Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Edith’s things, summer ballet intensive

Gaynor Minden pointes showing the internal platform pads

The Photo: GM Luxe satin pointes showing toe-box internal platform pads so important to protect against thrust-drop during ballet-sex

Summer ballet intensive: In talking about ballet-sex training Willow, Jack’s natural daughter and a former dancer with the Royal Ballet, said that her contemporaries in the professional dance world, outside of Vegas, know almost nothing about ballet-sex and how difficult it is for the woman to perform it properly without injuring herself.

This got me to thinking. I could offer a 2015 summer intensive for carefully screened ballet dancer Escorts (there are a few) and their PDD partners at the professional level that would specialize in preparing the women for ballet-sex. A class of six couples should be about the right size and provide enough variety between partners to make the class interesting when partners are exchanged.

As returning readers will recall ballet-sex is defined for purposes of this blog as penile-vaginal intercourse to reach orgasm preferably by both partners while the woman is en pointe a la seconde bending over holding on to a barre, bent over a table, chair back, desk, kitchen island or other suitable item.

There are so few ballet dancers who are into sex en pointe or Escorts who service ballet fetishists who want to take a woman while she is en pointe that there is a real lack of knowledge about how to do it safely w/o ruining your toes from thrust-drop. And for the man – though I suppose they have all heard stories of ‘snapping pussies’ – men say the sex is at a far more intense level as they experience how much tighter a woman‘s vagina is when she is balanced en pointe because all her muscles from her toes, ankles, calves, glutes and pelvic muscles are clenched and then when she orgasms her vaginal contractions tighten her grip even further. So the man who is penetrating her can sometimes be pushed out while his glans is being very quickly milked of his semen regardless of how well in control he thinks he is.

Ballet sex preparation: Toe protection is very important for women intending to participate in ballet-sex. That’s because the blocks of toe-shoes made of traditional materials; hessian, fabric, paste and leather will soften from the heat and perspiration of the woman’s feet in the time and from the effort of having ballet-sex. The toe-boxes will melt and deform leaving the toes w/o proper support. Additionally lambs wool and gel toe pads are by themselves insufficient to protect the toes against thrust-drop which almost always occurs during ballet-sex and can badly bruise toes.

Thrust-drop: Thrust-drop is what occurs when a large man penetrates a smaller woman from behind while she is standing on her toes in pointe-shoes and at the top of his thrust lifts her off the floor. The height she is lifted depends on the couple involved, but it can be from a fraction of an inch to three inches or more and when he quickly withdraws to thrust again she is dropped on the platforms of her pointes usually with her knees locked so the entire shock of the drop is absorbed by her toes resulting in painfully bruised and terrible looking nails.  Gaynor Minden pointes with polymer blocks and thick soft internal platform pads prevent the toe-boxes from melting and provide superior padding to minimize discomfort from thrust-drop so are the shoes that should be worn for stability and toe protection during ballet-sex along with regular toe taping and the use of toe pads of course.

Other aspects of ballet-sex that cry out for attention are:

  • Thrust angle adjustment to maximize thrusting of well endowed men into the anterior and posterior fornices.
  • Use of the Reflexions latex flat spring diaphragm as a glans stimulator during anterior fornix thrusting.
  • Use of performance enhancing meds for the boys to increase their stamina.
  • Use of enemas in prepping for ballet-sex with well endowed partners.
  • Ankle strengthening exercises to increase stability en pointe during the 20-30 minutes of an encounter.
Edith’s things: Emily, my Lady’s Maid, and I began going through my predecessor’s closets, dressers and trunks. Edith Sophia Sykes 22nd Baroness Blackthorn (1911-2014) was 103 when she died in an accident at her home in December.

Diaries and diaphragms: The most interesting things I’ve found so far are the volumes of her diaries one for each year of her life from the time she was 16.  There were trunks of old ballet costumes and a few pairs of her Freed pointe-shoes as well as old diaphragms she used from 1927 when she turned 16 and began dancing professionally. That was the year that she was fitted for her first contraceptive diaphragm. She had kept many of the old latex diaphragms she used and all from the late 20s through the late 50s in dark thick latex from Schmid (Ramses). They had dried and were very brittle or had already turned to dust. The Ortho All-Flex 70mm diaphragms she used from the early 60s were still in tact, but the domes had holes tears or thin spots in them. The last one was purchased in 1968 when she was 56 just before she probably became menopausal. I’m so looking forward to reading her diaries and finding what else she left of interest.


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