Friday, September 30, 2011

Size matters

An anxious student’s first look at her trainer’s equipment

Cosplay with latex hoods and ball gags:
The UNLV Cosplay group is starting a project to play at being kinky escorts to service boyfriends, so Taryn’s friend asked if I would provide technical assistance and training. There is no money in that for me, but it gives me an opportunity to scout the sorority women for possible candidates as escorts. It’s a way for an attractive and adventuresome student to make money if she has talent and can get with a good service. However, with the economy like it is the competition for the available opportunities is brutal.

Anyway, the sorority girls wanted to learn about some basic D/S lifestyle clothing so they could get familiar with and dressing in BDSM gear for role-play, but found that hoods and ball gags caused some members problems. The compression and sensory deprivation aspects of tight latex hoods freaked out some girls and some didn’t like wearing ball-gags because they would appear too subservient (which is exactly what wearing a ball-gag is supposed to do) and minimize the noise if they scream when a well hung instructor/Dom rammed their cervix. Those who couldn’t tolerate hoods and ball-gags were dropped from participation immediately as they would never be able to stand more restrictive equipment like catsuits and ballet-boots.

I think some of them just fantasized about being BDSM submissives – none have the perspective or drive to be Dommes - and so when they had a an opportunity to experience a bit of D/S lifestyle reality they didn’t like the smell of sweaty latex and the taste of a ball-gag and the work to get in and out of the latex suits. You have to be a fetishist, at least to some extent to enjoy wearing latex even though you may be doing it to get a specific man’s attention. So I set up a scenario for the remaining six girls who wanted to wear latex catsuit. It was that that they were being accepted for training as escorts. It starts with an actual and very thorough pelvic exam and a full STI panel to make sure they were healthy and capable of taking at least an eight inch penis before I let them play with some of the casinos well endowed male escort trainers. I know most of sorority girls recently had full STI panels, but I wanted to see the results of our tests to ensure they were still clean.

Rebreather bags & asphyxia: My Advanced Sexual Techniques class at St Lucy’s is having latex rebreather bags fitted to their gasmasks and the FFMs they will use for dive-sex training. A fitter came on campus from Labia Labs the fetishist developmental group jointly owned by Jeff, Gepetto and me. I’ve gotten permission from St Lucy’s board to use Labia Labs even though I have a financial interest in it because they are the only BDSM development shop for creative design of BDSM clothing and equipment, among other things. They will periodically ask for audits of expenses which the Labs comptroller is happy to provide and they even send a young female CPA over to try out some of the designs herself. I’m afraid I’ve co-opted her making a closet rubberist out of her, but that’s human nature, to seek pleasure and she seems to have found it in a latex catsuit, Ben Wa balls, hood and gasmask. I wish everyone was that easy to mind-fuck, but I’m sure she was using toys, dildos and vibis, before I took her to the next level. Now she wants to try everything we teach in AST, “to make certain the school is getting its moneys worth” she says, so who am I to complain. She audits my training classes so she can safely use the equipment and the students rather like having a young beautiful member of the schools admin taking class with them as it makes them feel more adult.

We are training the girls with RBs connected to their gasmasks first. Then when they become confident in that application we will teach them the delights of rebreather bag use during dive sex, which is more complicated. Rebreather bags can be very dangerous since they are used frequently during solo sex and it is easy to get into trouble by trying for a personal best in continuous valve closure during asphyxia play. What we advise is during solo play that the student not shut the valve sealing her rebreather, but put her finger over the vent so that if she faints her hand will drop away and the open valve will allow her to breathe fresh air. Passing out during rebreather solo play with the valve closed has led to a lot of deaths and some that should have died as they ended up in a persistent vegetative state from lack of oxygen to the brain and will be on a ventilator for ever, unless next of kin decided to turn off the ventilator.

Under water rebreather bags: Our way of using an underwater rebreather bag is different from surface rebreathing in that the bag is connected to the exhalation port on a modified FFM that has had the exhalation valve removed and replaced by one at the end of the UW rebreather bag and a manual valve beyond that which can block exhaling into the water. There is also a valve on the air hose to the second stage reg on the FFM (or for added difficulty the tank valve can be used) so that the wearer can shut off her own air.

For normal breathing the valve at the end of the rebreather bag is open so that exhaled air can be released. To activate the rebreather the valve on the end of the rebreather is closed which allows the diver’s exhalation to fill the bag. Then the wearer’s air is shut off by means of the in-line valve or the main tank valve. We prefer a trainee use the in-line valve because shutting off the tank valve prevents buoyancy control by means of inflating her BCD or drysuit a complication a rebreather student doesn’t need at first. Once there is no air through the DV the wearer sucks air from the rebreather bag and the level of carbon dioxide quickly increases to the point where clear thinking is impossible and unconsciousness is imminent. She or her dive buddy has to be ready to restore to her second stage reg before she becomes unconscious. That it’s why we recommend never having solo dive-sex with a FFM fitted with a rebreather bag. There is almost no room to recover from a breathplay mistake while wearing a rebreather bag fitted FFM.

Colored oval crotch gussets: Now that autumn is here (the autumnal equinox was on 9/23) I’m glad to be getting back into fall leggings and convertible tights. I love my custom legwear with its brightly colored oval cotton lined crotch gussets. I love flashing bystanders when I wear them under micro-minis or getting head turning looks when I wear them in the casino hallways on the way to class and rehearsals. When I go into a restaurant I just wrap a pareo around my hips and slip past the dress code, but I wear it in a way that creates a hip-slit that clearly shows my leg from the waist to toes and a flash of colored gusset when I walk. Blood red, emerald green or canary yellow are my faves for drawing attention. I coordinate the colors with red being when I’m menstrual, green when I’m fertile and yellow when I’m luteal. I often wear red satin pointes during rehearsals as well when I’m menstrual since if I’m in costume one of my stallions interested in menstrual sex may have difficulty seeing the color of my crotch gusset. I’m CD9 and fertile today so my crotch gusset is a brilliant emerald green.

Drospirenone and blood clots: The FDA has issued a safety review update on the possible increased risk of blood clots with birth control pills containing drospirenone. The link is: Of the St Lucy’s students who are on the pill the majority are on a pill containing drospirenone, Yaz or one of its generics. While we haven’t had an instance of any female at St Lucy’s having blood clots while taking birth control pills containing drospirenone we are recommending that all students whose pelvic anatomy will permit, have a GyneFix frameless IUD inserted do so because the GyneFix has virtually no side effects and a very low rate of expulsion if it is implanted correctly.

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