Friday, May 8, 2015

We have a new Princess! Summer activities

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge in her mother’s arms

The Photo: The fourth in line to the throne will be officially known as HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. A Kensington Palace spokesman said that the names “spoke for themselves”.

Honors for Princess Charlotte: Two salutes took place on Monday May 4th one at Hyde Park and the other at the Tower of London. The guns used were 13-pounder First World War-era field guns. The Royal Parks said 41 shots were fired at the park and 62 at the Tower, and blank artillery rounds were used. The salute fired fat Hyde Park was quite loud as it was just a few blocks from Eaton Square, but we could also hear the much longer one fired from the Tower of London.

From Wikipedia - Princess Charlotte of Cambridge:

“Title and Style: Princess Charlotte was, from birth, a British princess entitled to the style of Royal Highness under letters patent issued by Queen Elizabeth II on 31 December 2012, which gave the title and style to all children of the Prince of Wales's eldest son. Her official title and style is Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

Ancestry: Through her paternal grandfather, Charles, Prince of Wales, she is a member of the House of Windsor. Through her paternal grandmother, Diana, Princess of Wales, she descends from the Spencer family, whose members include the Earls Spencer, Earls of Sunderland, and Dukes of Marlborough. Through her paternal great-grandfather, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the Princess belongs to the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (Kings of Greece, Denmark, and Norway).”

UNLV 2015 commencement and grad school: Commencement will be on Saturday May 16, at 9am & 2pm. Willow, Odette and Odile will be graduating. Bea will be starting Cambridge as an undergrad while the other three go to grad school at Cambridge where Taryn can guide or intercede for them if necessary. The girls have already shipped their SCUBA gear to Blackthorn castle and most of their things to Blackthorn House in Eaton Square.

Marvin and I will be flying back on Limnaea II out of Gatwick on Wednesday the 13th for commencement so Anya is having our suite at my place in Vegas where they have all been living readied for us. I plan to depart for London with my wards and perhaps Anya, depending on her next assignment, on the evening of the 16th. The girls are looking forward to fetish clubbing in London this summer and for diving my new deep training pool if it is completed on time.

Cambridge University: His Grace, the Duke of M**** was very helpful in getting them accepted, not because of their grades which are excellent, but because they are competing with candidates from the UK.  They have to be there and settled for Full Michaelmas term which runs from Tue 6 Oct - Fri 4 Dec by October 1st.

2015 Summer solstice: The Summer solstice will occur on Sunday June 21st.  Bea, Willow, Odette and Odile will be taking their respective places on the subtending altars at the celestial temple at Location Z along with me and suitable male partners to welcome the arrival of summer at sunrise on June 21st. Jack, Viscount Sandbach, is already looking at young aristocrat candidates from his friends families with a view to making the celestial celebrations a bit more up-market. However, I don’t think Aphrodite whose temple we are celebrating in, cares as long as there are good breeding males who have participated and will forever be influenced by their sexual bonding to her at Location Z.

The recent election: His Grace is very pleased that the Conservatives won a majority in parliament as a steady hand is needed on the national purse strings. Not that he is particularly partial in general, but feared the possibility of a sharp swing to the left.

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