Tuesday, September 13, 2011

St Lucy’s and cervical barriers

A dancer’s dive-sex training set; toe shoes and diaphragm

The image accompanying this entry: A new St Lucy’s dancer’s dive-sex training set of Grishko 2007 pointes and a Semina silicone diaphragm used as a starter gas guard. Once she is familiar with insertion of the Semina we will switch her to the Reflexions flat spring latex diaphragm the one professional dive-sex escorts use for protection.

Diaphragm fitting at St Lucy’s: This year Student Health has changed the rules to require all students reaching menarche to be fitted with contraceptive diaphragms unless their anatomy prevents effective use of the diaphragm. If that is the case then they are fitted with a FemCap. That’s because an introduction to dive sex has become a required part of the Contemporary Sexual Health course which I teach. This is a change I’ve been advocating for several years because Advanced Sexual Techniques’, including underwater intercourse, has become a major reason – in addition to advanced placement academics of course - why students want to attend or are sent to St Lucy’s primarily at the insistence of their mothers.

We had three technical virgins (never had vaginal penetration by a penis – dildos and fingers don’t count) who had reached menarche enroll this semester and one had an inelastic hymen which required a hymenectomy. It was performed on the 30th of August and she is recovering well. Her parents were told to have the procedure performed at least six weeks before the student arrived at school, but they didn’t have it done so she will be well behind the others in her class unless we can speed her healing with therapy which our Gyn staff is actively pursuing along with applying topical estrogen cream to make her tissues stretchier. I don’t want to force too much pelvic activity on her too soon and cause her pain or she may come to associate pain with sex and get turned off of sex all together, but if I don’t keep her on an intensive regimen of therapy she will be so far behind she will have difficulty catching up.

The new girls have all had their diaphragms fitted and we are finishing up checking the fit of the returning students. The beginning of the school year pelvic also looks for pregnancy and the full panel of STI tests so everyone knows exactly where they stand as school starts for a group of very sexually active girls. The new girls are fitted with the Semina silicone coil spring rim diaphragm [see the photo accompanying this entry] which is a good starter device. Once the individual girl masters the insertion and becomes confident that the device will protect her we will switch her to the professional level device the Reflexions flat spring latex diaphragm. If she has a latex allergy we will substitute a silicon Milex arcing spring rim which resists being under-thrust far better than an All-Flex, but not as well as a Flat spring Reflexions. Returning readers will remember that a latex diaphragm also has the advantage of transferring heat better than silicone so with it’s thin stretchy dome it is almost like using nothing at all.

This year it is required that all first year students fitted with cervical barriers wear them whenever they leave their dorms. The RFID chips in the barriers record their attendance in classes and allow and record entry into training facilities such as the encounter pools and ballet studios where sexual penetration is likely to occur.

IUDs: Another change this year is that with their parents permission students with framed IUDs, such as ParaGard & Mirena, will be allowed to take dive-sex training if the strings of the student’s IUD have been removed or DiveGel is applied in the dome to prevent the strings from sticking to the inside of the diaphragm. Returning readers will recall that the strings sticking to the rim of a woman’s diaphragm can pull the IUD out when she removes her diaphragm. The strings must be at least 3 cm long because if the strings are short they could be so stiff they might puncture the dome and prevent the diaphragm from acting as an effective gas guard to prevent infection in her upper reproductive tract. This does nothing to minimize the risk of a framed IUD being bent and made ineffective from uterine contractions during an intense orgasm, but that has always been a risk for framed IUD users.

Contrceptive Hormones: This year we are still allowing students to use all forms of hormonal contraceptives: the pill, patch, ring, injection and implants, but we favor the IUD implant GyneFix as with the new implant procedure the expulsion rate even in small women is extremely low and very well tolerated so it is a nearly ideal long acting easily reversible contraceptive. Hormonal birth control is subject to interaction with medicines and foods that can reduce their effectiveness, even for the shot and implant so typical effectiveness for young women is in the low 90% range because the forget their pills or vomit before they are fully digested or don’t check with their pharmacist or doctor and take meds and dietary supplements or eat foods that reduce the effectiveness of the contraceptive hormones they are putting in their bodies.

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