Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sex in a gasmask – an encounter to die for

Dead Gaynor pointes and legwarmers

My return to the U.S.: I’m back in Vegas now. My plan to tour European ballet sites turned out to be far too ambitious given that I met John and became entranced by his animal magnetism. He is very interested in me, but I’m not good marriage material for him from the standpoint of giving him an heir, not to mention that monogamy isn’t my strong suit. As the song goes, “when I’m not near the hand that I’m fond of I fondle the hand at hand”. And now the new school year is starting at St Lucy’s and I will be up to my eyebrows in work for a while.

On the way back I stopped at my place in Virginia. I wanted to check for earthquake damage myself [The 5.8 event occurred on 8/23] and Anya and I got caught there during hurricane Irene that came through that Saturday and Sunday. The main house is on high ground overlooking the river so flooding wasn’t a problem, but utilities are above ground and the area is very heavily wooded so storm related power outages are common. Fortunately no falling trees hit the house or out buildings. My landscape service had to clear 5 trees that fell across the road up to the main house so we could get to the airport. The plantation is still w/o power and since no one but the staff is in residence now I’m not pushing for power to be restored while subdivisions are still powerless.

Barre Girls: In mid August John and I went to Aberdeen, Scotland to check out Tanaquil’s new Edinburgh ballet studio, Barre Girls. It is a serious but low key effort to penetrate the ballet-as-exercise market in a very tightly laced city. It’s also an effort to identify local talent that can be used as leverage for political and monetary gain. Right now membership is by invitation only so candidates can be screened to make sure they have natural beauty are adventuresome and have money and/or are socially well placed. Personal trainers work one-on-one with new students to make certain the young woman gets everything she is looking for in a ballet workout. A typical workout is two forty-five minute sessions with a ten minute break in between and then another interval afterward where the student is given several orgasms as relaxation therapy before she leaves the studio. The regimen is not of course for a new student with little stamina who is not used to such an intensive training regimen. Even dancers from the local ballet company initially have difficulty so it can take training at least three days a week for six months to develop the stamina required to complete a 2 ¼ hour class safely. Did I mention candidates also need to be focused and determined to succeed in all they do?

Tanaquil asked John and me to stop by the new Edinburgh studio to sample the level of service and give her our feedback. She had submitted our résumés several weeks beforehand and they had been approved. John was to sample the men’s option of sex with a student member of the studio after her ninety-minute workout while I went thorough the entire two hour and fifteen-minute women’s session. There is a very small male contingent so far as there are so few young, wealthy, virile, socially prominent men in the area. However, unknown to John the primary purpose of our visit to Barre Girls was to entangle him with Taryn’s adult services organization so thoroughly that he would be unable to refuse any request I made of him. Since I’m not going to be able to marry John I thought it best to tie him to me in a way that would put him under my control.

A teen and her anal plug: I talked to the hard bodied blue-eyed blonde who was to be John’s partner after her workout. She said she was 19 y/o and perhaps she was. For sure she wasn’t a regular Scottish student, but had been especially recruited for the occasion by Tani. She was an illegal refugee from Moldova who spoke very good English had been a corps member with a minor Russian ballet Co. I gave her a NATO M10 gasmask (the one with cheek filters) to wear during their penetrative encounter and helped her adjust the straps to make certain it sealed properly on her face. I told her he liked the idea of sex with a mysterious masked woman and she promised to give him an encounter he wouldn’t forget.

I was certain she would since I had helped her insert a hollow 8 oz, 7 inch long, 1 ½ inch diameter steel anal plug that would mimic being constipated and limit vaginal expansion during penile penetration making her vagina exceedingly tight especially when she was penetrated while en pointe. The sphincter groove on the plug was shaped so that it was almost impossible for the wearer to expel it by just bearing down. When I asked she said it was uncomfortable to wear during sex, but she was used to it and the reaction she got from men who had sex with her when she wore it made the discomfort worthwhile.

The Barre Girl timed her encounter with John so I could watch her, “fuck his brains out” was how she described what she intended to do to him and I was looking forward to watching their encounter through one of the full length wall mirrors that was a one-way window into the studio from an observation room from which the HD cams that were recording the studio encounter were controlled. Although John had been in the studio during her entire workout and watched her practice clothes darken with sweat as she exercised she had entered without acknowledging his presence and exercised as though she was alone. It was only after her workout that she greeted him demurely in her sweat soaked practice clothes; pink seamed tights, a full bottom black cami leo and a pair of filthy Gaynor pointes that had seen a lot of hard use. Even though the platform padding was shredded the shanks were still in good condition and supported her slim ankles and high arches quite well. She pulled on the gasmask over her long loose blond hair and John helped her arrange it so it flowed down her back in a cascade of spun gold. He watched eagerly as she tested the seal while she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She was looking directly at me as I sat within four feet of her on the other side of the mirror watching the encounter. She was gorgeous!

She presented herself as a novice unfamiliar with ballet sex and let him take the initiative to guide her and he began by fondling her crotch as she stood en pointe with her feet in second leaning back against the barre. Then he slipped the straps off her shoulders, exposing her high pert sweaty breasts and sucked at her nipples before stripping her of her leotard. He rolled the sodden fabric over her hips and it dropped to the floor where she stepped out of it and with a flick of her pointe kicked it back behind the barre. He rolled the waistband of her tights down over her hips and it was only then when her freshly waxed pubes were exposed that there was any indication that she might be more sexually experienced than she first appeared. I could hear John talking to her during foreplay as he caressed her clitoris until she gasped and mewed while having a lovely clitoral orgasm. He fingered her labia and found them engorged and slippery wet with her natural lube and he knew she was ready to be penetrated.

He had her turn around so she was facing the barre had her spread her legs and stand sur les pointes a la seconde bent over at the waist holding on to the barre. Just before he stepped between her legs he noticed the safety tab on her anal plug tight against her perineum and in the view from one of the side cams I watched him raise an eyebrow, smile and finger it briefly before stepping between her legs. He spread her labia with his fingers and carefully placing the tip of his shaft that was dripping his own natural lube against the oculus of her introitus he pushed and with a single thrust all eight inches of his shaft disappeared inside the blonde teen. She shuddered, gasped and moaned then her body stiffened and she screamed as he rammed her cervix. John kept thrusting as deeply as he could go, loving it each time he rammed her cervix and she shuddered, her screams muffled by the thick rubber of her gasmask.

Gas-tabs: It was then that things started to go badly wrong for her. I was watching the time since she sealed her mask. They were seventeen minutes into the encounter when she began to show signs that the dissolvable gas-tab that I had stuck inside the masks spit-sump had begun to release an odorless nausea gas after the humidity and sweat in her mask caused the outer coating to melt. The gas-tab is a standard (and universally detested) part of an escort’s training. It releases a nausea agent to simulate a crisis that could occur during a gasmask or dive encounter so the trainee can learn to manage the event safely before she encounters a similar event while with a client. Neither John nor the blonde were aware of the gas-tab being used and unfortunately it seems the teen was allergic to the gas which caused her not only to vomit and collapse, but apparently have a heart attack just as John was planting his seed against the thin latex membrane of the diaphragm she wore to protect her cervix. By the time I got into the studio she had stopped breathing and CPR was ineffective! Damn! I just wanted a video of him polling a Dick-A-Chick! Sigh!

The good news: The good news was that the gas-tab had been totally dissolved by the stomach acid from her vomit so there was no evidence of a precipitating agent, but just in case I bagged the mask and on the way to dinner afterward we stopped on a bridge and I threw it into the River Dee. Tanaquil uses only orphans so as a newly arrived illegal alien with no family she was easy to make disappear with no one to ask questions about her wellbeing or whereabouts. Tani had given me the cell number of a trawler captain who does disposal work for her so I called and he sent two men with a van and laundry cart to pick up the body. They were wearing balaclavas and the cams were still running when they draped her corpse over the barre and had unprotected vaginal sex with it before dumping it in the laundry cart. On the positive side the accident is a huge plus for Taryn’s snuff video business as there is an enormous demand for ballet dancers being snuffed during sex as well as ballet necrophilia! I’m thinking there must be a lot of guys almost as kinky as Adolph to get off watching that! So she got a twofer out of the fatal encounter.

As the disposal team was leaving I mentioned that the body still had a steel anal plug inserted. Apparently they forgot to tell the trawler crew because a few hours later after they put to sea and were running the body through the wood chipper used to make chum for fishing the steel anal plug jammed the blades and the shear pin broke. There was no real damage to the chipper blades, but someone had to pull the anal plug from the half shredded corpse before they could finish the job. I got a call from the captain who started giving me hell for not telling anyone about the plug. I referred him to the two men on the pickup crew who I told about the need to remove it.

This leaves me where I wanted to be, with video of John having sex with a girl who dies in his arms while he is filling her with his seed. I don’t think I’ll ever need to use it, but my copy has already gone into a bank vault for safekeeping.


  1. I know this one is an accident, but why is it you're often involved in pleasure girl deaths? Either that or KPB opponent injuries. You're really dangerous!

    BTW, when you have a moment and can get on YIM, chat with me? I have some interesting news on the personal end.

  2. Hi Eric, I write about some of the deaths I'm familiar with because I think sex and death are fascinating and are as closely related as opposite sides of the same coin since intercourse can be the beginning of life and death is its end. There are a lot of disappearances that occur in the world in which I move. Some are accidents others occur for business reasons and a few are for self defense. A few, ones that I have personal knowledge of, I will sometimes write about because I love the danger of being in a life or death situation myself especially if I’m having sex.

    Even KP Boot fighting is about sex as the winner can generally have her choice of men since every virile man I know has a secret fantasy about impregnating a warrior or ballerina.


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