Friday, January 23, 2015

Construction plans and Ballet as therapy

The Cambrian Mountains Powys on a clear day

The Photo: On a clear day it’s said that looking west from the highest rooms in the castle the Irish Sea can be seen. We must be at least 50 miles due east of the coast so that seems a bit much, perhaps an apocryphal tale. I don’t think we have had what I would call a clear day in the three weeks I’ve been here and its rained at least half that time. The moisture coming off the Irish Sea is released over these mountains and they are wonderfully green. The weather here so far reminds me a lot of when I was in San Francisco (Oakland) where the weather was cool and wet even in the summer.  At least we shouldn’t have any dust storms as we did in Vegas when the winds were up.

My wards depart: On Saturday the 17th Bea, Willow, Odette and Odile in the care of my BFF Anya left from Gatwick Airport 30 miles south of London aboard Limnaea II, my G650, for Las Vegas and returned to school on the 20th.  Since Anya is a Dominatrix and is in a relationship with the Swan Twins father she will keep them all safe until they can return for spring break (March 30-April 4, Monday-Saturday) and then at the end of the semester they will move permanently here for school in the UK for the Fall semester.  

Limnaea II in the UK: I think I will reposition Limnaea II with Gatwick as home base since it is close to London, and has rail access so I can take The Dragon to within five minutes of the terminal. I looked at the airport at Liverpool, but while closer to the castle it isn’t centrally located and we will be coming in to London frequently.  With Limnaea II at Gatwick Fiona, Jack’s sister who works for HM Government can travel back and forth to the U.S. when on embassy business and the courier service is going that way.

A new ballet studio: I’m converting the largest drawing room at the castle to a modern ballet studio. It is in the new part of the building with wonderfully large windows looking out over the mountains. I’m not going to destroy any of the marvelous 16th C paneling. I’m having a fully sprung floor with a Marley surface laid over the present one and new walls to hang the mirrors on built four feet off the existing interior walls – which is why I chose the largest of the drawing rooms -  and it will still be a wonderfully large studio. The room behind the mirrors will give me room to watch the classes w/o being observed and a place to position HD cams at waist level.  The work is being done by the same company that upgraded the studios at White Lodge. I hope to have the new studio ready by May or before in time for a highly selective ballet summer intensive.

A new dive facility: I’m having a dive facility built that will be better than my 64 ft deep one at my former home in Nevada. This one will have two depths; one 64 ft. and the other 136 ft both 25 feet in diameter and within the same concrete silo.

At a depth of 34 ft. (10.4 m) of freshwater, the sum of atmospheric (14.7 psi) at sea level and hydrostatic pressures equal 29.4 lbs. at 68 feet the pressure will be 44.1 psi, at 102 feet the pressure will be 58.8 psi and at 136 ft. the pressure will be 73.5 psi or a hydrostatic pressure of five atmospheres. It will have the capability of surface supplying four divers simultaneously at the bottom of the 136 ft portion and have Nitrox and Trimix capability as well as refilling standard gas cylinders.

The dive facility will be buried beneath the ground on the opposite side of the castle from the stream, a tributary of the Severn, and will be reached by a passageway and dressing rooms off the castle cellars. Water for it will come from the stream and be heated by an extension off the hot water radiator system - on a different heating zone - from the biomass boiler. I’m hoping to have it also completed by summer. The surveyors arrived this past Wednesday and are drilling to test the underlying rock.. A plan I had for a similar facility in Nevada is to be used and modified as needed depending on the foundation required. Fortunately for me construction jobs are needed in this area so work can begin as soon as the plans are approved.

Ballet as therapy: Rodger, Marvin’s patient coming for a week of therapy arrived this past Monday so there are three of us with Maya the Mariinsky dancer who is recovering from a termination. Roger is being worked intensively with Maya and me taking turns drilling him and partnering him for class and I’m having sex with him a time or two during the day and sleeping with him. He is suffering from depression and ED so is on Viagra and still has difficulty ejaculating which Marvin says is psychological. He is long enough to thrust into my anterior fornix and with me wearing a latex flat spring diaphragm he gets the benefit of the dome logo stimulator caressing his glans to get him to shoot his load.

I’m CD 14 and fertile and ovulated today which is why I’m wearing one of my latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms. It’s a ‘death rubber’ which I harvested from an Escort in Vegas who died during a dive-sex encounter. Wearing it I have the benefit of the previous owner’s Chi as well as the security of the flat spring rim which is nearly impossible to under-thrust so I should be well protected from pregnancy with acidic DiveGel+ in the dome.

Maya is anxious to participate in Roger’s sexual rehabilitation encounter therapy as well as helping him with his technique in the studio, but she has been told to avoid penile-vaginal intercourse for another four days while her uterus continues to recover from the vacuum aspiration. Given the gradual progress Rodger is making he will almost certainly be here another week so Maya will probably get a chance for ballet-sex with him.

Having told her that she has switched to Gaynor Minden pointes and is  working to increase the interval that she can stand continuously en pointe since she will need to be on her toes for perhaps 20 minutes or more. She bought her GM pointes from a Dancia International shop in London, the one at 168 Drury Lane. They sent out a fitter in a van and she bought three pairs of hard shanked shoes in her size to play in.

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