Saturday, February 8, 2014

Relief zipper training

Relief zipper of a front entry lavender latex catsuit

The photo: A dry relief zipper prior to the wearer starting a relief zipper training session with her partner. Afterward the zipper is often wet with the couple’s secretions such as her natural arousal lube, menstrual flow if she is on her period, fertile cervical mucus (FCM) if she is cycling naturally or an artificial lube if she is on a contraceptive progestin and is using something to alleviate vaginal dryness and coital discharge if she is draining her partner’s semen if he penetrated her unprotected.

Andrea gets professionally waxed: Before she came to me Adolph’s niece, Andrea had been shaving her pubes and pits. Now that she is in my care I’m having her professionally waxed by my esthetician, Olga, at our salon, Body Buffers, that handles body esthetics for my dancers, all our escorts, trainees and my wards,. Olga is in great demand, but with all our business that comes her way she worked Andrea in. She is gentle (as a waxing can be) and Andrea withstood it far better than I expected for a first waxing, and this was her first time, can be shockingly painful.  

Andrea is an amazing masochist and withstood the pain w/o a washcloth between her teeth. She moaned, gasped and tears ran from her eyes, but she loved it when her hair was ripped out as the pain aroused her and her labia became engorged and wet with her natural lube. I’ve never seen anyone get off from the pain of having their pubes totally waxed before, but she was so aroused and needy at the end of the procedure that she lay on the table and fingered her clit to push herself over the edge into a gasping, moaning, mewing, screaming orgasm. Fortunately the treatment rooms are soundproof for that very reason. She was so exhausted and so deeply in afterglow when she finished that I had to help her off the table and walk her slowly to a nearby Starbucks for a muffin and caffeine fix. She coated her pubes with a soothing pure aloe vera gel for the next several days until the burning went away.

Relief zipper training: All our escorts, trainees, dancers and my wards have completely waxed pubes as they look much neater under revealing costumes and are more comfortable and safer when wearing a latex catsuit. The safety aspect is that even with closely trimmed female pelvic hair it can be caught in the relief zipper when trying to close it especially if the suit is tight through the crotch as it should be.

There is still the possibility of having the man’s bush getting caught in an open zipper and pulling which can throw him off stride and be a huge distraction so our male escorts almost always have waxed pubes as they never know when they will be with a client who is wearing a rubber catsuit. If the distraction occurs when the couple is approaching climax leaving the woman near orgasm with no relief and engorged labia is not only unbelievably frustrating to her, but makes it difficult to stuff her blood engorged vulvar tissue safely back behind her relief zipper even when it has a pelvic safety tongue. It’s far better to have her masturbate to climax before zipping up so her pelvis releases the blood that has pooled there during arousal.  

Andrea’s training regimen: Since I’m trying to keep Andrea out of the pools where she might have water forced into her uterus during dive-sex until her uterus heals and she can be fitted with a Reflexions latex FS diaphragm for flood insurance, I’m trying to keep her busy with other aspects of escort training that will provide a good foundation for her entry into Courtesan College.  She was sexually adventuresome while in school in Germany and Switzerland, but only with her teachers and male students.

So until she came to me for training she had never been with a man who has really impressive equipment and expert sexual technique and she lacks stamina to balance on her toes (even in hard shanked Gaynors where she can put most of her weight on her heels) without her ankles wobbling and her calves burning even for her first man when having ballet-sex which returning readers know is being penetrated from behind while bending over holding on to the barre with the feet in sur les pointes a la seconde. So we are working on strengthening her ankles and calves with relevés, pliés, tendus and a lot of time bourréeing up and down the length of the studio.

I had Andrea fitted for a half dozen .3mm chlorinated latex catsuits in various colors in which she will train in addition to her SCUBA gear and ballet practice clothes, pointe shoes and ballet-boots and we got the first three yesterday so she is working on relief zipper technique with several escort trainees in sequence to build up her stamina.

While she is waiting for Gepettos ballet-boots she is using a fairly sturdy commercially available pair, but I’m trying to keep her in pointes as much as possible since ballet-boots provide too much support for someone who needs to build up her strength and stamina. In order to compete with professionals she really needs to build her stamina for ballet-sex and being taken on her toes in pointe shoes is the quickest way to do that.   

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