Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Twelfth Night and Barony holdings

The three kings; Balthazar, Caspar and Melchior
The Photo: This is not an infrared image of three ISL fighters, but the three wise men who traditionally arrived to pay homage to the infant Jesus on January 5th, twelve days after his birth.

Twelfth Night festivities: At Crag Abbey the festivities were decidedly low key. Ashley was feeling unwell and had taken to her bed, w/o Jack. My guess is she is very newly preggers as she and Jack have been going at it non-stop since we got here and all the week before. The Yule log had been consumed except for a small section saved to light the Yule log for next Christmas and His Grace was noticeably uncomfortable with turning over command of the festivities for however short an interval to the servant who had  found the bean in his piece of cake.

My wards and I and my staff, Chris, my Gyn, Charles, my COH, and Marvin my psychoanalyst and lover packed yesterday and are ready to leave for Inverness to board my private car on the end of the early train for London on the morning of the 6th.

First impressions: I wanted to get off to a good start since I’ve been taught “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” So I dressed to impress.  I am luteal right now, but even though I’m not in season I was aroused to meet a new man with whom I will be working closely. I wore a custom made black front micro-zip 90 denier cotton-Elastane catsuit and black leather calf-length ballet-boots by Gepetto with heel guards on the lace-splitter heels. The cotton-Elastane combination allows my body to breathe while molding exactly to my figure and keeping me warm w/o losing any of my hard body or nipple detail even through the LilyPadz I wear to prevent nipple leakage staining my tops. I’d had Marvin milk me before the meeting with Charles, my Chamberlain of the Household (COH), as there is nothing more distracting than full breasts when I’m trying to concentrate on business. I could tell he was fascinated by my costume and what it did for my body and it took him a few minutes to regain his composure before he began my tutorial.

We met in one of His Grace’s small meeting rooms at Crag Abbey. Charles had come up to Inverness on ‘The Dragon’ my private rail car, which reminds me I’m going to have to get the carpet in The Dragon changed to an industrial grade used in fetish clubs or everyone will have to wear heel guards when aboard in ballet-boots to prevent shredding it.  The Dragon is actually two cars; the Pullman, which was completely refurbished in 2012, and a support car which contains the living space for six staff members, luggage, groceries and other supplies and a gas turbine generator that will power The Dragon for two weeks in locations where power mains are not available.

Barony Housekeeping: In getting me oriented to various holdings of the Barony my Chamberlain, covered some of the companies I now privately hold. However, first things first; could we pay the UK Inheritance Tax, or were we going to have to sell off assets to give the Government its share?  

Years ago my predecessor, the 22nd Baroness, had her accountants set aside significant funds that have been carefully managed with the view to being able to pay off the Inheritance Tax due at her death with no adverse effect on the Barony. I’m told the amount in that trust should be more than sufficient to pay all Death Duties. For more on the subject of inheritance taxes see the article HERE.

Holdings in which I have a particular personal interest: The 22nd Baroness, Lady Edith née Sykes, had been a ballet dancer with the Sadler’s Wells troupe after the war before she succeeded to the title so she was particularly interested in promoting ballet and helping women ballet dancers especially ones interested in fetish the scene which accounts for these holdings:

  • The Blackthorn Clinic providing reproductive and psychotherapeutic services specializing in the problems unique to female ballet dancers
  •  The ballet school in at Blackthorn Priory and the upper school at Barrow Priory in Middlesex
  • A very up-market (private premises) fetish club with strict membership requirements and a waiting list of prospective members.
  • A ballet fetish shoe shop that specializes in custom ordered pointe-shoes, and ballet-boots. 
  • Her London home, Blackthorn House, in Belgravia purchased shortly after the war (in the 1950s) when real-estate there was relatively inexpensive.  Blackthorn House hosted many lavish ballet themed parties during the social season, April to August.  

I had no idea I had so many major common interests with the woman who I succeeded to the title. It’s as though I’ve been in training to take her place since Father Tom first became my spiritual advisor and had sex with me when I was fourteen. It’s really amazing!

I think I can get both Marvin, my current main squeeze, and Chris, the male Gyn at the woman’s clinic where I volunteer in LV to accept positions at Blackthorn Clinic since Charles says there are openings and both men are professionally accredited in the UK.

The 2015 London Season: It’s unlikely that I can get my wards into much of the official London social season (April to August) this year, but I will be able to host parties at Blackthorn House and having the girls be seen and perhaps experienced, at some of the clubs before they return to school this month should be an icebreaker for young aristocratic men looking for beauty and brains even if the scent of amazingly tight pussy is what attracts them.  

My wards and alcohol in the UK: All my girls are eighteen or older except Bea who is seventeen, but can drink on private premises, my private fetish club.   But none of them care much for alcohol and can make a single drink last all night. That keeps a girl out of a world of unexpected trouble.

Age of consent in England and Wales: The age of consent in England and Wales is regardless of sexual orientation or gender, as specified by the Sexual Offences Act 2003. However, if person A is over the age of 18 and is in a position of trust to person B who is under the age of 18, it is illegal for A to engage in sexual activity with B. Section 47 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 makes it an offence to pay for or promise payment for sexual services of a person under 18 where the 'client' does not reasonably believe that person is over 18, or in any event for a person under 13.”  So His Grace, Jack’s father, having sex with Bea, who is still 17 while she is resident in any of his properties would be illegal.

Age of consent in Scotland: Since 1 December 2010, the age of consent in Scotland is 16, regardless of sexual orientation or gender. Before that date, it was 16 for girls (under a statutory offence) and 14 for boys (the common law age of puberty). However, consensual sex with a girl aged between 13 and 16 is not rape, but a lesser offence; on 1 December 2010 this has been given the specific name of "having intercourse with an older child".

Aboard The Dragon: Here it’s Tuesday January 6th. We are aboard The Dragon attached to the 7:55 AM out of Inverness arriving at Kings Cross at 3:51 PM taking ever so slightly less than 8 hours. I’m really looking forward to our first trip on The Dragon!

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