Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The accident, New product lines for Blackthorn

Joy riding – penetrated by a Sybian machine

The Photo: A Sybian machine plug, shown penetrating the rider’s vagina.

Edith’s accident: I hadn’t asked exactly how my great, great, great grandmother died. At 103 I thought ‘natural causes’ which for someone that age could have been a variety of ailments. However, when Emily, my Lady’s Maid, mentioned her mistress’s accident I asked what sort thinking it was a fall from tripping on a rug and hitting her head or some such thing. That wasn’t it at all. Emily found her previous mistress after she heard the Baroness moans and screams during orgasm suddenly stop while on a routine morning ride of her Sybian machine. She was found slumped forward with the top of her head on the floor while still pinned to the machine. Her doctor, from the local NHS practice, said it was a heart attack from the exertion and she died almost instantly. I should be so lucky being fucked to death when my time comes.

I wondered how she had managed her vaginal preparation for a machine fucking, but then remembered the hormone replacement therapy med pills and estrogen creams I saw when we went through her meds. Emily said she had no problems with dryness and was comfortable, relaxed and seemed rejuvenated by her daily ride.

New product lines: I’ve been working with my contacts in Vegas to establish commercial ties here with some of the Barony’s commercial ventures. Having a presence for Gepettos, ballet-boots and Labia Labs vaginal and fetishwear products is a must if we are to appeal to the up-market sexually liberated woman and ballet and rubber fetishists. So far I’ve been able to get the following companies to sell their products exclusively in my shops.

Labia Labs in the UK: I’ve gotten Jeff to agree that Labia Labs fitted devices such as sports plugs and Fet-tex rubber fetishwear will be licensed to Blackthorn Holdings Ltd as sole distributor for its vaginal and fetishwear products in the UK. Chris, my male Gyn, can fit vaginal devices and the shop assistants will be fitting Fet-tex catsuits at Blackthorn Ballet and Fetishwear.

Gepetto’s Ballet Boots in the UK: Gepetto will be sending his 26 y/o daughter Cleo to work at Blackthorn Ballet shoes and Fetishwear to fit his custom titanium unitized toe-box and shank leather ballet-boots. Cleo has been working in Gepetto’s Vegas shop for five years and is an expert fitter. The cost $2500 USD (about 1655 GBP) for a basic pair will eliminate wannabe clients and limit customers to dedicated fetishists and fashionistas.

Cervical barriers and menstrual cups: Wide seal silicone Milex Arcing spring and Omniflex (coil spring) rim diaphragms and Lamberts latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms as well as FemCaps and several styles of menstrual cups are readily available in the UK and can already be fitted and purchased through the Blackstone Clinic.

It’s complicated: Marvin and I have been discussing my feeling of isolation from where the action is as I’m finding having nothing meaningful to do other than my ballet technique and pointe classes makes time seem to drag. Honestly, I need sexual stimulation and being in a castle, as lovely as it is – and I intend to make it even better - several hours by train from London is already getting on my nerves and I’ve been here less than a week!   I can become involved with the local woman’s clinic and will help the gardeners and cook revive the kitchen garden in the spring, but what I really need is male ballet partners to maintain my level of training and, quite frankly my need for sex.




  1. Serious question: ever considered learning to ride a motorcycle? I have to say...it's LOTS of fun. (Not the best time of year for riding in Britain, I admit.)


    1. Hi John, I've never wanted to own a motorcycle. I've ridden behind the operator and it is thrilling, but they are too dangerous for me. I wouldn't mind so much being killed its being maimed and unable to dance which would be suicide worthy.

  2. It can be dangerous, yes...I'm AGATT, which mitigates it considerably. Honestly, riding keeps me more or less sane. "I ride a motorcycle because it's more fun than therapy," is literally true for me. Three months until I can ride again...sigh.

    Though I admit, I never met a therapist whose methods involved anything like Marvin's methods with you. If I had, I might rethink that..........



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