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Carnal knowledge, my first ballet teacher

Tights down, ready for rear entry while en pointe

A lover from long, long ago: I got a call from one of my teachers; I’ll call him Brian, from when I was at boarding school. He’s 54 now and teaching ballet at a large university in California. He is going to be in town and wanted to know if I’d like to take a private class with him. I knew immediately what he wanted even though he married an ABT Soloist and has two grown daughters and is a grandfather. I could tell from his voice that he was the same enthusiastic driven teacher I knew. He had been such an amazing fuck and I am overjoyed that he wants me again after all this time! I have never forgotten how much of a mentor he was to me, helping me train for my SAB audition and everything. Not to mention his guiding me as I entered the world of a fully sexual ballet dancer. Hearing his voice again I suddenly went weak in the knees becoming so aroused that I had to masturbate while we talked.

When I first met him he was 27 and dancing with ABT and since his home was in Albany he would teach at the school when he was home on vacation or recovering from an injury. He usually taught technique, but for a select few girls he taught pointe and everyone wanted to take that class. I was thrilled when I auditioned for his pointe class and was accepted!

Dress code: Girls who had reached menarche (I was 14 when I got my first period) were fitted with diaphragms and in those days we were all fitted with latex Ortho All-Flex arcing spring diaphragms. In the school’s health brochure the diaphragms were said to be for menstrual flow control, but since Gynol gel spermicide was stocked by student health where we could help ourselves to as much as we needed it was obvious that the administration expected us to use them for contraception as well. And we did since very few of us were on the pill. A few of us saw wearing a diaphragm as part of a properly dressed ballet dancer. It was a very adult thing to have a diaphragm inserted. I had several diaphragms so I would always have a fresh one in while another was being sterilized.

It was 1986 and the dress code for Brian’s pointe class was convertible foot tights over thong back leotards, unlike regular technique and PDD classes where tights were worn under the leo. That way we didn’t have to undress to go to the bathroom. Wearing tights over a thong-back leotard was also convenient for ballet-sex as it allowed almost instantaneous access to the student’s vulva for sex with a male student or teacher. An unwritten (but required) part of the dress code for Brian’s class, the need for which was passed down from older members of the class to incoming members, was that all students were to wear their diaphragms and spermicide when in class. It was also expected that all his students have shaved or waxed pubes, which most of us already did.

Rites of passage: His class was very important in my transition from girlhood to becoming a woman. It was my next step, a rite of passage, coming as it did within three years of getting my first pointe shoes at 12, my first period, diaphragm, shaved pubes and sex with a male student when I was 14 and then his class which lead to my first sex with a male teacher when I was 15. And I’m not even counting the parish priest who I was sent to for misbehaving. Father Tom was supposed to be my spiritual advisor, but he also taught me about cunilingus and fellatio which I consider part of my Roman Catholic religious education.

When accepted into Brian’s pointe class I had already been sexually active for more than a year with male students which, thinking of all the other girls in his class whose experiences were similar may have helped my chances of being selected. Not that my round heels were necessarily a prerequisite as most girls my age at school had active physical relationships with male students if they were talented enough or pretty enough. Males in ballet school were a scarce commodity and for a girl being interesting enough to hold a boy’s attention took a lot of effort with all the other girls the men had to choose from. Fortunately I was pretty and near the top of my class in technique and pointe so I was popular and could have a male student when I wanted one.

The offer: After class Brian would ask one of us to stay for ‘private coaching’ and that was a huge motivator to do our very best to be the chosen one. Since we had his class four times a week and there were only 7 of us he rotated through us all with no apparent favoritism (we always watched for that) so we were able to have sex with him about once every other week unless one of us was sick. No one missed his pointe class if they were strong enough to stand.

At first girls new to his pointe class wondered why he had the class on our toes dancing, strutting and turning for such long intervals, but it soon became apparent that he was building our stamina to enable us to remain en pointe during pointe-sex. He was so gentle teaching us to be entered from behind while en pointe with our feet a la seconde. Privately he explained to each of us that he was going to teach us skills that would enable us to successfully compete for desired roles if the need arose and he drove us relentlessly.

Carnal knowledge: I remember the first time he rolled down my tights to mid-thigh. I hadn’t been in his class a week when he asked me to stay after class and he told me he was pleased to have such a beautiful and talented dancer in his class. Even then I was wise enough to know this was his way of softening me up, but I loved what he said and wanted desperately to believe him. He had me change to dry shoes; I was wearing Capezio Contemporas, then stand en pointe a la seconde with my buns against the barre.

His lovely deep voice and gorgeous body had me already melting under his gaze as he gently pulled the fabric of my thong to one side and put his fingers on my already engorged and spread lips. I was so wet! I had soaked through my thong! The only reason I hadn’t soaked through my tights was that I was wearing Dance France that had this marvelously soft, thick, absorbent crotch gusset that was soaking up my arousal discharge. Sadly Dance France went out of business. They created such beautiful dancewear!

I tried to relax as he inserted two fingers deep in me and asked softly where I was in my cycle. I knew he was feeling for the rim of my diaphragm to see if I was properly protected and I felt his fingers press on the rim and then through the stretchy rubber dome to caress my G-spot then feel for my ripe cervix so I pushed down so he could feel it through the dome. I told him I was CD13 and fertile and he whispered, “That’s lovely! Good girl!” I was so pleased! Once he found I was protected he let me help him pull down his bike shorts until he could step out of them and I eased him out of his dance belt by carefully twisting it to one side. He was already erect and dripping precum so my hands got slippery and I wiped them on the rolled fabric of my tights around my thighs. I was going to help him enter me when he asked me to turn around and face the mirror while remaining en pointe a la second and hold on to the barre with both hands bent over so my back was parallel with the floor.

I knew then what he was going to do. I’d never been taken from behind while en pointe, but I knew from masturbating while balanced on my toes that my pelvic muscles were clenched when I am up there and my vagina was super tight. When I was in position he stepped between my legs spread my labia and I felt his warmth as he gently placed his tip at my introitus. By then I was quivering with desire and my nipples were so hard they hurt! Between us we were drippy wet and he held on to my hips as he began to push himself inside me. He was larger than any male student that I’d had and he just seemed to go deeper and deeper and I wondered as he went deeper still if I was going to be able to take all of him w/o getting hurt. He kept asking if I was ok and finally, even with my cervix soft and high and gravity pulling my uterus further back he reached my cervix and I could feel his glans push into its side separated from my fertile cervical mucus by a few hundredths of an inch of latex.

An amazing lover: He was so thoughtful, giving me my pleasure first with a hand around me so his fingers could caress the shaft of my clitoris to give me the most amazing series of gentle orgasms as he thrust into my cervix. I had thought having my cervix bumped would be painful as it had been when I’d used a dildo on myself, but with his calming voice telling me how tight I was it seemed as though we were made for each other and I loved it! Finally I could tell from his ragged breathing and increased thrust rate that he was about to reach orgasm and just then his caressing my G-spot through the latex dome was effective and I had my first vaginal orgasm while on my toes! It was so exquisite I could hardly breathe and nearly fainted! Fortunately he had a firm grip on my hips so as my knees and ankles wobbled he kept me from falling off pointe. He stayed inside me for a few minutes and held me as we enjoyed the afterglow. Then as he withdrew our coitial discharge poured out of me overflowing the fabric of my thong which I’d tugged back in place and dripped into my tights while I was trying to quickly pull them up to position the gusset again and rush to the dressing room to shower.

Brian will be in town in two weeks and wants me to take a private class with him and go to dinner afterward. I’ll be fertile during that time as I was the first timer he privately ‘coached’ me! I’m so excited that we will be together again after all this time however briefly and want to make it a marvelous time for us both. It’s been 27 years and I’m so looking forward to fucking his brains out this time! Certainty as much or more than he did to me the first time he took me.


  1. My god, you are making up for lost time! I can barely keep up, let alone make up, for the posts since your return from holiday. Your post on diaphragm fitting is important. There are so few used these days that most women have never even seen one except in Planned Parenthood literature and certainly do not understand the importance of proper fitting. Your warning about those who say they can fit simply by finger measurement is particularly important. The finger technique gets us close but is by no means a proper fitting. With new users I always try at least one size larger and one size smaller than the initial indication. During annual checks of regular users, always try the next larger size as well as present size. Weight gain is the major reason for needing a larger one but it should always be tested.

    There are still those of us who use the old "fitting rings." They are from the days of coil spring only and are essentially the rim with latex covering but no dome. They could easily be sanitized between uses. The modern use of the real diaphragms, perforated, seems wasteful to me. Most of them are used as disposables and there is no difference in production costs for a fitting diaphragm and a functional one. Some of the companies supply them but many sell them and they are thrown away after each use; patient charged. I recall my first fitting. When the doctor determined the size, the nurse took one off the shelf and had me insert it and then checked my placement. After two successes, she recommended that I "wear it home" but cautioned me that if I had need for it that evening, take it out and fill it with vaginal jelly. For repeat use it is recommended that an applicator full of vaginal jelly be inserted because there are sperm in there and removal of the diaphragm, itself, is not an option for 6 - 8 hours.

    I would not be comfortable with one of Adolph's parties. Likely not with Adolph. I could certainly drain him to exhaustion, any strong woman could, but just would not enjoy all the tricks to be dealt with. He must be a complete misogynist who resents that women have such complete control once he gets an erection.

    Something you are teaching me in this blog is the relationship of sex to ballet training. It seems that as soon as a girl progresses beyond the local dance studio, protection is needed and performance is required. With the dearth of men around a ballet studio or troupe and my assumption that many of those would be more interested in one another than in the women, I had never considered sex so central to ballet. Thinking it through, with many young, athletic women and so few men that becomes another point of competition. Not only are they all competing to proceed beyond the corps de ballet, they are competing intensely for the few penis' available. If those are attached to the decision makers or solo stars, so much the better. I suspect a male soloist would have his pick of most of the Corps on any given day and the disappointment of the "losers" would be similar to being second choice for the lead. Fascinating. I have always thought teaching hospitals to be sex centres but we cannot hold a candle to what you describe.

    Your priest never truly anointed your cervix - always a latex barrier holding the semen, and sperm, at bay. Too bad you did not take the risk during your period. You would have the most blessed organ around! But then such a truly catholic, no, Catholic, vagina would be denied so many other pleasures you have discovered. I so prefer "religious belief" with sex at the center of its sacraments. But a male centric religion could never come up with that. Our Pictish forebears were a matrilineal society and the women still control the ceremonies and perform the sacramental duties.

    You are spoiling us with such frequent posts! I, again, am eager to sign on each day.

    1. It seems counterintuitive that usually (but not always) a weight gain requires a smaller diaphragm and a weight loss requires a larger one, which is why it can be tricky fitting new moms who haven’t lost all their baby weight. I like to do a new mom fitting no sooner than eight weeks PP and then a follow-up in six months if she was still carrying substantial baby weight.

      Out here right now latex diaphragms have become something of a fad for two groups of women the deeply kinky professional ones I’ve mentioned in earlier posts and a group of wealthy young moms who see wearing a diaphragm as being eco-friendly (no hormonal side effects or excreting contraceptives hormones into the environment) while being able to feel just a bit naughty. One explained wearing a diaphragm as being porn-lite by inserting a contraceptive device as part of the normal preparation for her and her friend’s day. And of course making sure they have a few prefilled disposable applicators of Conceptrol in a zipper pocket of their purses.

      I’ve seen but never used a set of fitting rings. To keep clinic costs as low as possible we sterilize the fitting diaphragms after each fitting and with the increased volume of fittings each of our fitters has several sets. I have my own Milex set for fitting private patients or home fittings, but when working at the clinic I have three sets available in my exam room.

  2. I have to agree with Brenda: Adolph sounds like a grade A creep.


  3. Well, less than a week until Brian's visit and your "lesson!" We look forward to that with you.

    Not too far different I had a "teacher" whilst an intern in med school. He was the senior resident in gyn and during my rotation through that service, he taught me wonders about my anatomy and about the possible uses of an exam table. He was certainly the most advanced lover I had had at that time and I doubt that his wife was getting much whilst we were working together. For his age, our frequency was surely near the limit of his ability. Some twenty years later, with him approaching sixty, we had an encore. His skill was certainly the same; patience, even greater, my response capability, better. But something was missing. In the morning, I gave him a blowjob to which he responded nicely but left me with an empty mouth!

    His explanation was simple: he had had the standard ream-job for benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) and was left having retrograde ejaculations - up into his bladder instead of out the urethra and INTO ME! It required some serious introspection to determine how important it is to me, when enjoying a penis, to get all that is coming to me. I prefer woman love for a steady diet but need man love every month or so. That amounts to, really, two things: a real, live penis sliding into me and a deposit left inside me. Without those, why bother with the folderol of dealing with a sperm machine who is totally focused on orgasm rather than getting there?

    End result was that I was disappointed with our late encore and this has been a focus of a therapeutic team dealing with my sexual identification. Certainly, he was even a better lover than twenty years previously and I was better able to appreciate the subtleties he used - as good as any woman.

    Our female response is complex. He said his wife was thrilled "not having to deal with drips" and she was giving him more blowjobs than ever. I must admit that, over the years, I would have been happier without a few mouthfuls but, damn it, I went through the effort of extracting the semen and I want it. A little thing like a couple teaspoons of semen in my vagina and my mouth would have made a world of difference.

    As you go up en point ready to accommodate him from behind, remember that much semen has passed through that urethra over the last twenty years and you have extracted gallons for yourself. Cut him some slack and focus on the enjoyment you will be having rather than on some little thing that is missing.

    1. >he had had the standard ream-job for benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) and was left having retrograde ejaculations

      How disappointing! I’m so with you! If I’m giving head I want a mouthful and I always swallow! I don’t feel properly served, even if a partner has given me wonderful orgasms, if I’m not draining his spunk afterward. For me the thrill of needing my Oves or Reflexions because I have live sperm in me is a big part of being with a man. Even if he’s old but still ejaculating 5-6ml I’m happy even if he may be sterile, I get to fantasize that he’s a heavy hitter and I may conceive from the encounter. I Kegel most of it out of course, but I love feeling of the remaining discharge moistening the absorbent gusset of my tights.

      >As you go up en point ready to accommodate him from behind, remember that much semen has passed through that urethra over the last twenty years and you have extracted gallons for yourself. Cut him some slack and focus on the enjoyment you will be having rather than on some little thing that is missing.

      I am so planning on ravishing him! I’m going to take him home and we won’t come out for several days. I have a fully equipped ballet studio where we won’t be seen or interrupted. I intend to enjoy him in every way possible. I don’t think he has a problem with his plumbing as there was a recent rumor that he paid for an adult student’s vacuum aspiration just before he moved to California. He says his wife knows he will be seeing me as a former student and AD of a ballet Co. since he is selling his coaching services to ballet companies. She has the money in the family so he needs to be circumspect and not flaunt our time together, other than on the ballet technical side of course.

  4. After posting that about my former "teacher" I am feeling the need for an old-fashioned, lie back and spread 'em fucking. Need to make a phone call. To a twenty-five year old grad student in sport physiology. I know that I will get what is coming to me; first time, a bit quick, but with a few more to follow.

  5. >He must be a complete misogynist who resents that women have such complete control once he gets an erection.

    Adolph is definitely an acquired taste! It’s not safe for most women to turn their backs on him or he will hurt them in some way. For that reason he attracts masochistic women like honey attracts flies, which explains the contraceptive debris at the bottom of his training facility and the number of women he refers to our woman’s clinic for vacuum aspirations.

    I’m fairly safe around him as I have made it clear that if anything happens to me a great deal of extremely damaging information about him will be given to the media and posted on the Internet. So while we kid around and he has unprotected sex with me he knows not to do anything the Dominatrix in me doesn’t like having done. And, he absolutely loves what I can do to his penis, squeezing it just this side of rupturing the erectile tissues, as I squeeze out the last drops after he plants his seed deep inside me.

    It took me a number of men before I learned how far I could tighten w/o doing any permanent damage to a penis. Not counting the ones I made sexual cripples by crushing the erectile tissue when I was overpowered and penetrated while in my late teens. When a man is erect in me and I want to crush him I lock my legs around him to minimize the chance he’ll be pushed out when I tighten. Of course at first he is trying to bury himself as deep in me as possible and is helping me hold him inside me while I tighten. I fanaticize that I’m giving birth and tighten the rings of vaginal muscles as much as possible to constrict the sacks holding the blood and burst them. Not that I have done that very many times, but every time I’ve tried I’ve been successful.

    >Something you are teaching me in this blog is the relationship of sex to ballet training.

    I don’t think all schools are as sexually liberated as the ballet academy I was sent to as a child or St Lucy’s, but with hormones raging in healthy active teens the chaperones fight a losing battle when we are on road trips for competitions. My view is to make the girls as safe as possible so they can experiment among friends and associates while still being in the protected environment of a school. The men Staff and students at the ballet schools and in the companies I’ve been involved with can often have their choice of girls. Of course we rate them as they make the circuit so we can be better at playing to their weaknesses. Sometimes one of us will take a strong liking to a guy and then she gets her heart broken as he continues to play the field.

    >I so prefer "religious belief" with sex at the center of its sacraments. But a male centric religion could never come up with that.

    We will soon have a new Pope! Who could have imagined! Not that it will do the women in the church any good. I don’t think it will change the fate of many altar boys either.

  6. I'm a little surprised none of the women he has hurt have castrated him with their teeth!

    1. Hi Anon! Which man were you commenting about Adolph or Father Tom? Certainly not Brian who was adored by all the students he privately coached.

      If you were thinking about Adolph (perhaps from an earlier post) he is very careful and has any woman not totally subservient wear a gasmask or ring, ball, or penis gag while penetrating them and a FFM during underwater sex. So he is in no danger of being castrated during fellatio.

      Father Tom on the other hand explained to the girls to whom he was a spiritual advisor that he was teaching us what to avoid with boys and men in our secular lives until we had received the sacrament of marriage.

      He said that as a cleric he was obliged to do Gods will - regardless of how much he disliked doing it - to demonstrate the base instincts of the human male. “It is to warn you about the carnal intentions of secular men my child,” he would say. At each of my guidance sessions he repeated the demonstrations “to keep the lessons fresh in your mind my dear”. I really didn’t mind swallowing his ejaculate and besides, he was quite skilled in giving me clitoral orgasms with his tongue. The hardest part for me was trying not to show how much I enjoyed his demonstrations.

  7. I meant Adolph, who sounds like a borderline psycho...Father Tom sounds like he's just a dirty old man.



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