Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Adolph’s Superbowl Party

A waitstaff member modeling a Penetrator plug

Super Bowl XLVII: I was very pleased that the Raven’s won 34 to 31 despite having to recover from the momentum sapping 34 minute power outage. Jack and I saw most of the game since we pretty much maxed out our nitrogen limits at the bottom of the deep facility and had to surface ahead of the start of the game. Our encounter below 200 feet was awesome and Jack performed marvelously! He was able to get off three times in me with all the inertia of the water and I ripple-gripped him getting him off a 4th time before we had to surface.

Adolph’s party: The servers were all from the waitstaff of Naughty Pleasures, one of my casinos clubs, the one with the most popular pickup meat market. They are all accomplished dancers, though most are too curvy for ballet, and wore bikinis, pointe shoes and Penetrator plugs so they wouldn’t get too distracted by guests trying to finger fuck them.

Accidents: There were only a few accidents, most involving woman guests; none particularly serious if you don’t consider a miscarriage and the possibility of several accidental pregnancy serious. Lost condoms, an IUD expulsion (from cervix battering) while the wearer was fertile, a woman who just remembered she had forgotten to start a new pack of pills last Monday and one who had a small perineal tear while taking a man whose girth was too great for her. That list of problems sounds just like what we get from walk-in patients at the woman’s clinic where I work. But of course all of Adolph’s parties are as much about sex as they are about the occasion supposedly being celebrated and with 120 couples plus waitstaff and escorts he had at least 80 very sexually active women there. There was only one male who had a medical problem and he had a heart attack while in the saddle.

Vanillas and adult entertainment professionals: The female guest’s problems are about par for one of Adolph’s large parties where wives and girlfriends are guests. They aren’t nearly as knowledgeable and careful about contraception as those of us in the adult entertainment industry are.

None of Pirate’s escorts, the Naughty’s waitstaff – who were allowed to participate in trysts while on their breaks - and those of us in other branches of the adult entertainment world had any problems. The working girls and boys were all in demand and their partner’s behaved themselves, more-or-less. The rest of us had our ‘dance cards’ filled by admirers and enjoyed the assignations immensely. John was very good about me sampling other men and he recovered enough from our dive-sex to have two of the waitstaff because he was fascinated by their Penetrator plugs and loves the sucking sound of the vacuum seal breaking when he pulls them out. He got hooked on me being plugged shortly after we first met and he loves pulling out mine and slipping it in my mouth as a gag of sorts while he is thrusting into my cervix.

The heart attack: One man had a heart attack during an encounter with Cyndi. She is 18 so is now completely legal. After classes an UNLV she is a Red Door level Towel-Girl at Splash and her stamina, vaginal grip and what she is able to do with her muscles to a man’s cock when it’s buried inside her is phenomenal! Of course I’ve been training her and I’m very proud of how quickly she excels at the erotic tricks I’m teaching her. The man, a local casino owner, is over weight and he vomited then collapsed on top of her Just as she ripple gripped him to orgasm, He’ll recover. The EMT crew Adolph had on site for just that sort of eventuality had him stabilized and in the hospital ER quickly. His wife doesn’t blame Cyndi. She knew he’ll fuck anything in a skirt so she is resigned to him being that way. Besides, he is very rich and she has a lover on the side. Life can be complicated.

The spontaneous abortion: The woman who miscarried was a 28 y/o ex-show-girl and new trophy wife of a casino owner. She was about 8 weeks preggers and the spontaneous abortion in an encounter pool, not the deep training facility; after she orgasmed was almost certainly caused by the 2 ATA pressure and battering her cervix took during a 30 foot dive-sex encounter with her 48 y/o husband. She hadn’t told him because she was supposed to be on the pill and shouldn’t have been diving while preggers. Her husband is upset about her loss, but in private she seems relieved. She has a gorgeous body with long legs, a wide pelvis, high firm breasts and a hard flat belly. She enjoys flaunting her body and I think she wasn’t ready to have a child. He was able to get her to the surface quickly and given the possibilities she was lucky that her cramps weren’t strong enough to cause her to vomit into her FFM and she didn’t bleed much after expelling the reproductive tissue in the pool.

The ParaGard expulsion: The ParaGard expulsion by the arm-candy of an A-list singer was probably due to cervix battery which she enjoys. It was her second IUD, the first one had been expelled during her period a few months ago. There is a 30% chance that subsequent IUDs will be expelled so it’s not like it was totally unexpected. She was fertile so she was taken to the clinic and had her 3rd copper IUD inserted which acts immediately as morning-after birth control as well as long acting reversible contraception.

The lost condom: The patients with the lost condom and for gotten BCPs were treated on site by a female EMT who fished out the condom and gave the woman, the wife of the owner of a slot machine repair shop, a box of FC2 condoms. She immediately took the packets out of the box and put them in her purse. She told me later that her partner at the time, the A-list singer who took her while his wife was having her 3rd IUD inserted. He was going strong when she mentioned how virile she thought he was and how his wife must enjoy having sex with him and he wilted. He managed to get it up again, but his precum had coated the inside and he shed the sheath during her strong contractions as she orgasmed. She said she knew exactly when it came off, but by then she didn’t want him to stop and figured she take Plan B one-step afterward.

Missed pills: The woman who had forgotten her pills for a week was discharging fertile cervical mucus and had been intimate with two other guests, at the party in addition to her husband, a local dentist, over the previous week. She was given Plan B one-step, but since was supposed to ovulate that day there is a good chance she will conceive regardless of the 1.5mg of levonorgestrel she took.

The perineal tear: The guest who had the small perineal tear is new in town. She is 32 and has never given birth. Her husband just took a job as an executive with a bank and this was the first time they had been to one of Adolph’s parties. She is petite with an amazing figure and came with a reputation that she enjoys having large men. I had given her her last pelvic exam and while she is a bit below average as far as her pelvic anatomy is concerned her vagina is not tiny and she has a deep post-pubic vault. She is using the single rod implant Nexplanon so she should be safe from pregnancy. Her vaginal muscle tone is strong and she has a very tight grip. She made some enquires and found that one of Pirates male escorts working the party is massively hung so she added him to her ‘dance card’. The good news is that he took her about halfway through the party so she had time for several other encounters before her injury. The bad news is that he was far bigger than she imagined and she didn’t have several days to use topical estrogen cream on her vulva to allow it to be a bit stretchier than normal.

Using DiveGel she got him inside her and he battered her cervix which she enjoyed but she wanted him to thrust into her G-spot which he did. But they had to put a hard pillow under her buns to give him the proper angle to thrust into her G-spot while in missionary. The problem was that the angle at which he passed through her introitus. His girth put increased pressure on the spot where her labia meet at her perineum and the hair around his massive thickness added to the friction to cause a small perineal tear. She was in such ecstasy at first that she wasn’t aware she had torn, but as soon as her contractions stopped and he withdrew their salty post-coital discharge drained into the tear and she felt it start to burn. There was very little blood. I put some antibacterial cream on the area and the EMTs took her to the clinic for a couple of honeymoon stitches. She was back in an hour, but was subdued for the rest of the day.

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