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Prepping for Brian

 A latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm and introducer
Brian and protection: Since Brian would be here for at least three days I got him to agree to teach several pointe classes at St Lucy’s, one each for second, third and forth year students each day he is here for a total of nine classes if he doesn’t extend his stay. The opportunity to have a nationally recognized teacher work with the group was just such a marvelous opportunity for the school and the students he taught. Seven in each class were selected for their physical and technical ability. If Brian’s reputation is accurate at 54 he is still shooting live loads so the student who was asked to stay after class for ‘special coaching’ had to be very confident that her method of contraception would protect her. All the third and fourth year students have stringless GyneFix IUDs implanted, but three of the second year students are so small that even a mini-GyneFix is too large.

A Semina silicone coil spring diaphragm mounted on its introducer

Semina and Reflexions diaphragms: These small students take 60mm diaphragms not available in a Reflexions so they have been training with their regular diaphragms, the transparent silicone coil spring Semina, which is available in their size. Using DiveGel+ with a 4% O9 spermicide and a biocide (our clinic is part of a clinical trial for that spermicide) they should be quite safe if Brian didn’t intentionally under-thrust the rim of the Semina. Because he has a serious diaphragm fetish each of the GyneFix girls will wear their latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms (65mm and larger) just as though they were going to have dive-sex. Because of his length and the fact that a diaphragm provides no thrust buffering I asked Brian about his technique with very small women. He assured me that he would wear a cock ring with the smaller girls to prevent battering a second year student’s cervix too badly. The third and fourth year girls are all large enough and have all had enough experience that they should be able to accommodate him w/o too much discomfort and that’s how it turned out.

Menstrual synchrony: There are differing views about whether menstrual synchrony is an actual fact or not. I have no doubt that for women not on hormonal contraception their cycles can and do synch with one another when they are in very close contact – breathing the pheromones from each other’s sweat – in ballet studios and dorm suites for months at a time. Menstrual synchrony is certainly a fact for the women at St Lucy’s. Most of St Lucy’s ballet students are protected by A GyneFix or diaphragm or both and their cycles are very closely aligned. That has its advantages and disadvantages. When they are fertile the energy and creativity in the studio is fantastic! When they are menstrual the mood can be quite different with short tempers and arguments. Even with plenty of bathrooms they are very heavily used during that time of the month. A synchrony plus for the younger girls is that it has stabilized cycles that before had varied widely in length and bleeding duration giving them some stability to their lives.

As it happened, because of menstrual synchrony the girls who made up Brian’s classes were all fertile when Brian arrived on Tuesday, the 19th of February. They were anywhere from CD9 to CD12 and I was CD12 so he would be pumping sperm into vaginas with diaphragms inserted whose domes would be filled with fertile cervical mucus. And of course with a diaphragm the rim flexes so some of our FCM gets to his sperm. The girls wearing Semina’s were at the greatest likelihood of having sperm leak into the dome which Is why the second year girls were given the extra strength DiveGel+ with the 4% O9. As an added precaution the Semina girls were offered the prescription only EC tablet ella, a single pill containing 30 mg of ulipristal acetate, a progesterone receptor modulator. Ella delays ovulation for up to 5 days by blocking the woman’s progestin receptors. None of them took it.

Pointe-shoes: I had the 27 girls (even the second year girls who usually wear Freed Studios for classes) train in hard shanked Gaynor Minden pointes for their classes with Brian since I thought they might not have time to change shoes before he mind-fucked and penetrates them. Even after 90 minutes of a difficult class the GMs might be soggy, but the shanks would support the student’s weight when she put her weight on her heels and enjoyed the experience as he savored her grip while exploring her depths, probing for her cervix with his massive shaft.

Vaginal training balls: I had been grooming these three groups of girls to train with male escort candidates to give the girls a chance to become experienced with adult (18 y/o and over) men. The appreciation of a man’s scent, his sweat, breath, hair and the taste of his fluids as well as his strength, personality and how he acts around her all enter into a woman’s selection of a mate. Having the students work with a select group of escort candidates gives them an opportunity to see what men are like during sexual encounters with partners free of STIs while still in a somewhat cloistered environment. One of the training aids are Ben Wa ball used to tone and tighten the students pelvic grip.

  •  The second years students chosen are all proficient in wearing a set of 1 inch Pyrex glass balls each weighing .65 oz w/o expelling them during a 90 minute technique class.
  •  The third years students chosen are all proficient in wearing a set of .75 inch chrome steel balls each weighing 1.0 oz w/o expelling them during a 90 minute technique class.
  • The fourth years students chosen are all proficient in wearing a set of 1.00 inch surgical steel balls each weighing 2.153 oz w/o expelling them during a 90 minute technique class.
The 1.00 inch surgical steel balls each weighing 2.153 oz are the size I’m certified for and train with which I call my ‘McBalls’ because when inserted I’m gripping a quarter-pound of steel in my vagina. For everyday wear and when I’m out with friends I wear a warm up set of 1 inch Pyrex glass balls which keep me wet and with which I can orgasm if I get bored. I’m still trying to master my set of 1.25 inch chrome steel balls each weighing 4.61 oz. I haven’t been able to hold the half pound of stainless steel w/o expelling one or both during a 90 minute technique class, but I’m making progress.

STI panels: In order to set a sexual health baseline for Brian’s classes the 21 students and 6 alternates were given full STI panels one week ahead of Brian’s arrival and were tested for hCG the first of this week. All passed. I took the full panel as well and we had a certified copy of Brian’s full STI panel emailed to student health. So everyone is STI free and we only had to protect against pregnancy, which is very unlikely, but there is always that possibility.

Brian triumphs: His classes were a huge success and all the girls who participated were thrilled by the experience! They made a valuable friend in the administration of an important California college ballet department who will be useful when they graduate and apply to colleges. The 9 who he singled out for special coaching say how gentle and kind he is and how amazingly large and hard he was, and how wonderfully full and adult he made them feel thrusting into their cervix while penetrating them from behind. Each one is head-over-heels in love with him and they are still draining coitial discharge into panties which each vows never to wash.

One or two have even thanked me for insisting they wear hard shanked Gaynors to his class. Several of second year girls in his class have told me they had never had a partner wear a cock ring before and they were so glad he did, because even with being fertile and aroused and with him wearing the ring he could still reach their cervixes. Brian thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by the beauty and talent of the St Lucy’s students and his classroom coaching seemingly had no effect on his stamina during his energetic coaching sessions with me.

The Aria incident:  Perhaps my readers have seen reports of the latest drive-by shooting incident here. About 4:30 AM Thursday morning a Range Rover with heavily tinted windows was shooting at a Maserati. Apparently an argument in the valet area of the nearby Aria hotel-casino in CityCenter spilled over into the street and the Maserati ran a red light and hit a taxi which exploded killing three people. The driver, of the Maserati, a would-be Rapper, was also killed. Brian and I were just coming out of the Bellagio when the wreck occurred at the intersection just north of the hotel.  We didn’t stop to find out what happened. I turned south got on Tropicana and then got on the 15 and went back to my place. Brian was a bit shaken by the explosion, but I got him thinking about more interesting things and his stamina and ardor were wonderful!


  1. Jill:

    You state "As an added precaution the Semina girls were offered the prescription only EC tablet ella... None of them took it."

    I am wondering if this was because they are turned on to "pregnancy risk fucking" and like having a bit of risk due to a possible diaphragm failure. Your thoughts on this?

    Enquiringly yours,

    Master Paul

    1. Hi again Master Paul! No I don’t think they are turned on that way, at least not yet. The rest of their second-year classmates have GyneFix IUDs inserted so an accidental pregnancy is to them something that only happens to others.

      Second year Semina girls are already training with fully screened male escort candidates so they are aware of how well they are protected by their silicone Semina diaphragms with a 4% O9 spermicide in the dome.

      I think pregnancy risk sex is an acquired taste for a very few of us and none of the current St Lucy’s students are kinked that way. For now it’s enough for them just to be taken by an adult male of Brian’s prominence.

  2. Jill:

    Thank you for your prompt replies.

    You state " pregnancy risk sex is an acquired taste for a very few of us". Why do I get a feeling that may include you? Is this one of your many kinks?

    I have found that preg risk sex is a huge turn on for a lot of submissives, especially those that are into IR sex, probably as the naughtiness (and for a lot of them brought up by Good Ol Boy daddies - the humiliation that is so much of a turn on to a masochistic submissive) of fucking black is only exceeded by being bred black. The other common thread is that it must be a gamble, sort of sperm roulette (a fair number use the term Russian Roulette). It gives them a form of gambler's high, something I have a feeling you are familiar with, as well as the sense of giving up control that is so much a part of the submissive personality. What can be more out of control than allowing your body's most womanly functions be determined by pure chance?

    As for being "a very few of us", I think that varies by where you are getting your sample from. In the numerous IMs I have had on Dark Cavern for instance, about 1/3 to 1/2 get off on the thought or fantasy of risking pregnancy with black sperm, especially where the daddy will remain unknown. I have one steady IM buddy from there who got so hot from various risk taking challenges I gave her she is in contact about 2 our of every three evenings.

    I think you have also seen plenty of preg risk postings on FetLife

    For a submissive - the needs - just grow.

    Sincerely yours,

    Master Paul

    PS I have found that a lot of those who are Dominant also have a bit of submissiveness in their makeup (I think that actually helps to better get into the head of one's sub partner). Is this the case with you?

    1. Hi again Master Paul. It is a shame so few women understand their bodies and proper and safe methods of contraception. And that goes for men as well if they are into fantasy.

      If men are into breeding reality then they should know about effective methods of contraceptive sabotage. I'll be posting on that subject in the near future.


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