Friday, February 28, 2014

In thrall to a witch

Me in Jenna’s menstrual size Bloch Alpha pointes

The Photo: a pair of Jenna’s Bloch Alpha pointes that I wear for ballet-sex with Brad, my new psychotherapist. Alpha runs 2 ½ sizes smaller than my street shoe size and I was amazed to find that she had been wearing Alphas to perform in and was using them to play in as well. Her Menstrual size, 5 ½, pictured above should fit me perfectly during my periods. The size she wore during other times in her cycle, 4 ½, are just a tiny bit snug on me with toe pads which I like in a pointe shoe made of conventional materials because they will stretch slightly with wear. Brad wants me to wear her shoes when I’m on my toes while we make love and in a new relationship like this wearing his dead wife’s pointes with her Chi from their love making still very fresh in them is an amazing boost to my libido. Not that I needed one as I get wet, my nipples harden and I need to be milked when ever I’m around him.

My therapy sessions with Brad: As I wrote in my previous post “I think I know what he wants, a hypersexual mate. He lost his wife, Jenna, and baby son in a car accident eighteen months ago and he says I remind him of his wife.  I’m pretty sure he is already in love with me though I have only been seeing him professionally, as his patient, for the past few weeks.”

He is helping me come to terms with being a handmaiden of the Goddess Aphrodite and also being a witch of sorts which is an attribute of being in the service of Venus/Aphrodite. I want to do so much to help others, but there are unforeseeable long term implications in using magic to change things. So he is working with me to channel my energy into helping my wards, my students at St Lucy’s and the men and women who pass through my escort classes make the best possible use of their sexuality skills and wiles as that will bring about an amazing amount of intense pleasure, something an earthly servant of Aphrodite is charged to do.

It took only several small spells to show him I wasn’t certifiably insane or delusional. Things like lighting candles and his fireplace from across the room, levitating a bronze vase and causing a small gentle rain over his office building was all it took to convince him.

In thrall to a witch: Sex with Brad is awesome! He was so ready though he knew it is unethical for a therapist to enter in to an intimate relationship with a patient. I relieved his mind by suggesting that we be friends instead of having a doctor-patient relationship. That way he could analyze and coach me with his knowledge as he learned first hand about my intimate powers. It was the same reasoning I used with all my previous psychoanalysts and it quickly brought him under my spell. We discussed it in a way that left him convinced that it was his idea to analyze me as a friend. It’s so much easier to steer a man in the direction you want when he thinks it’s his idea.

Vagina Dentata: Even so, the first time we were intimate I didn’t let him penetrate me except with his fingers, which for him had its scary moments. But I did let him breast feed since my breasts were full and Jenna had let him breast feed as she had been weaning their son and was already cycling naturally again and using a Milex Omniflex diaphragm for contraception.

It was a great relief to have him milk me and the wonderful time during his gentle breastfeeding helped to allay some of his concern about penetrating me with his penis. I think I may have given too much away when I tightened my muscles around the two fingers he had inserted in my vagina. I squeezed his knuckles together until they hurt just to show him how strong my vaginal muscles are and how easily I can squeeze the cream out of his éclair. He was more than impressed; he was a bit scared and thought I might have Vagina Dentata, an extremely rare (but not mythical) condition where a woman has teeth in her vagina. I had to let him feel around for quite a while to convince him that I had no teeth in my vagina just the normal musculature that had been strengthened by ballet and specialized training to convince him my vagina wasn’t going to crush or eat him.  

Brad is such a deliciously hunky man! In his late 30s he is in great shape with a gorgeous body and he is extremely well endowed (with a beautiful uncut penis) for a psychiatrist and I’ve had sex with quite a few by now. But he still has this teen male wonderment about women and sex. I think his wife was the only woman he had ever had sex with so he is, for all practical purposes, still virgin. Of course he has been thoroughly screened and is free of STIs. Even so he’s blown away that I use only cervical barriers and let him penetrate me w/o him in a condom even when I’m fertile. I’ve assured him I’m perfectly safe and have let him watch me insert my Oves cervical cap and screw it down tight on my fertile cervix.

I know he still thinks, perhaps hopes, he is going to get me preggers and I can tell that is a huge turn-on for him as it has been for many of the men who I have let inseminate me.  I was CD9 and newly fertile more than a week ago when we began our series of intimate penetrative therapy sessions and they have certainly relaxed him in my presence. So sex with him the past week was marvelous! My allowing him penetrative sex was after he permitted me complete access to Jenna’s suite of rooms and all her clothing and other possessions which he had jealously guarded and that had remained untouched since her death.


  1. So you're a 5 1/2 when menstrual and when not, Jenna's 4 1/2 is tight on you. So, are you a 5 in pointes normally? Is it odd that some women's feet swell up by a full shoe size when it's their time of the month? Do you think he'll try to get you to be his second wife sometime soon, or do you think he'll just consider you a client/FWB?

    1. Hi Eric,

      I’m probably ¾ size up (in Bloch Alpha shoes) when I’m menstrual, but with gel toe pads a 5 ½ is perfect. All women’s feet swell while menstrual and the amount (in shoe size) depends on the maker and style shoes. Bloch Alpha sizes run large (an Alpha 4 ½ is a 7 ½ street shoe and I take an 8 1/4. I wear a 6 in a freed Classic which is an 8 in a street shoe. so its not unusual that Jenna and I are up almost a full size while menstrual.

      I think it would be Brad’s fantasy come true if he could marry me because I’m so like Jenna it’s scary. And he can’t believe the sex (I am much tighter than she was – even before the baby) and because I can see in his eyes how much he wants a baby with me. He already thinks of me as a BFF-WB and would like to make it permanent. But I’m not in love with him. The sex is unbelievable, but my name is Jill and I can be Jenna for him for only so long. However, right now with his fantasy in high gear the sex is amazing in any position, but especially when he takes me from behind while I’m on my toes in Jenna’s Alpha pointes.


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