Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Vernal Equinox and ballet sex

A Reflexions diaphragm its introducer and red Gaynor Minden pointes

The photo: A Reflexions latex flat spring diaphragm, its introducer and red Gaynor Minden pointes. A flat spring rim is the most effective diaphragm to use during ballet-sex because it is almost impossible to under-thrust and under-thrusting is a common problem when using a diaphragm when penetrated from behind. In this photo the triangular shape of the “stimulator” (containing the rim diameter in mm) in the center of the convex side of the dome can be clearly seen.

The 2015 Vernal Equinox: In the Northern Hemisphere the 2015 Vernal equinox will occur on Friday March 20, at 22:45 UTC. I will be CD13 then and fertile so I should ovulate the next day. Given that my wards will have been away from me for two months they may not have stayed in menstrual synchrony with me, but if so it can’t be helped. This will be their last semester at UNLV and the academic schedule: “March 14, Saturday Mid-Semester (end of 8th week) March 30-April 4, Monday-Saturday* Spring Break” doesn’t fit the Goddesses need for them at Location Z to celebrate the arrival of spring on March 20th.

So they will leave UNLV on the 14th and perform their duty as Demi-Priestesses of Aphrodite on the altars of the Goddess in the highlands of Scotland and return to classes on April 4th. Missing some classes shouldn’t be a problem as their grades are quite good and they can get the lectures on the Internet.

Ballet-sex, under-thrusting and flat spring diaphragms: I had women guests for the weekend who are having trouble with their hormonal birth control and need barrier back-up so I fitted them with latex Reflexions diaphragms. Some diaphragm users are allergic to latex which is a unfortunate because a latex flat spring has superior heat transfer properties compared to silicone, the dome is stretchier and it is almost impossible to under-thrust the rim which – as I mentioned earlier - is more likely with other rim styles when being penetrated from the rear while we are en pointe as we are during ballet-sex and silicone lubricants are safe to use with latex, but not with silicone cervical barriers.

Drawbacks of latex diaphragms: As I mentioned some users or their partners are allergic to latex and a latex device can be quickly destroyed by using oily lubes and meds with it. Too, latex even when well cared for will last only a year or so if heavily used rather than the 2 or 3 year life of a silicone Milex. Latex also develops an odor quicker than a silicone device, which for a rubbrist could be a plus. Even so, because it is difficult to under-thrust, has wonderful heat transfer properties and silicone lubes can be used with it Reflexions diaphragms are very popular with many escorts and ballet, rubber and dive fetishists.

My guests: Roger and Maya are becoming good friends and he has been giving her clitoral orgasms and she has been sucking him off and swallowing, which he appreciates! So he is becoming much more relaxed in her care than with me as he fears me because sees me as his dominatrix who he does not want to disappoint. Maya should be well enough to take him vaginally today, Tuesday 1/27, so now we expect he will respond extremely well to her attention. Our forecast is for sleet or snow mid week so that will be an adventure. We have a plow if needed and can spread sand on the road. The servants say it’s unlikely that we will be snowed in.

Bracket burn: Maya has need of more attention than Roger has been able to give her so she been taking care of her additional sexual needs solo in the old ballet studio last refurbished in the 60s but still quite serviceable. It is fitted with very rare French 19th century barre brackets which have rounded protrusions so that women can rub our pelvises against them while en pointe to stimulate the clitoris. Of course that shows up as ‘bracket burn’ on the crotches of tights or leos, but that is to be expected when few men are available as is the case in ballet companies.

Morning Wood as a ballet sub: I think I’ve convinced Marvin that our relationship is so amazing that there shouldn’t be anything wrong with us acting out his fetishes. As Jenna II I’m having him begin to explore things that Jenna I, his wife who died several years ago, wouldn’t do to or for him.  He adores me using my riding crop on him while I’m dressed as a ballet Mistress and he takes the role of a disobedient student. I dress him in a tight white tee, a thong-back dance belt, 90 denier cotton/Elastane leggings (worn as footless tights) rolled down over a belt to pull the leggings up between his lovely cheeks until they collide with the thong of his cup while in the front it is stretched tight over his dance belt presenting his package in a lovely high firm Elastane sheathed bulge. Then white ankle socks and white leather ballet slippers complete his costume. For his ‘training’ I fondle his bulging package and whip his calves and buttocks with my riding crop while I have him holding on to the barre standing on ¾ pointe. He loves that sort of discipline from me! It makes him so ardent to impale me on his wonderfully rigid shaft after I finish spanking him with my crop.

After his spanking there is a flurry of activity to partially disrobe. I’m wearing tights over a thong-back leotard so for him it’s just a matter of pulling down my tights and moving the thong to one side exposing my vulva.  For me it’s getting his belt off, his tights down and his cup pulled to one side to release his manhood. Then I face away from him, bend over and grasp the barre with one hand, rise en pointe a la seconde and reaching between m legs with the other hand and guide him between my engorged labia as he enters me from behind.

The great north east U.S. blizzard of Jan 26-27, 2015: Readers may ask why I’m writing about a storm in the U.S. or as Sarah Palin would say, “WTF?” There are two reasons. First I have a BFF living on Long Island who I hope will be safe if the storm is as bad as the forecasters and regional governments say it will be.  Second, Limnaea II had to be rerouted through Atlanta to London, Gatwick a bit more than 4220 miles rather than the 3700 miles from Manassas or Dulles to make sure the massive North Easter which is moving north along the coast very slowly was avoided.  Breaking News: The storm wasn’t as severe as some forecasts indicated and some people are upset. Upset about not getting 2+ feet of snow in NYC? Who woulda thunk it? Go figure!  



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