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Ballet fetish toe protection, Mitch and fetish hostesses

Slipping on toe pads for ballet-sex with Marvin

The Photo: Putting on toe pads before pushing my toes into the blocks of pointe-shoes. Even in Gaynors and especially in Bloch Alphas for sex with Marvin [Morning Wood] I like to wear toe pads because when in pointes for fetish play I can be on my toes continuously for such long intervals.

Toe protection for ballet fetishists: Since most ballet fetishists are new to ballet and especially wearing pointe-shoes a few words about toe protection might be helpful. First trim your toenails very short. When on pointe if your nails are long enough to be forced against the hard inside of the toe-box there is a good chance that the nail can be pushed into the nail bed causing a painful and ugly bruised nail that can take weeks to recover from and months to grow a new nail. Even if a newbie is wearing correctly fitted Gaynor Minden shoes that have internal padding I think she should be fitted while wear toe pads. That way when she is menstrual and her feet swell she can wear the Gaynors w/o the pads.

Toe pads can also be used as containers for ejaculated semen.  If a guy wants to cum in my shoes rather that having him squirt in the blocks I let him stroke-off into my silicone toe pads (not the lambs wool or fabric ones which just absorb the semen and become matted and sticky) then slip my toes in to the pads to feel the semen squish between my toes then slip my foot into a nylon footie the same color as the pointes I will be wearing to hold the pad on my foot while I’m slipping my feet into and out of my toe-shoes. A caution about being continually in wet toe pads; too much of that and even a woman used to wearing pointes and with protective calluses can find them softening and eroding lessening her protection. Anyone letting her lover cum in her shoes or toe pads where her toes are immersed in the semen should not wear them continuously for too long too.

Toe pads as mementos:  If your shoe fetish lover is into sex when you are wearing pointes and he wants to untie the ribbons, pull off your shoes and suck your toes and afterward wants you to give him the $80 to $120 pair of shoes you were fucked in there may be a low cost alternative. If you were wearing toe pads you can give him the $15 pair of sweaty smelly toe pads as a souvenir instead.  A plus is that he can eat the toe cheese out of the pads after you take class, rehearse or perform while wearing them. The cheese I produce is made up of dead skin cells, nail polish chips, toe tape adhesive, lint, estrogenic sweat and his semen if he came in the pads before I put them on.  

Drone voyeurism: A few days ago we had a little four rotor drone equipped with a camera flying close to and over the terrace on which my girls and I and the porn actresses were sunbathing. We were nude as usual to prevent tan lines so I can appreciate a male operator wanting pics. However, you can understand our reluctance to be photographed under those conditions. When I told Paul, Anya’s lover and the swan twins father, about it he first thought it was a commercial photography company making a video of the bays and coves on the island, but when the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) came back to hover a few yards off the terrace three times on a single afternoon it was apparent that it was being used for voyeurism. Paul has access to some amazing special electronic equipment one item of which is a frequency jamming device that makes it impossible to send or receive data from an electronic device within its range which in this case is several hundred yards in a dome 360 degrees in circumference and 300 yards vertically. So we borrowed it and when the sky-spy returned we turned it on and it shut the UAV down and it dropped several hundred feet straight down on to the rocks and disintegrated.  We recovered the video camera and a memory chip that Paul says he can recover the data from so that should be interesting.  

For those readers who are thinking that ‘What goes around comes around.’ given the porn-video crew used a super long lens to capture sex aboard a rental yacht that sailed into the cove several days ago I’ll just say the couple on the yacht had no knowledge of what we were doing while the operator of the UAV that was videoing us didn’t seem to care that we knew what he/it was doing.  Actually, we are leaving the jammer on 24/7 while we are here and we apparently caused the crash of another one the next morning. That one went into the cove near the shore and we recovered it almost intact.  The UAVs seemed to be made in the U.S. Taryn’s porn Director thinks it was probably a rival Eastern European porn group spying on them as Taryn’s porn videos are becoming very popular on the eastern European market.  

Porn video completed:  Taryn’s video crew and actors left the other day and we have had no more visits from UAVs. I was sorry to see the actors go since as new sex partners they all melded quite well with my regular guests and provided welcome partner differences in size, temperament and technique. For me variety in sex partners really is the spice of life and I think that’s true for the men as well.

Mitch arrives:  Willow has been trying to get Mitch to come down to keep her company, in a manner of speaking and he came in to Spanish Town on the ferry to surprise her so we took the Wanton Lass IV around to pick him up. He is a ballet dancer who supplements his salary as a very expensive escort, and is Willow’s main squeeze who I haven’t said much about since he first appeared in my post for December 11, 2013 where I introduced him this way: 

“Willow has been chosen to be Mitch’s primary training partner and he was her date for Thanksgiving. Mitch is an amazing escort, but he is seen by stable management as risky because a good many of his clients have gotten pregnant. Not that it was his fault. The clients were all paying for clean, virile, mind blowing, unprotected, penile vaginal intercourse and that’s what he provides, in spades. He gets all sorts of raves from women whose brains he’s fucked out. When it’s over they lay there gasping, quivering and pleading for more. Then a few weeks later s a few of them complain because they are preggers, and paternity tests (it almost always goes that far) prove he is the father.”

Mitch has followed Willow to the UK and is working as a dancer for a small ballet Co. in London as well as for Taryn as an extremely expensive escort for rich aristocratic women who like dangerous sex. Not that that he is dangerous physically, if you don’t count pregnancy. However, he continues to impregnate a few of his clients if he has unprotected sex with them and the service no longer pays for aborting his babies since they found any publicity from a suit brought by a pregnant client would increase Mitch’s reputation and be counterproductive to her own reputation. You would think a man with that sort of reputation would be avoided, but there are very rich women who know he is dangerous that way and still delude themselves by thinking “It won’t happen to me” so his dance card is as full as he wants it.

A theory: Most of the pregnancies Mitch has been responsible for have been with women who were using some form of hormonal contraception and a few who were using some form of barrier contraception. Marvin wonders if there could be something in those women on hormones who by anticipating their encounters with Mitch might have unintentionally increased their metabolism to the extent that their bodies flushed out the hormones too quickly that were meant to protect them.  No research has been done in that area so it’s speculation on his part. There have been no pregnancies by him with women using copper IUDs so perhaps they are ‘safe’. And I double bag, wear an Oves and a Reflexions Latex diaphragm simultaneously, or am menstrual when I have sex with Mitch. So it can’t happen to me!  I’m kidding, really I am, which is why I double bag!  But the possibility of it happening to me is a huge thrill and makes me wet thinking about it. How kinky is that? Which is why I love having him pump his semen deep into me.

Hostess training: I’m pleased to say right after the Porn video crew and actors left another group of five couples arrived – aboard the same Spanish Town ferry on which Mitch arrived - who are friends of Taryn from Cambridge. She says the girls want to apply to be Hostesses at one of the Blackthorn Barony’s corporation’s fetish clubs. That can be a very challenging job, but the girls are going into psychiatry (as is Taryn) and want actual experience with fetish deviation as it occurs in clubs in the UK while earning some money. When Taryn asked me about it some months ago I agreed I to give them all an opportunity to try if they would get current negative full panel STI screens and GyneFix IUDs ahead of coming to visit us and all have gotten the frameless IUDs with the strings removed and their periods have settled down. I’m not sure they really know what they are getting into, but it’s nice to have them here as they will be welcome distractions from our regular sex partners while I get to see how well the girls react with multiple sex partners. I’ve never known that to be a problem with men and other than the guys being congenial and a good energetic sex partners for the next several weeks I don’t care about them.

I can’t believe I haven’t been able to get to sleep. I’ve been reading an Iris Johansen thriller from 2003 entitled The Face of Deception on my Nook and the plot is amazing! I’m CD3 and menstrual - perhaps that’s why I’m so wide awake, but my periods have never affected me that way before. For the next two weeks our men: Paul, Chris, Marvin, Castor, Pollux and Mitch will be exchanging sex partners with the five new men so the girls and I will have the new men to ourselves for sex. I should be fertile during the last few days they will be with us. I love the scent of a new man and having him thrusting inside me especially when I’m fertile! 


  1. In ballet sex, what has been the longest you've been on your toes? And how intense was the orgasm? Have you ever squirted?

  2. Hi Eric! I think the longest during ballet-sex was about 45 minutes and I my toes were getting really sore and my ankles were wobbling. During that time I had at least three massive moaning, gasping, screaming orgasms and hundreds of tiny after-shocks. My partner was holding my hips at the end so I didn't fall off pointe. I've never squirted and never wanted to as I produce enough secretions as it is w/o any additional fluid.

  3. How do you avoid something bad happening (turning an ankle, or even tearing a tendon) from falling or being pushed off pointe?


    1. Hi John! To avoid something bad happening a girl into ballet-sex has to have very strong feet, ankles and legs and has to be able to keep part of her mind on not falling off pointe during the encounter. A major problem can be thrust-drop if her partner is much taller so lifts the woman off her platforms when at max depth of his thrusts. When he withdraws she is dropped back on to her platforms and that can be very painful. Which is why I wear Gaynors for ballet-sex since they have thick platform pads inside the toe-boxes so also wearing toe-pads will minimize the impact from thrust-drop.


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