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Hoods and penis gags for AST

Polymorphe latex hood showing AST facial features

The Photo:
From the Polymorphe catalog showing the A-01 mask facial features – rounded eyes, mouth and nostril openings - required for AST students. This design (w/o the optional hair cone) was modified for St Lucy’s to extend the skirt several inches across the shoulders, back and chest to minimize the likelihood of the neck pulling out of a catsuit during a struggle. It is made of Double Thick (0.040″) latex to increase the compression when fully zipped closed. St Lucy’s has used Polymorphe latex gear for more than five years and we love the high quality and great customer service they provide. I especially like the high quality seams and zippers that don’t pull apart and are easy to open and close regardless of how tight the garment is.

Hoods and AST at St Lucy’s: For reasons of anonymity and safety St Lucy’s students are required to wear hoods during all interaction with their partner/trainers. I’m partial to high quality (Polymorphe) back zip latex hoods for both surface and dive use, but fabric hoods are permitted for surface encounters if they are sufficiently opaque. However, I feel that any student wearing a fabric hood doesn’t have the commitment to BDSM that a St Lucy’s girl should demonstrate if she expects to successfully complete the AST course. That’s because part of a students training is to learn to tolerate the heat that can be generated inside a latex hood during sexual intercourse. I feel it’s an exercise in concentration, to be able to experience the scent of sweat dampened latex as she broils in rubber while her trainer is thrusting into the depths of her tight flat belly and still enjoy an orgasm. Of course dehydration can be a huge problem because of fluid loss through perspiration so staying well hydrated is essential or the rubberist can die of heat stroke.

Sadly, apparently there was an instance of that last month when the partner of Jade Vixen died encased in rubber (or SCUBA gear) in the attic of their home in Philadelphia. For more about that see: He was a long time rubber/asphyxia fetishist. It’s not just newbies to the kinky world who die while testing equipment or their own endurance or during an encounter.

In the heated training pools at St Lucy’s where thermal protection isn’t necessary Polymorphe chlorinated latex catsuits, hoods, gloves with weighted silicone pool-pointes and FFMs are worn by students and female instructors for ease of bottom bonding while training with gas-guards and rear entry relief zipper penetration. Once a student becomes comfortable with vanilla dive-sex then we add dive-sex while wearing an inflatable penis gag.

Latex hood and FFM seals: We have chosen the latex seal option for our FFM face seals so that worn sealed against a latex hood the mask’s cavity-rim seal develops very strong suction so that when underwater even w/o the spider tightened the seal vacuum will hold the mask on the diver. Latex seals are not as robust so don’t last as long as silicone ones, but since the school FFMs are only used in training/encounter pools where no grit can pit the surfaces the stronger seal makes them better for our training needs, especially for asphyxia training. On the surface even when the wearer is breathing through the ambient breathing valve and the spider has been loosened the mask sealed against a polished latex hood will cling to the hood until the seal vacuum is broken.

Sizing inflatable penis gags for FFMs: We have been fitting my AST students for inflatable penis gags for use while taking BDSM dive training. It’s more difficult than you might think since the length (as determined by the gag and the pressure in it) can block the wearer’s airway and suffocate her or trigger a gag reflex and cause her to drown in her own vomit. But it is a huge rush to have your gag inflated until it blocks the airway just as you reach orgasm! One of the first things a BDSM dive student must do is to find a decongestant that works well for her w/o any side effects like making her drowsy to ensure her nasal passages are wide open when her gag is inflated. Most of the escorts and students prefer Sudafed.

The gag is inflated by means of a LP-hose with an inflate/deflate valve connected to a modified accessory Port on the FFM so that the gag can be controlled by the diver, her instructor or Dom. That means that her SCUBA must be fitted with an octopus and her FFM must have a vacant accessory port available. The most difficult part of using an FFM mounted inflatable penis gag safely is learning to inflate and deflate the gag as the diver’s depth varies, especially during ascent where if the gag isn’t deflated sufficiently the diver can easily suffocate especially if she has been to considerable depth (below 30 feet - 2 ATA) for a prolonged length of time and needs time at a deco stop.

The scent of ‘ripe’ vaginas: An important part of AST is teaching the students how to change the scent of their vaginas to appeal to the tastes of different men. Things that will change the scent of a healthy vagina are: 1) to wear a cervical barrier, diaphragm or cap, continuously for more than 24 hours. The interaction of vaginal fluids with the device will cause a musky odor to develop. The odor may develop faster and stronger with a latex device than a silicone one because the surface of natural latex is porous. 2) Having a man ejaculate directly in the vagina w/o wearing a condom will change the scent of her vagina. 3) And, man’s diet will change the taste and scent of his semen. Meats and spicy foods and alcohol can make the taste/scent of semen unpleasant while eating sweet fruit such as pineapple can sweeten the taste/scent and semen after he eats asparagus can have a very unpleasant aroma. So a male partner’s diet can contribute to a range of vaginal odors. Of course if a woman’s vagina has a colored and unpleasant smelling discharge she probably has a vaginal infection that needs immediate attention.

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