Monday, September 19, 2011

AST students, escorts and training

An escort having the health of her cervix checked.

The Photo: A new escort trainee having a routine pelvic before being fitted for her first Penetrator plug. She will wear her Penetrator at all times (except to remove it for cleaning) using it to become accustomed to the sensation and strengthen the grip of her vaginal muscles during her training except when she is with a male trainer.

AST and Penetrator plugs: All our AST students at St Lucy’s have been fitted for Penetrator plugs to be worn in the classroom and when not involved in encounters requiring vaginal penetration. The shaft of the Penetrator will allow the student to clench her vaginal muscles gripping the plug to strengthen the bands of muscles surrounding her birth canal. All the students have been training with Ben Wa balls for at least a year so this is a step up in training. Wearing a Penetrator requires that the woman’s pubes be totally nude so we recommend Brazilian waxing (Body Buffers has a salon on campus) but a few students initially prefer to shave or use a depilatory cream. Those students almost always decide waxing is better and simpler before the first semester is over. The plugs anti-expulsion ridge that fits up behind the woman’s pubic bone prevents clenching of her vaginal muscles from expelling the plug so she can really bear down while clenching.

All Penetrator plugs are custom made to the exact dimensions of the woman’s pelvic anatomy. The thickness of her pubic bone, the depth of her introitus, the depth and angle of her vagina when not aroused, the width of her perineal canal, the width and length of her vulva and the size of her clitoris that will be under the grope shield. The Plug is a precision fit so DiveGel+ is used as an intimate lubricant and sealant so that once she becomes used to it the woman can wear her plug comfortably all day if necessary. There is a urine vent in the convex head so it, unlike the earlier versions the plug, doesn’t have to be removed to pee. Once properly inserted the plug creates a vacuum in the vagina that requires being broken with the perineal removal tab, by pulling the tab down and forward, to break the vacuum before the plug can be pulled out.

The semesters first IUD expulsion: Last week we had a ballet student in my Contemporary Sexual Health course expel her ParaGard IUD during a lab exercise when her partner gave her a rare (for a student that young) cervical orgasm that caused her uterus to cramp so severely it bent the arms of her ParaGard and then expelled it. She was wearing a ball-gag to muffle her screams and afterward she said she rather enjoyed the pain. She was examined by our Gyn and her uterine wall wasn’t perforated, there wasn’t even any bleeding to speak of so she will be fine. She asked to have a GyneFix implanted to replace the ParaGard so as soon s her uterus rests for a few days she will be given a GyneFix which is covered by her Student Health insurance. In the meantime she will be using FC2s for protection. But it isn’t the IUD expulsion she is talking about it’s her cervical orgasm where her partner was thrusting into her posterior fornix. It’s really quite rare for a 16 y/o to have a cervical orgasm and she wants more.

The use of escorts during AST: For my Advanced Sexual techniques course at St Lucy’s we use both male and female escorts for lecture demonstrations. Females are used to demonstrate proper positions and pelvic muscle training and are selected for the depth and well developed muscle tone of their vagina’s as well as their beauty, personality and sexual experience. Male escorts are carefully selected and are chosen for the size of their genitalia and their skill in using it as well as their looks, personality and sexual experience. We have three times the number of men as women escorts because of the need to have a male lab partner (trainer) for each student. For the select few men and women chosen the STI screening is very thorough and frequent to ensure the trainer/demonstrator’s are sexually healthy at all times.

Male trainer rotation: To minimize the likelihood of students becoming emotionally involved with their male trainers we rotate lab partners. Rotation also gives the individual student experience with a wide variety of men, though are all well above average as far as equipment and skill are concerned. Given the emotional immaturity of some students occasionally our best efforts are circumvented and a relationship is established. However, if that should occur the man is eliminated from the training rotation and its associated perks. If that isn’t sufficient he is blacklisted from working in any capacity in Vegas. Male escorts selected as AST partner/trainers understand what a sweet arrangement they have that permits increasing their training experience with a variety of students at the age of consent and older while being paid for their work so they discourage emotional relationships with their training partners.

Vaginal biocide: To minimize the likelihood that having so many different partners will contribute to vaginal bacteria overgrowth problems such as BV, or yeast we all use DiveGel+ (that has a biocide in it) as an intimate lube so cases of bacterial overgrowth are very rare for students who routinely lube up with DiveGel+. Silicone based DiveGel is ideal as a base for application of biocides and spermicide and is safe for use with the latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm with which all AST students are fitted and which is worn by our professional escorts for upper reproductive tract protection during dive-sex and to protect from under-thrusting when worn as back-up during a hormonal birth control failure.

AST and pregnancy: All AST students are tested for pregnancy weekly in the presence of a Student Health nurse so there is no possibility of a student using a foreign urine sample brought in to spoof the test. Most have had GyneFix IUDs implanted or one of the framed IUDs such as the copper ParaGard or the progestin Mirena, but even with those there is a very slight chance of pregnancy and with Mirena ectopic pregnancies make up a significant percentage of the ones that do occur. So since the AST students will all be taking dive-sex instruction during which wearing a gas guard is mandatory the AST girls are encouraged to always wear their Reflexions diaphragms when with their lab partner/trainers so upper reproductive tract protection will become a habit and a natural part of a students training regimen. Both Plan B one step and ella are available at all times for St Lucy’s students and employees who think they may have had a birth control failure. And should a pregnancy occur the student has the option of having it terminated (paid for by Student Health) or resigning. In the years I’ve been at St Lucy’s we have had no students who have resigned due to pregnancy.

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