Saturday, February 22, 2014

FemCap use at Splash and a tragedy

FemCap showing the removal strap and the groove at the base of the brim for spermicide

The photo: A FemCap cervical cap that fits over the cervix. For a properly fitting FemCap the bowl or dome does not touch the cervix. The seal is between the outer wall of the brim and the vaginal walls with the base of the bowl fitting snugly in the anterior and posterior fornices.

FemCaps for Towel-Girls at Splash: In a much earlier post I wrote about a FemCap full dome test dive I ran in Adolph’s multi-bed hyperbaric chamber. After wearing my 26mm FemCap for two days, with a ¼ tsp. of spermicide in the dome (as called for) and 36 hours of fertile cervical mucus (FCM) discharge in the dome I simulated a 66 foot dive in the hyperbaric chamber. Before proceeding I checked that the cap was properly in place by squatting and pressing upward on the strap and dome for more than 10 seconds to make sure the cap was correctly positioned with strong suction.

Then while lying on my back on one of the beds as the pressure increased and I worked to equalize the pressure in my ears and sinuses I inserted two fingers in my vagina to feel any changes in the dome due to squeeze. As I expected the pressure forced my cervix deeper into the dome then the dome collapsed filling any remaining void between the top and my cervix. At 15 feet it wasn’t painful just a lot of pressure, but as I passed the 2 atmosphere depth, 33 ft., the pressure became very uncomfortable then disappeared entirely as I felt the spermicidal gel and fertile cervical mucus gushing out between the brim and my vaginal walls as the cap was floated off my cervix. It was just as I thought; as the cervix fills the dome spermicide and cervical secretions were squeezed out by the pressure breaking the seal and dislodging the cap. A dislodged FemCap provides no contraceptive protection. Only the spermicide remains as a contraceptive barrier and any thrust buffering a properly placed FemCap can provide may disappear unless the cap is forced back on to the cervix by a thrusting penis.

A correctly sealed FemCap: When diving FemCap above a depth of 33 feet FemCap is relatively comfortable to wear and the pressure indicates a good seal. Above that depth for some women the cervix will be forced into the bowl w/o it collapsing which can make for a very tight seal that is often difficult to break for removal. Of course the woman can’t have a cervix that is tipped too far forward (anteverted) or back (retroverted) because the entire outer surface of the brim should seal flush with the vaginal wall around the entire brim.

Sadism and FemCap: Since the encounter pools at Splash, Adolph’s underwater sex club, are no more than 20 feet deep FemCaps can be safely worn by Towel Girls for flood insurance and to provide pain for male submissive masochists who enjoy glans pain while having underwater sex with a beautiful woman. The pain occurs when his glans is thrusting and comes in contact with the stiff removal strap. Of course this also provides a sadistic thrill for the woman if she has any sadistic tendencies at all and I think most of us do. For far less painful FemCap sex the removal strap can be carefully trimmed off to allow a penis that can reach the cervix to hit the smooth firm dome instead of the hard sharp edges of the removal strap.

Of course a FemCap shouldn’t be used for flood insurance while menstrual (because the flow would break the seal and float it off the cervix). Actually a FemCap could be used for flood insurance while menstrual if it was inserted immediately before the dive as the water pressure usually stops menstrual flow when swimming, but being able to change before entering the water and being ready for the gush when you come out present insertion and removal challenges when in a public area. So a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm is used, which provides far less pain for a male masochist unless he is trying to under-thrust the rim.

A Towel-Girl leaves the trade: There was another tragedy at Adolph’s the other evening when one of the Towel-Girls who worked at Splash was there to qualify for her Red Door level promotion. She was a favorite of his and had the run of his home. He said that after they had sex she told him she was pregnant by him, about 8 weeks along (so she hadn’t begun to show) and wanted to keep the baby and have him marry her. He said no to both her demands and wanted her to schedule a termination. He said later that she didn’t seem that upset at the time and he thought she went back to her bedroom to shower and change out of her Agent Provocateur lingerie set of bra, panties hose and garter belt in which she had been playing.

She had been at Splash for more than a year and was on Cerazette the European and Canadian mini pill that contains .075mg of the progestin desogestrel which metabolizes into etonogestrel that is in NuvaRing and Nexplanon. Like so many on hormonal contraceptives she forgot to use another effective method of contraception while on an antibiotic for a sinus infection and she apparently had break-through ovulation. She had been using the latex Reflexions FS diaphragm for flood insurance during dive-sex, but not while with clients while out of the pool. Even so she was adamant with Adolph that he was the father.

She found one of Adolph’s loaded sawed-off 12 gage shotguns he has hidden around the house in case of burglars. She inserted the barrel into a FC2 condom, inserted the sheathed barrel into her vagina and while standing on a short stool in his bathroom with the butt of the shotgun on the floor being very flexible she bent over and pulled the trigger. It blew out her uterus and bowels as well as her heart and cervical spine. The stench of gunpowder, blood and feces was horrible and it was splattered everywhere! Adolph was most upset because the initial blast and ricochets nearly destroyed the bathroom of his master suite.

Fortunately Adolph has an understanding decorator and this wasn’t the first tragedy he has had to clean up after, though perhaps the messiest. Adolph asked if I wanted to see if there was anything I wanted to harvest from the remains before he ran it through the chipper and into the quick-lime pond. There wasn’t as she wasn’t my size in any of her clothing or equipment. Fortunately she was another of his Green Card employees, an orphan (so she said) from a small Eastern European country so her disappearance won’t be noticed as there is a very high turnover rate in Towel Girls.  

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