Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Brian’s muses

Suede platforms for traction during coaching sessions

Gaynors and splatter training: All twenty-seven girls (twenty-one primary and six alternates) and I trained for Brian’s classes in Gaynors with suede platforms to lessen the likelihood of slipping in any splatters of coitial discharge on the Marley during a coaching session. The new suede tips lessen the speed and number of turns a dancer can produce, but they also act as a motivating force for putting more energy into pirouettes w/o disturbing ones balance.

Brian’s muses: Brian thinks of the women he selects for private coaching as his ‘muses’ since they stimulate his creativity and renew his energy. The ten of us he had during his time here in Vegas, nine students and me, he said gave him one of his most creative times in years. We are waiting to see if his creativity extends to having any of us conceive, but that seems unlikely, though the three second year Semina girls, “Anne”, “Bea” and “Jean”, stand the greatest chance. That he taught the second year girls last of the three groups each day means that his sperm count was probably lower for them, but I have no idea how meaningful the might be.

Bea gets laid: I’m not going to describe all six sexual encounters I watched Brian have, but I did watch the one he had with Bea very closely as she is the smallest and one of the youngest of this group of Brian’s muses. We all prep before an encounter for comfort, but that’s especially necessary with Brian because of his size. There is nothing more distracting to a woman during a sexual encounter than needing to empty her bladder or bowels. Too, a full bowel can affect the fit of a diaphragm so it was important that the three Semina girls relieve themselves before taking any man his size. So when he offered her a break before they began her coaching session she took it.

I watched Bea and five of the other girls being taken on the studio’s HD security cams. The videos would make a great series of ballet sex videos if put on the market, but they show the participants faces so that’s not going to happen. Bea is the tightest of the three Semina girls and she said he was so gentle entering her. She helped him out of his dance belt and she said his erection was massive and dripping pre-cum which she smeared all over his glans. Because of her size Brian had her stand on two 6 inch aerobic step platforms placed at the barre eighteen inches apart and straddle the gap so that he could get the proper angle of penetration. At the barre as she faced him he had her rise on pointe and gently moved the cup of her thong to one side and gave her a clitoral orgasm with his thumb to relax her while he had two fingers inserted to check the placement of her diaphragm and the strength of her contractions when she orgasmed.

After she came he complimented her on her pelvic grip – which caused a big smile - and had her turn to face the mirror and rise en pointe a la seconde while straddling the gap between the step platforms, lock her knees, put her weight on her heels and bend over while gripping the barre with both hands. He stepped between her legs and she helped him position himself as he held her hips. Then he pushed and his tip disappeared inside her. She gasped and I could see her struggling to stay calm mouth open taking deep breaths while he pushed deeper and deeper inside her. He would push and ask if she was ok and when she said yes he would push further until his cock ring was up against her labia majora. For her age she has had a lot of experience using large dildos and she said she had never experienced anything that was as satisfyingly filling because his girth and texture is so amazing and marveled at how hard and warm he was.

As with Bea Brian did use a cock ring with the other two Semina girls as a thrust-buffer to prevent battering their cervixes too much as even then he could still reach them. Bea handled his size well adjusting her hips occasionally to have him caress her G-spot a bit differently and to take his glans in her anterior fornix and squeeze it in the transparent silicone membrane of the Semina dome as he pushed it in all the way to the back. She said later that when he thrust all the way into her anterior fornix the dome of her Semina was stretched its tightest over her cervix and she enjoyed the feeling of pressure which was new to her. He gave her three vaginal orgasms before he took his own pleasure spending himself deep inside her with five powerful ejaculations which gushed out of her splattering on the Marley when he with drew after holding her fully penetrated for several minutes so they could enjoy the afterglow.

Brian and fidelity: Brian’s time here has energized not only the students participating in his classes, but every ballet student in their year knowing that someone of his stature is personally interested in having them audition for his school. Until last week I didn’t know he was divorced from his first wife who gave him his children. His second wife’s new job requires her to travel extensively and since his children are grown and on their own he can easily be in Vegas in the evenings and weekends if I’d like to see him. He says his wife understands his needs and since she’s only 35 and has a Mirena IUD inserted … Perhaps he’s right. He knows she has a lover, a senior vice-president of the company she works for, who she travels with frequently so it’s not as though I’d be a home wrecker, and a new man in my life when Jack isn’t around would be welcome.

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