Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pointe shoe quiz September 4, 2011

Who is the maker of these shoes?

And, for extra credit, what is the style?


  1. Not even a challange jill! SD07!So Danca model 07

    So Danca Pointe Shoe Style sd07

    Product Code: sd07

    So Danca Pointe Shoe, sd07

    Pre-arched shoe for the Greek foot. U-shaped vamp and elastic drawstring. Satin upper and leather sole. Moderate platform and medium crown. Standard ¾ N shank (for other options see below). Overall fi t features lower cut sides and narrower box & heel than its sister shoe, Nikiya.
    Shank: 3/4

    Discount Pointe Shoes

    Product Price: $50.00
    How did I do?
    Paul D

  2. Hi Jill,

    Maker ~ So Danca
    Style ~ Natasha (nice name)

    Paul S.

  3. Blowing up the picture, I can see they're by So Danca.

  4. I guess bloch, and if those are the ends of your shoes, they look like they are butted wider then usual.
    If your encounters are that rough, maybe you should have Paul D, make you steel toe taps for durabillity and as a wepon of mass destruction up close if anyone trys to off you in a studio, one kick from those kind of shoes will send there jaw into next tuesday

    the cat stickes its tongue out at you

    Also what, pray tell is your familiarity with the Roman Catholic church, you seem to hold a grudge, meaning you are either used to go to a catholic school, or two you spend a ton of time doing religious studies.

    my guess is that its the former, going to boarding schools that were catholic in nature, and it cramped your style, and or you spent tons of time with the rich and royals of europe who by birth just happened to be catholic or anglican by birth and practice.

    Is this about accurate?
    signed jj

  5. Hi everyone. Yes The maker is So Danca in Brazil and the style is SD07 ‘Natasha’

    jj.. the edges of the platforms have been darned which adds traction on the floor and a great deal of friction at the impact site if someone is kicked with a darned edges platform.

  6. I see Though you still did not answere my question about how you know soo much about the roman church?


  7. Hi jj, I went to Catholic schools.

  8. AH I figured that was the case, and I hope it provided a good education, though I bet it was strict. I am what they would call a traditional meaning I go to a latin mass when I can, though I suppose makes you wonder why I would be at a blog like this but, we all have our vices as they say.

    signed jj


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