Saturday, May 23, 2015

Night dive-sex and body-doubling

Baker’s Bay Virgin Gorda

The Photo: Looking east from the hills above Baker’s Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Night diving in Lost Cove: The tides usually swing much less than 2 feet so from a depth perspective that’s not a problem. However, the current can be especially at night with an outgoing tide and there is always the danger of getting caught in the outflow of the aquifer which returning readers will remember flows in a trench along the north wall of the cove into the bay. Someone who isn’t careful could be swept out into the bay and well away from land if caught in the aquifer current or an outgoing tide.

Tide concerns: The second low tide on Friday May 22nd was at 4:04 PM and the following high was at 11:36 PM on the 22nd.  We will go out around 6:00 PM and the camera crew can film as the sun sets until about 8:00 PM with the actors in only trunks, bikinis and SCUBA. After that the rest of us can play around having night scuba-sex until about midnight. The idea of night diving on an incoming tide is to lessen the likelihood of being accidently swept out into the bay. We will be equipped with buoyancy compensators, emergency strobe lights and electronic beacons in case we get separated or in trouble, but if everything goes well it should be fun.

For comfort and safety I’ve had three 500 lb. concrete mooring blocks with titanium rings in the tops sunk into the sand at a point in the cove that is about 40 feet deep. To the rings are attached cables with clip-on rings every 5 feet held taunt by surface buoys with lights on them.  Couples interested in dive-sex can tether themselves by attaching an ankle leash to a cable ring on the buoy cable and choose a depth. Most chose to go no deeper than 10 or 15 feet as water cools with depth and in trunks and bikinis a couple can chill quickly which affects a man’s performance. Being tethered to the bottom if their minds are distracted by more pleasurable things a couple should be able avoid being swept into the bay.

We had a lovely evening of night dive-sex. It went really well and we had no misadventures. There were 4 of us Marvin (Morning Wood my primary lover and psychiatrist) and a good friend Anya with her lover Paul. Afterward we had a late dinner of steaks as we degassed. It went so well that we are going to do it again tonight as the tides are only about 30 minutes later. As an aside for long time readers of this blog I have been disappointed that there are no dolphins in the cove right now, so cross species sex doesn’t seem likely this trip.

Dive-sex for newbies: Anya is staying with Paul, the Swan Twins’ (Odette and Odile) father who owns the estate adjoining mine on Lost Cove. She and Paul are diving with us and since Paul had never had dive-sex Anya gave him his initial experience which he handled very well according to Anya. He has a large, but not spectacular package knows how to make the most of it in pleasing a partner, is a considerate lover and I think is in love with Anya. He and Anya have been down twice a day when Anya wasn’t being an extra along with the rest of the women in the porn video being shot.

The Gemini, Castor and Pollux, arrived from Vegas two days ago to be with Odette and Odile. They had never had dive-sex in open water so the swan twins are having a wonderful time introducing the boys to a new experience in open water which, given the men’s sexual experience is quite an accomplishment, but then few men have willing women and access to a private cove.  It’s nice having different men here as sex partners. Not that the usual boyfriends aren’t lovely, but variety is the spice of life and I think that’s true for the men as well.

Being totally new to dive-sex or new to having dive-sex in open water the men all take a performance enhancer like Viagra to help ensure they don’t go soft at a critical time in the encounter. And since they haven’t been around many of us much in the last several months I had all the new men take full panel STI tests and test negative as a requirement before joining us. That way not only are we safe, but the guys may have an opportunity to participate as extras in the porn video.  It’s great to have three new men we can enjoy swapping with our regular partners and Marvin doesn’t mind as long as he can watch another man try to fuck my brains out before Marvin tries it himself.

Memorial Day: There has been an increase in tourists in the bay in the last few days which I think is due to the Memorial Day holiday in the U.S. which is the official start of the summer tourist season. There are better deals to be had in the BVIs than in the USVIs so the beach resorts are full and the rented yachts are coming into the cove more often, but that’s not stopped the porn video production. 

Porn video progress: Two of the main actresses got food poisoning from some of the special health foods one of them eats regularly and shared with the other. They have been seriously ill for the last several days and were so sick that they were flown to Charlotte Amalie for treatment where the doctors say it was botulism.  It was unfortunate for them, but gave some of the rest of us an opportunity for larger roles in the video and I’m body doubling the star who has my build and breast size as she is supposed to be a ballerina on holiday with some friends from the company she dances with. Of course it includes scenes of daily ballet classes where the company members on holiday take class in bikinis and pointe shoes and include the mandatory scenes of ballet-sex where the woman is penetrated from behind while en pointe, feet a la seconde, bent over holding on to the barre.

I’m body doubling the ballet-sex scenes since none of the porn actresses can remain en pointe long enough to be taken that way. Close-ups of me inserting a very worn diaphragm – there is a thin spot in the latex dome (caught by the camera) which will develop into a hole leading to the unintended pregnancy of the heroine -  while her partner watches, then changing to a fresh pair of Gaynor hard shanked pointes and doing a few stretches, me positioning myself facing the barre en pointe a la second bending over holding on to the barre with both hands, him spreading my labia and positioning the unprotected tip of his dripping erection at my introits ready to enter me and then penetration as with a single stroke he is all the way into my anterior fornix and out pubic bones hit. I gasp and moan feeling his hard hot wetness fill me and I shudder in delight. It’s a bit of extra thrill to know I’m doing this in front of a camera so thousands of people will pay to see me do what I enjoy most.

Another opportunity arose this morning when a gorgeous 120 ft. sailing yacht entered the bay and anchored. The Director had the camera crew shoot the yacht to use as background filler, but everyone became far more interested when a couple came on deck and had sex on a large air mattress. It’s amazing how sharp the images captured at great distances are when shot with a really good lens and digital technology. It was as though they were across the room as we watched on a large monitor in real-time. Watching the man strip her  then go down on her and finally fuck her senseless with her legs locked around his waist and her nails clawing his back as she screamed during repeated orgasms was some of the best sex I’ve ever seen caught on camera.  The close-ups are amazingly clear and the couple are easily recognizable to anyone who knows them so there will be a bit of digital trickery done to put porn actors faces on the couple when the few minutes to white hot sex is included in the video.


  1. I wonder if that couple would figure out they were filmed. If they did, I wonder what they would do? Would they sue for royalties or get the scene deleted?

    1. Hi Eric, I think the chance of that happening is very unlikely!

      The faces and hair color will be electronically changed. They had no tats or other identifying marks and the boat is a common rental type. So why would some CEO who has been shagging his PA and thinks it MIGHT be him say anything?


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