Sunday, February 3, 2013

Splash Towel-Girls and Super Bowl XLVII

Fertile with a confident GyneFix smile

Unprotected sex: One of my woman’s clinic’s major customers is Adolph’s swim club, Splash where clients can have unprotected sex with the Towel-Girls. With the elite male clientele it attracts Adolph can’t afford for his Towel-Girls to be anything but supremely healthy so frequent STD testing and well-woman checkups are a condition of employment and free. And, if a girl has been out of the area or with someone other than a Splash client she is quarantined until we are sure she is free of disease.

The girls are all beautiful, intelligent and highly trained in the art of pleasing a man sexually with ideal pelvic anatomy to provide mind blowing sex. Most of the girls have stringless GyneFix implants. The GyneFix is a copper IUD that is effective for three years and for the Towel-Girls the strings are removed when the device is implanted so that there is no danger of it being pulled out if the girl wears a cervical cap or diaphragm for a fetish client or for flood insurance during dive-sex. The nice thing about a copper IUD is that it doesn’t inhibit ovulation so the wearer can experience her full hormonal cycle while being 99% protected from pregnancy.

The others who don’t have GyneFix implants are usually tall beautiful show-girls moonlighting at Splash to supplement their income from dancing. These are the ones who can easily get into trouble w/o realizing it because most aren’t on a long acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) like Depo or Nexplanon because of side effects so they come to us using NuvaRing or rarely Ortho Evra both of which don’t work well in the water. NuvaRing can easily be pulled out and lost during a pool encounter while Ortho Evra (the patch) can be seen which is a turn-off for some clients or worse, come off. Once they have that experience they will switch to an estrogen/progestin pill like Yaz and then they have problems remembering to take it. All Towel-Girls are routinely fitted with a selection of diaphragms and a FemCap for fetish encounters and flow control during menses. It’s from these girls and a few others from Pirate’s stable that most of my current supply of death rubber flat spring diaphragms comes.

SuperBowl XLVII: I’m very pleased to say that Adolph is hosting the party this year at his estate which, as returning readers remember, has the deep dive training facility attached to his chateau. Not that I minded, hosting the party in past years, but it was a lot of panning and coordination even though I had a staff of casino employees, decorators, cooks, wait staff, maids and others working on their own time to do the work.

I’m taking my dive gear since Jack, (John Sandbach my main squeeze) is here from the UK and he hasn’t much experience with very deep dive-sex so I’m looking forward to taking him to the bottom of the 216 foot deep training facility breathing Trimix from twin HP steel 130 tanks strapped to our backs. I hope the debris at the bottom: contraceptive devices (NuvaRing, IUDs, diaphragms, cervical caps) dildos, Penetrator plugs, weighted pool-pointes, swim suits, spreader bars, shackles, chains and other bondage gear won’t be too much of a distraction. He is a powerful swimmer. I remember when he took me into the sea caves on the eastern coast of Scotland a year or so ago and he was marvelous then! He has the strength, stamina and desire to have sex at 200 feet so he should do well if we can adjust to the pressure as we descend. Other than the commercials which I can see afterward neither Jack nor I are interested in the game when we can be sucking gas and fucking each others brains out under 200 feet of water.

I’m going to double bag, a Reflexions over an Oves, for our dives even though I’ll be CD24 and Luteal so there would be no chance of pregnancy even if I got sperm in my tubes. The Oves will prevent anything enter my cervical os while Jack love thrusting into my anterior fornix and getting his glans squeezed by the latex dome so we are both looking forward to a lusty dive.

For posterity I’m adding that the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers are playing in New Orleans. Since I’m originally from the East Coast I’m for Baltimore and in the minority here. I’m hoping that there aren’t fights at Adolph’s. He will have at least ten of Pirates best young escorts available and circulating so with all the sex available that should hold the males attention unless two decide they want the same girl at the same time. He will often invite some rough men with anger issues to his parties, but he says he has hired enough guards to take care of any eventuality. He’s all for the second amendment, but isn’t allowing anyone to bring guns into the house and his are locked in his safe so we should be ok.


  1. Probably by the time this is posted, you and Jack would have surfaced from the bottom of Adolph's tank. I wonder how he handled the depth.

    I'm also wondering, and I don't know if you've ever answered this, but what's the lowest you've dove and had sex? I have a feeling that 216 feet is just like being in the kiddie pool for you.

    1. Hi Eric! The deepest I’ve ever had sex on a dive is at 216 feet which, as you mentioned, is the bottom of Adolph’s training facility because the water is temperature controlled and comfortable. I’ve dived a good bit deeper and masturbated at that depth in a heated drysuit, but in just a swimsuit even in the tropics the water below 30 feet gets cold and there are currents that can sweep you well away from your support boat.

      With a locator beacon when you surface the support boat can find you, but the cold of deep water is a bigger problem. Even with performance enhancing supplements my experience has been that a man just can’t stay erect and even when I’m heavily lubed with DiveGel the cold is very distracting for me too.

    2. I was wondering, since I thought you had mentioned once that Adolph had a tank that went down about 600 feet or something. So, how did Jack like taking you that deep?

    3. No Eric, I'm not sure where you got the 600 feet, it's just 216 feet. Jack did very well for his first dive on Trimix. We were both pleased with how well that dive went!

  2. Why is the bottom of the pool loaded with debris?


    1. Hi John! Because Adolph, in addition to being a trainer of aristocratic European women in all forms of water play, is a sadist and enjoys ruining a student’s birth control. The BDSM hardware used to train his students is dropped accidentally through the net hung across the pool at a depth of 30 feet. The net is to prevent someone (usually a student) from going to the bottom in case of inability to recover from an uncontrolled descent.


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