the week - she used the woman astride position until she was sure how much of them she could safely take. That way she could control the depth and angle of penetration with her legs. All three of the couples needed full body massages after each full day of multiple acts of intercourse to sooth sore muscles in their thighs and abdomens. The intensity of the young women’s appetites for penetrative sex surprised the men they were partnered with as their stamina was put to the test. The girls are sad to be returning to there standard school day after Easter Monday.

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