Sunday, February 2, 2014

Adventures with NuvaRing

A NuvaRing vaginal ring that delivers etonogestrel and ethinyl estradiol

The photo: A NuvaRing vaginal ring hormone delivery device. NuvaRing is flexible, transparent, and colorless to almost colorless ring, with an outer diameter of 54 mm and a cross-sectional diameter of 4 mm. NuvaRing contains 11.7 mg etonogestrel and 2.7 mg ethinyl estradiol. The ring releases etonogestrel and ethinyl estradiol at an average amount of 0.120 mg and 0.015 mg respectively per 24 hours, over a period of 3 weeks. After three weeks the old ring is removed and the user inserts a new one after a seven day hormone free interval. The progestin is the same one used in the single rod implant Nexplanon.

Adolph gets a live-in teen: Adolph’s eighteen y/o niece, Andrea, will be staying with him for a while. He said she was expelled from a Swiss finishing school after being caught fucking the Head Master who claimed she seduced him. It might have been hushed up but for the fact that it was his wife with their three month old daughter who caught him humping her on his desk with her calves on his shoulders.

She arrived while we were in Davos and I met her this past Wednesday. He wants me to kit her out with what he calls “the usual female pelvic equipment and shoes” Fortunately she is a swimmer and has taken eight years of pointe having gotten her first pair of pointes when she was ten. She wears Schachtner, and has kept using them. I’m putting her in Gaynors as she is going to use them primarily for seducing men in the venues at Naughty Pleasures and for ballet-sex not that they both aren’t closely related. The only down side is that Andrea has been, inexplicably (in my view) using the vaginal ring, NuvaRing, for contraception. Not that it isn’t effective, it is. However, it can easily be pulled out by a partner’s corona or fall out during sex or worse is easily sabotaged by exchanging the good one for a counterfeit or an old ring that has been worn and emptied of its deliverable hormones. While she has lovely Vaganova technique she lacks stamina but putting her on a training regimen and she should be up to speed with my wards an several months.

Andrea’s VA: I accompanied her through her routine Gyn workup with Chris, our male Gyn. A complete pelvic, full STI panel, urine and serum pregnancy tests then an ultra sound and found she was 6 weeks preggers. I had so hoped this was going to be simple… Sigh! She claimed she didn’t know, but when she tested positive she didn’t seem surprised so she at least expected she might be. It seems she had forgotten to insert a new ring after her ring-free week and was four days late when she remembered, meaning she was eleven days w/o hormones so she ovulated and one of the faculty or the Head Master impregnated her. She was a very popular girl with the faculty and has no idea which of the five was the father.

Fortunately Her Mom, Adolph’s half-sister, has given him legal authority to make medical decisions on her behalf, but at 18 she is considered an adult in the U.S. so her mom didn’t have to be notified when she had the vacuum aspiration on Thursday. A stringless GyneFix copper IUD was inserted immediately after the termination and she has been put on a regimen of antibiotics. She was told not to have sex for two weeks, but I think the best we are going to be able to do is keep her out of the pool for two weeks and hope that the meds she is on keep her from getting PID. We are going to have her sexual partners, all screened escort candidates, wear condoms to minimize the introduction of her partner’s bacteria into her reproductive tract while she is healing.

Andrea’s kitting out continues: I had her up and out early on Friday. She’s on the antibiotic every 12 hours and on 800 mg of ibuprofen every 8 to minimize the discomfort if she cramps. She isn’t bleeding which I thought amazing so we are hoping that her uterus will recover quickly. I took her to Gepettos for fitting of her ballet-boots and had the Gaynor Minden rep stop by to fit her with hard shank GMs in her size. Fortunately she has a mid-size female foot so her size was in stock and we started with three pairs and put another 6 on hold until we are certain what size she may need when her cycles resume and she retains fluid during her menses.  We went by my Divemaster’s SCUBA shop and bought her an OTS Guardian FFM in a small like mine and a Scubapro back inflated Ladyhawk BC.  And we stopped by Fasteners, our casinos BDSM boutique, and got her several sets of Pyrex and surgical stainless steel Ben Wa Balls and a large Pyrex dildo. We went to Neiman Marcus and I bought her a Coach cosmetic case to use as a slit kit and began filling it with a selection of male and female condoms and10ml prefilled disposable vaginal applicators of DiveGel+ and other pelvic needs.

I can’t have her fitted for Penetrator and sports plugs and I can’t fit her for a latex Reflexions flat spring rim diaphragm until her cervix recovers from the cannula insertion for the termination. It shouldn’t make much difference as there had been no cervical enfacement nor vaginal stretching, but it’s best to wait a few weeks and let her pelvic anatomy return to its normal state before fitting her for a flood insurance barrier. I just need to keep her from having sex in a pool.

Pressure from Adolph: He is after me to take Andrea into my home as the fifth of my Wards. I don’t really want to be responsible for guidance of another hypersexual teen, but I have the room and she gets along well with Bea, Willow and the Swan twins, especially Odile because they are both quite dominant so view the world of men through the same lens. Realistically it would be much more convenient having her live with my wards and me and there is no one better equipped than I am to guide her through Courtesan College which she wants to attend while she is taking classes at UNLV.

On the plus side her father is an extremely wealthy aristocrat and industrialist and her mom is famous for her BDSM parties. So taking Andrea in hand as a favor to her parents (They’ve been in touch with me after I told Adolph no for the third time) could pay off big time. Tanaquil has supplied escorts for a number of Andrea’s mom’s parties and said her Mom is an amazing Domme who I would enjoy meeting.

Andrea’s one vice is her passion for men; their hair, muscles, scent, taste, looks – she has this thing about men with cleft chins - and the feel of them rock hard plunging into her trying with every thrust to push her cervix up into her throat.  I have a great deal of sympathy for that sort of obsession as I was that way at her age and still am twenty plus years later. I just need to train her to harness her obsession, be a bit more cautious and ride it safely for her pleasure rather than letting it control her.

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