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The eroticism of used pointe shoes

A toe-goddess’s gently used pointe shoes

The photo: A pair of my used pointe shoes. Once worn the shoes contain a bit of my Chi – just as the ‘death rubber’ diaphragms which I harvest from women who died while wearing their diaphragms during a sexual encounter, retain a bit of the Chi of their dead owner which I use to significantly increase my libido and possibly my sexual skills from those of the previous owner.

The used pointes will retain my Chi after they are dead and discarded unless they are consumed by fire. That’s why I burn all my dead pointes after they are no longer useful for wearing deshanked for class. The wearer’s Chi is released when the shoes are burned so none of my experiences and skill can be used by another wearer even if s/he is a sensitive. The important part for me is that no one, except someone I’m in a romantic erotic relationship with, will ever get anything, garments or shoes containing my Chi.

Souvenirs: I am constantly asked for a memento of my performances by members of the audiences or after a sexual encounter with a partner or even by readers posting comments to this blog. Except in rare instances I don’t give away anything I’ve worn or used (see above) even keeping and burning the condoms that my partner(s) and I occasionally use. When souvenirs are given by me they are new toe pads which are inexpensive if bought in the quantities we do. My only exception is my erotic gifts to my main squeeze John, Viscount Sandbach, known to frequent readers as Jack.

Misogyny, masochism and the eroticism of pointe shoes: Male interest in the female foot and footwear is as old as time. Perhaps the forerunner of the pointe shoe was foot binding in 10th or 11th century imperial China. The pointe shoe as we know it is a relatively new invention having a blocked toe-box and shank only in the mid 19th century. The pointe shoes eroticism stems from the fact that while on pointe the woman looks ethereal and with her calf muscles and buttocks contracted being en pointe presents the woman’s body in the most attractive way possible.  

In addition, the pointe shoe is seen as a tangible symbol of a woman’s skill and power and increases her ability to cloud men’s minds with her exquisite femininity which pointes show off to a skilled dancer’s advantage. The pointe shoe is also seen by knowledgeable men as a symbol of the vagina because of it’s femininity and tight fit. An excellent article about fetishes and pointe shoes is “Consuming the Ballerina: Feet, Fetishism and the Pointe Shoe” by Keryn Carter (2000) in Australian Feminist Studies Vol. 15, No 31 pp. 82-90.

Some men enjoy the fact that even properly fitting and supportive pointes are uncomfortable to wear for most women and a misogynistic and sadistic man will find pointes the perfect footwear for a beautiful woman because he wants her to suffer while he takes her during rough ballet-sex. When that woman is a masochist and able to dominate him and enjoy the eroticism of her shoes giving her power over him and his sexual attention simultaneously he finds it confusing and he can get very angry unless she totally exhausts him sexually.

That’s the sort of volatile mix that I enjoy when Adolph is my partner for ballet-sex. He occasionally comes to me for release when he is very needy and abusing women won’t improve his disposition. He can be extremely dangerous and has amazing sexual stamina, but I love fucking his brains out since when sexually exhausted he turns into a marvelously obedient submissive.

Toe Goddesses and ballet-sex training: Since Willow and Andrea are my two newest wards they take up more of my time in training. Ballet-sex is one of the most popular and useful skills I teach since it shows off the woman’s body, provides her the best position to maximize her pelvic grip, demonstrates her strength and stamina to her partner and makes her feel confident and powerful. Not to mention completely pussy whipping any man who adores a strong pelvic grip and falls in thrall when ripple gripped.

Willow as a professional ballet dancer has beautiful and very strong legs, but still needs to increase her stamina for repeated acts of ballet-sex, which returning readers remember is defined as being entered from behind when standing sur les pointes a la seconde while bent over holding on to a barre, chair, table or railing with both hands. Willow’s feet and legs are strong enough that she can train for ballet-sex in pointe shoes and like most women having ballet-sex she wears hard shanked Gaynor Minden shoes which give the best support, are the most comfortable and last far longer than shoes made of traditional materials.

Andrea on the other hand while having more than seven years of pointe has never really trained hard having only at the most two 90 minute classes a week. As a result she is nowhere near ready to have ballet-sex in pointe shoes. So while she builds the strength in her feet and ankles for pointe work I’ve started her ballet-sex training with her wearing ballet-boots. Her pairs of Gepettos lightly armored boots with unitized titanium toe-boxes and shanks, replicable titanium lace-splitter heels and Inman release heel guard arrived last week and she has been wearing them around the house. She wanted to wear them to UNLV, but I said no since that would surely draw a crowd and have more men sniffing after her than she already has. She’s fertile at the moment, as am I (I’m CD9) and she is giving off breeding pheromones like you wouldn’t believe so her strutting around in ballet-boots at UNLV right now with a crowd of randy males following her would be a huge distraction; not that she wouldn’t enjoy leading them around by pheromone penis leashes.  I’m pleased to see that her fertility seems to have returned so quickly. With luck, since we train and sweat in such close proximity her cycle will synchronize with mine, as my other wards cycles have, by the time of this years Vernal Equinox on March 20th.

Fucked in ballet-boots: The stability of properly fitted and laced ballet-boots which allow putting most of the wearer’s weight on her heels and help stabilize her ankles while taking her partner’s thrusts allows a woman who can’t wear pointes for ballet-sex to train and enjoy the tightening of the pelvic muscles almost as tight as if she was balanced over the blocks of pointe shoes. I’ve put her on a diet to reduce calf cramping while she’s training in ballet-boots and she and Willow have now joined me running up and down a flight of 20 concrete steps that descend into one of the sub-basements of my home. That is an amazing workout and while Willow can usually follow me Andrea can only run up the steps the first time. Given her background and the time she has been training that’s quite good. I have germ wearing the heel guards while training as she is sometimes lifted off her feet right now while taking her partner’s trusts and I don’t want her moving a foot and driving the tip of a lace splitter heel through a partner’s foot. She’s up to taking a partner four times in an hour before her calves are so sore she has to remove her boots and have her calves massaged, but that’s significant progress. In comparison Bea, who has been wearing ballet-boots for more than two years can wear them for ballet-sex for several hours w/o her calves cramping. Of course with so much time on our toes we all have to wear negative elevation heels – or negative wedges strapped to our pointes if like me my girls wear their pointes most of the time while at home. - to prevent shortening of our Achilles tendons.

Vaginal fashion at Naughty’s: I took Willow, Andrea and the Swan twins to Naughty’s Boot Bar for the first time Sunday night to celebrate Andrea’s freedom from requiring her partners to wear condoms while her uterus healed from her termination. We all wore .3mm chlorinated latex catsuits, hoods, gloves and Gepettos lightly armored ballet-boots with lace-splitter heels. When the five of us walked in there was a hush as everyone stared and then men started coming over to introduce themselves before we were even seated. Once we were settled we let the men present their STI credentials and take the girls out to dance and have ballet-sex while the girls were in Bar-sling harnesses. In a bar sling they could plant their unguarded heels, lock their knees put their weight on their heels and the harness and let the men they had chosen open their relief zippers and insert fingers to see what a young toe-goddess was wearing as vaginal fashion. The girls were all wearing 22mm FemCaps and I had an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix. I had double bagged with a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm since I was sure I would become fertile in the next 8 hours.

I was offered an encounter by a lovely married man who was in town for a conference. He was a considerate and knowledgeable lover. When he opened my relief zipper and inserted two fingers he immediately recognized that I had a latex flat spring diaphragm inserted and said his wife wears a silicone All-Flex. He was so complimentary about my muscle control when he faded and I brought him back from the dead - while I whispered in his ear telling him how strong and handsome he was - to a marvelously hard and thick erection and a massive ejaculation that was draining out of me as he was still pumping more in. He said he hadn’t had sex in weeks as his wife was about to deliver another daughter, their third, and he intended to try for a boy next time.  He was so proud of his family and I wondered if he accidently impregnated me if I could give him a boy. It was best for both of us not to go there and I said nothing, though I did take his phone number and gave him the number for my PA who handles all my incoming calls. He was a really sweet man even though he was cheating… and I was pleased to have given him some relief and enjoyed him sharing his body with me. The girls and I all returned home sated and draining fresh semen. It was such a lovely evening!


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